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The origin and finality of humans: The compatibility of the Christian message in interpretation of Thomas Acquinas with the evolutionary psychology
Fuchsová, Aneta ; Novotný, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Mohelník, Tomáš (referee)
Man as homo moralis in Thomas Aquinas and according to it in evolutionary psychology In my thesis I want to compare two different views on human nature: The view of a Christian, enhanced by the theological ethics, and the view by a non-believer who deals with the origin and goal of the human life. These two points of view will be represented by the philosophy and theology of Thomas Aquinas on one hand and the evolutionary ethincs on the other hand. My goal is especially to point out the the difference between two views on the human being: typically religious one and typically secular one, and their opinion on the origin and purpose of it. I will try to answer the question on existence of such field, which is not explorable by tools of natural (evolutionary) ethics and which points to the "theological" dimension of human nature. On the other hand I will ask whether the traditional concepts of human nature can get by the exploration of the modern science and whether they can be enhanced by it. The outcome of my work should finally be above all practical: how to argue in behalf of the Christian point of view, dealing with the topics of bioethics or Human Rights as general. Keywords Human nature, finality, virtues, freedom, human dignity, Thomas Aquinas, evolutionary psychology, evolutionary ethics,...
Fylogeography and intraspecific variability of the cetoniid beetle Potosia Cuprea
Fuchsová, Aneta ; Šípek, Petr (advisor) ; Růžička, Jan (referee)
The presented thesis deals with the intraspecific variability of flower beetles species complex Potosia cuprea (Fabricius, 1795), which is a complex of taxa at the species and subspecies level. Flower beetles from species complex Potosia cuprea are among the most variable Palaearctic Cetoniinae at all. Taxa included in the complex produces chromatic range varieties which were, and still are, perceived differently by different authors. Taxa included in the analyses come primarily from western Palaearctic region, with the main emphasis on European species and subspecies. The aim of this work is the use of molecular genetics methods to verify the justification of their species or subspecies level. At all, there were obtained sequences for two mitochondrial genes (cytochrome b and cytochrome oxidase I) from 14 taxa species complex Potosia cuprea and three related species P. angustata (Germar, 1817), P. fieberi (Kraatz, 1931) and P. marginicollis (Ballion, 1870). Molecular analyzes based on COI dataset and concatenate of CytB and COI revealed the existence of a "European" clade P. cuprea, which includes subspecies: Potosia cuprea bourgini (Ruter, 1967), P. c. brancoi (Barraud, 1992), P. c. cuprea (Fabricius, 1775), P. c. metallica (Herbst, 1790) a P. c. obscura (Mikšić, 1954), to which also fit two...

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