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British reaction to the Arab Spring events in the context of United Kingdom's relations with Persian Gulf countries
Fričová, Kateřina ; Váška, Jan (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis named British reaction to the Arab Spring events in the context of United Kingdom's relations with Persian Gulf countries is concerned with an impact of the revolutionary events of 2011, known as the Arab Spring, on bilateral cooperation between United Kingdom on one side and Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman on the other. While using quantitative analysis approach, it depicts how the Persian Gulf developments were reflected by prominent British representatives and members of the Cameron coalition government. Since the government promised to approach foreign policy matters through a liberal-conservative lens and also planned to further deepen its relations with Persian Gulf countries, the Arab Spring events can be interpreted as a clear dilemma for British policymakers. This thesis aims to answer whether such dilemma forced the government officials to re-asses the traditionally warm attitudes towards Persian Gulf and additionally, it demonstrates which spheres of their cooperation were threatened the most. Firstly, the bilateral relations between United Kingdom and Persian Gulf countries between 1971 and 2010 are described. Then, the focus moves towards the Cameron coalition government and its foreign- policy aims. In its final part, the thesis focuses on British...
The relationship between United Kingdom and Oman in the context of British Persian Gulf policy in the 1970s
Fričová, Kateřina ; Váška, Jan (advisor) ; Kasáková, Zuzana (referee)
The bachelor thesis named The relationship between United Kingdom and Oman in the context of British Persian Gulf policy in the 1970s focuses on an advancement of the relations between UK and the Sultanate of Oman and its role in the counterinsurgency operations in the Omani province of Dhofar. The text is an analysis of the UK-Omani cooperation and while using both the direct and indirect method of historical research, it attempts to answer if the UK-Omani relations were in any sense different to UK's assistance to other Persian Gulf states and why exactly the British government decided to violate the East of Suez withdrawal policy it had previously picked up. Firstly, the thesis describes the history of UK-Omani relations between late 18th century and 1959. Then, it considers the approach of both Wilson and Heath governments to the withdrawal decision and depicts Britain's military presence during Dhofar rebellion. Furthermore, the 1970 coup d'état in Oman and following succession of Sultan Qaboos is awarded a key importance, as well as the joint British-Omani efforts to develop an effective counterinsurgency strategy. Additionally, the Dhofar rebellion's international significance is discussed as there were many other state actors involved apart from the British.
TV Perspective 2020 - Would television as we know it survive?
Šafer, Kryštof ; MATHÉ, Ivo (advisor) ; FRIČOVÁ, Kateřina (referee)
Master's thesis titled TV Perspective 2020 - Would television as we know it survive? describes a condition in which the television exists in 2015 and looks at the ways in which it will develop in the next five years as they develop different demographic groups and their relationship to television. Television as a medium is changing. The main emphasis of examining is focused on exploring different ways of changes that television has to undergo to survive in the ever-changing media landscape and increasing competition, especially from the Internet sector. Transformation of the viewer, who is increasingly turning to other variants of monitoring content, however, who is vital for the survival of such a powerful medium like television rights, is also examined here.
Postproduction process of coproduction TV series at the time of technological development
Slavíček, Jiří ; MARÁK, Ivo (advisor) ; FRIČOVÁ, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of audiovisual material postproduction processing nowadays of digital technology development. It aims to focus on the process while filming the coproduction TV series, especially from the perspective of the picture postproduction studio. The thesis is written primarily based on information obtained during numerous consultations with experienced specialists in the field of film and television postproduction.
Establishing a TV station in the digital era
Eslam-Bahadorie, Farid Werner ; FRIČOVÁ, Kateřina (advisor) ; SLÁDEČEK, Petr (referee)
This thesis on the "Establishing of a TV station in the digital era" describes and evaluates the influence of digital technologies and changing viewer behavior on television industry. It analyzes the Czech TV market regarding television operators, distribution technologies, the development of viewing shares and ad revenues and developing trends. The aim of this thesis is to show the status quo of the Czech TV market and to examine opportunities for the establishing of new television stations. Chapters of the first part focus on the current state of the Czech television market, main operators of TV stations, legislative, distribution platforms, assessment of ad revenues and the evaluation of research results. The second part of this thesis focuses on a case study on the establishment of a TV station.
Music Television the Czech Conditions. Tv Óčko
Heger, Matouš ; Balvín, Jiří (advisor) ; Fričová, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis "Music Television in the Czech Conditions. TV Ocko" deals with the context of the existence of thematic music television in the local environment by the means of a specific case study - the Czech television station TV Ocko - founded in 2002. At the same time, it also addresses the phenomenon of a global music television, MTV. The first part of the text deals with formats that preceded the emergence of music television in both global (before the establishment of MTV as the first music television) and local terms. The second part thoroughly describes the first decade of the existence of the American station MTV (period 1981-1992) applying primarily the economic and production perspectives. Third, the largest part is dedicated to the emergence and development of the Czech music television, TV Ocko (period 2002-2010). The whole phenomenon is viewed here in economic, production and programme terms. The fourth part presents two external views of the local thematic music television: the perspective of a local distributor and that of a producer of a music video.
The Role of Audio-Video in Brand Image Building
Mika, Jiří ; Tomek, Ivan (advisor) ; Sládeček, Petr (referee) ; Fričová, Kateřina (referee)
Product placement is a new phenomenon in marketing communication. It became an importatnt part of many marketing campaigns even of well known brands. There are only few theoretical sources and literature considering product placement. This work analyses product placement and its principles. It defines the product placement and differentiates many of its forms and ways how the brand can be embedded into an audiovisual scheme or other performance. It describes its historical evolution as well as contemporary conditions, examines how efficient it can be and judges different evaluating methods. This thesiz also compares two diverse approaches to regulation of product placement in USA and in Europe. The chapter devoted to ethics includes authors?rights and deception.. It predicts development of product placement in future on global market and the market in the Czech republic.

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