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Genome Assembly and Annotation of Biparental Bee Ceratina nigrolabiata
Fraňková, Tereza ; Straka, Jakub (advisor) ; Kolísko, Martin (referee)
Biparental care in Hymenoptera is a little studied behaviour. This kind of parental care was discovered and the ethological aspect described in the bee Ceratina nigrolabiata from the Czech Republic and is well understood on the ethological level. However, biparental care is not a common behaviour and the lack of genomic studies of this behaviour complicates the understanding of the origin of the biparental care and its underlying pathways on the genomic and physiological level. This master's thesis presents the genome analyses of a biparental bee Ceratina nigrolabiata. It consists of a brief summary of the known parental behaviour across insects, characteristics of the genus Ceratina, summary of the used genomic methods and presents a candidate genes for the transcriptomic study of the biparental behaviour of Ceratina nigrolabiata. Key words: biparental care, genomics, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Ceratina, small carpenter bees
Signs of the Origin and Evolution of Eusociality in Hymenoptera on Genomic Level
Fraňková, Tereza ; Straka, Jakub (advisor) ; Musilová, Zuzana (referee)
Eusociality has evolved independently many times in social Hymenoptera and some of them are now at the brink of eusociality. Eusociality is a complicated set of genomic, ecological and behavioural traits closely interacting with each other. Recent studies presented many interesting outcomes which explain at least partially the possible connections to eusociality on the genomic level. However, the true origin and evolution of eusociality is yet to be refined. Because eusociality is such a dominant quality in the lives of eusocial Hymenoptera, it is important to clarify what causes eusociality to arrise. This thesis summarises the most prominent findings in the field of genomics and reviews not only the outcomes but also the issues of this problematics. The thesis deals with the classification of eusociality, brief introduction to the species lifestyles, which are of great importance for understanding the main part. The main part focuses on the concrete genomic data elucidating possible signs of the evolution of eusociality recognised so far. Key words: eusociality, genomics, evolution, Hymenoptera, Insecta
Fathers on parental leave in the Czech Republic
Franková, Tereza ; Slaboch, Martin (advisor) ; Tereza, Tereza (referee)
Presented thesis is about fathers on parental leave in the Czech republic. Althought the men can take a parental leave since 2001, they are still the phenomenon in the society. The women are the dominant in parental leave, so there prevails the tradition division of roles. The aim of my thesis is to answer the question: How does the modern exchange of parenting roles influate the family functioning? In the theoretical part there is introduced the parental and maternity leave from the point of view in the past, legislation and the possibility taking the maternity and parental leave. The thesis is focused on parental, maternity and paternity leave from the point of view of eight european countries and states certain recommendation for Czech republic. Also describes the family functioning, parental role, gender role and stereotypes. The next part of thesis is focused on history of paternity, relationship between the father and child, and paternity parenting styles. The practical part contains ten interviews which research the experience and opinions of men on the parental leave. There are as well opinions from the wives/partners, who exchanged the roles with their male partners. Using the questionnaire survey, which was filled in by 238 respondents, there was researched what attitude does the Czech society have to the topic and generally to the position of men on parental leave.
Castle Zdounky - conservation and restoration in the area
Franková, Tereza ; Kolouch, Jiří (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (advisor)
The aim of the present thesis is to carry out an architectural study for the reconstruction of the chateau complex Zdounky, located near Kroměříž in Litenčiče Downs. The chateau complex covers the area of ca. 9 hectares and consists of a four-wing chateau, a Baroque granary, a new farm building with an old orchard, and a large landscape park in the English style with a number of small-scale buildings such as a greenhouse, an ice house and other valuable and remarkable natural sites, for instance an old lime tree alley or a restored animal park. The proposal complies with the intention of the current owners, i.e. to use the complex as a centre for environmental education of the youth and to make it available to the general public with an interest in nature and ecology. Therefore, the main goal of the study has been to find an optimal urban-architectural solution in order to preserve the historic value of the buildings and at the same time allow the possibility of using them for their new purposes. The concept of the reconstruction is influence by the correspondence of the surrounding landscape, the place’s history, the historic value of the individual buildings and the morphology of the terrain. The whole complex is organized in order to give the impression of unity where all the functions are connected in a logical way. It was the division of the complex into public, semi-public and private zones that represented the main guideline for the present plan. The design of the reconstructed chateau includes the semi-public and private zones - it comprises both the educational centre with accommodation as well as the owners’ residence surrounded by a private garden. The Baroque granary is reconstructed and used as a museum. Additionally, a new orangery is added and its facilities used for a cider house (in the form of a small café) where local production commodities are sold. Both of these are open to the general public as well as the chateau park. Furthermore, the design includes a trail around the chateau. For the purposes of the present thesis, it was necessary to find and redraw the old plans, verify and document their true condition and measure the Baroque granary, whose documentation was completely missing.

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8 FRAŇKOVÁ, Tereza
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