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Validation of comprehensive energy management system based on cloud-sourced information
Nedoma, P. ; Herda, Z. ; Franc, Z. ; Plíhal, Jiří
The main research activity was devoted to develop an application that would enable testing interface between OIKOS board (based on the AURIXTM) and the dissemination module represented by Skoda vehicle demonstrator through serial port RS232. The testing was based on sending the GPS coordinates to the OIKOS unit and receiving recommended speed profile for the given track. While dissemination unit has received GPS coordinates, AURIX chip has sent back messages with prediction of possible speed profile. Further tasks included verification other forms of transmission, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet.\n\n
Axial force and pressure pulsations in double-suction pump.
Vacula, Jiří ; Franc, Zdeněk (referee) ; Habán, Vladimír (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with axial thrust existence in a double suction pump rotor. Axial thrust appears especially in low flow rates modes. The aim of this work is finding information about this issue and deriving mathematical model of calculation which will be subsequently applied on experimental data received from double suction pump measurement in laboratory. It is important to examine the whole dynamics of axial thrust development and find its cause of formation in measured double suction pump.
Hydrodynamic mixing of water-ask mixture in vessel
Holub, Přemysl ; Franc, Zdeněk (referee) ; Habán, Vladimír (advisor)
Master´s thesis Hydrodynamic mixing of water-ash mixture in vessel is interested in describing fluid and solid particles flow in a vessel. The mixing was conducted in cylindrical vessel by a radial nozzle. The goal of the thesis is to describe flow field and places where the most of the particles are descending according to position, depth, flow rate and nozzle orientation in the vessel. An experiment was conducted in order to investigate and document 8 different positions and orientation of the nozzle. Significant changes in flow fields and mixing time were observed. A mathematical model of the vessel with the nozzle was created in Fluent program. Places with the lowest velocities according to the model were in good agreement with places where the most of the solid particles were descending.
Design and lay-out of high pressure pumping station.
Václavík, Tomáš ; Franc, Zdeněk (referee) ; Habán, Vladimír (advisor)
The aim of diploma thesis is design and lay-out of high pressure pumping station with plunger pumps for splash of scales from slabs of hot-rolled. Theoretic (introduction) part of this thesis contain description of formation of scales and description of ways how it is possible remove these scales. And this part contains also explication of effect of water jet on solid material. The practical part of diploma thesis is focused on design of pumping station including of dimensioning of machinery. Part of this work is also technical documentation for proposed pumping station and specification of main machines and devices.
Simulation and damping of the excited pulsation
Kubis, Aleš ; Franc, Zdeněk (referee) ; Habán, Vladimír (advisor)
The aim of diploma thesis is design math and numeric system, which simulate these features: model of threeplunger piston pump, system of piping and damping elements. This thesis also contains chapters, which describing numeric models of particular’s elements of system with charts of function dependencies from computation’s program. The last chapter contains numeric model of treeplunger piston pump without damping elements. Continuation of my diploma thesis should be a harmonized of damping elements and designed pump.
Capacitated Arc Routing Problem
Franc, Zdeněk ; Pelikán, Jan (advisor) ; Fesenko, Anastasiya (referee)
The Capacitated Arc Routing Problem has many applications in real life. The aim of this problem is to minimize the total cost at fulfilment of the requirements of arcs. The Capacitated Arc Routing Problem is an extension of the Chinese Postman Problem, which is a special type of the Vehicle Routing Problems. In this thesis is explained the issue of the Chinese Postman Problem and its extensions at first. Subsequently the applications of mathematical models are illustrated on a model example. However these mathematical models, which are searching the optimal solution, do not use so much in reality. Therefore the randomized heuristic algorithm for solving these problems is suggested and programmed in this thesis. Subsequently this heuristic was applied to case study of garbage collection in Podebrady city.

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