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Past and present of Jívák settlement
Vančura, Tomáš ; Franc, Martin (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to conduct research of entire history of Jivák settlement in Central Bohemian region since its establishment in 1926 to the year of 2016. Importance of so-called normalization and transformation era will be stressed in this work. The author will also try to track certain matches or disagreements in the area of everyday life, coexistence with other settlers or participation on settlement's events based on interviews conducted with settlers of various age. Another aim of this work is to compare settlement's social life before and after the year 1989. Last but not least, author will try to find out, whether Jivak settlement served as a shelter from political and social reality in 1948-1989 Czechoslovakia. Key Words: second homes, settlement, Czechoslovakia, interpersonal relations, oral history
Selected issues of food quality in 1950–1970
Franc, Martin
The study focuses on three major issues of food quality in Czechoslovakia in 1950–1970. First of all it addresses the issue of food substitutes, which started spreading especially during and after World War II. Another major topic of the study deals with the crisis of the system of quality standards at the beginning of the 1960s, when numerous deviations from the specified ingredients and food-processing technology were permitted for cost-saving reasons. The massive wave of exemptions undermined the entire standard food quality system and its consequences were very hard to overcome.
Pilsen Alternative Music Scene in 1983-1995
Marková, Lucie ; Vaněk, Miroslav (advisor) ; Morávková, Naděžda (referee) ; Franc, Martin (referee)
Pilsen Alternative Music Scene in 1983-1995 Lucie Marková Abstract The aim of this dissertation thesis is to broaden knowledge about the Pilsen alternative music scene in 1983-1995, especially in the framework of three main themes. The basis of the research is content analysis of oral-historical interviews with witnesses who were part of the Pilsen alternative music scene in the selected period. These witnesses were not only active musicians, but also their fans, or organizers of their performances. Their memories were further compared with knowledge gained from the literature, period newspaper, archives materials and ego documents. The first of the main themes focuses on the musical everyday life of musicians, like getting musical equipment, finding rehearsal room or institution of the founder and organizing public performances. The second part of this dissertation thesis describes the relationship between members of alternative music scene and representatives of political power based on several specific cases (Rockfest, Peace Concert of Olof Palme and repression). The whole text is concluded by chapters devoted to the ninetieth of twentieth century, dealing with the transformation of the Pilsen alternative music scene. All these themes are observed primarily by the witness's perspective. Key words: Pilsen...
Accidents and catastrophes in totalitarian media
Šírová, Tereza ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Děkanovský, Jan (referee) ; Franc, Martin (referee)
The aim of the dissertation "Accidents and Disasters in the Totalitarian Media" is to describe and compare the way how daily press in communist Czechoslovakia informed about transport and industrial accidents that happened in Eastern and Western Bloc. In the practical part, the media coverage of pairs of similar accidents that happened in a short time period (one in Eastern Bloc, the other in Western Bloc) will be analysed. The theoretical part deals with negativity from the view of media studies as well as other social sciences.
Regional reporting of Czech Television in years 1992 - 2012 by internal staff
Krátká, Veronika ; Franc, Martin (advisor) ; Krátká, Lenka (referee)
The main aim of this work is to describe the history and development of Czech Television's regional news coverage in years from 1992 till 2012, using the testimonies of direct TV staff involved in this reporting beyond the available resources, thereby expanding the amount of information on this issue. To achieve this information, the oral history method was used and the subsequent verification of the information obtained was done using the literature, diploma theses, annual reports and other sources in this work specified. The result of this work is the extension and addition of new facts and information about the history of Czech Television's regional news, especially of internal character, not yet obtainable from available professional publications or public reports and data. These include information on the nature of interpersonal relations in regional news, the attempt to influence the outward processing and thematic focus of the editorial offices and the specific technical and structural development of individual regional editorial offices. Key words Czech Television, ČT, CST, narrator, reporter, regional news, regions, Večerník, Události, Události v regionech.
Childhood and youth in the Third republic, Czech Lands in 1945 -1948 in memories
Sobotová, Anna ; Franc, Martin (advisor) ; Moravcová, Mirjam (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on a time period between 1945 and 1948 also known as the Third Republic. The main aim is to describe life of children and teenagers in this particular time through old-timers' narration. The thesis is focused on people's everyday life after the Second World War. Narrators - people who experienced that time - were chosen from clients of Rezidence Rosa. There is also a short overview of Czechoslovakian history at that period. Various technics of oral history and literature have been used for this thesis. It is based on the interviews with old-timers as well as the topics come from the stories of these narrators. The topics cover culture, politics and social life described from children's and teenagers' point of view. Merit of this thesis is to record their unique stories. A result might be a possible way to understand contemporary seniors' behaviour and to describe narrators' everyday lives in Prague at the time of the Third Republic.
Institute of Contemporary History
Šťastná, Magdalena ; Mücke, Pavel (advisor) ; Franc, Martin (referee)
This degree work sets itself the objective to extend well-known information about the Institute of Contemporary History, bringing precise description of the first ten years of its existence. The main purpose of this work is to elaborate further on the Institute's activities from the perspective of the so-called non-scholarly component of its staff. In the first theoretical part of this work, the theme of the structure and activities of the Institute is put into the context of time, with special attention to previous perspectives and problems of historiography as a scientific discipline; in this scope a general description of historiography as such is examined. Subsequent chapters characterize the methods of examination in the field of contemporary History in the U.S.A, France, Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Poland. It also gives a rough outline of changes in topical and geographical analysis as manifested in the attempt of specialisation in the above mentioned countries. In regards to the management of the Institute, the next chapter deals with the institutional structure of The Academy of Science of the Czech Republic. The methodological part of this work is focused on the clasification of the concept of a reaserch project including relevant expectations and objectives; it describes...
JAWA factory in Týnec nad Sázavou at the time of socialist experiment - Factory, people and motorcycles at the time of so-called nationalization and economic transformation (1968 - 1995)
Bárta, Karel ; Franc, Martin (advisor) ; Houda, Přemysl (referee)
The purpose of this disertation is to capture the era of so-called normalisation during the 1970s and 1980s of the 20th century in Czechoslovakia. Even though the economic transformation in the 1990s is covered, the normalisation is in this case the primary investigated period. The main focus is on the largest producer and exporter of czechoslovak motorcycles - a company called JAWA with the main production plant located in Tynec nad Sazavou - Brodce. In addition to the motorcycle production in Tynec nad Sazavou the work looks at Czechoslovakia and its role as a power of the motorcycle sport during socialism and other aspects such as the role of motorcycles during the normalisation period in Czechoslovakia or the outline of the historical development of JAWA in the post-war years and its growth on the international scale before nationalization of the enterprise. The disertation also covers other aspects during the researched era such as the impact of the factory on the lives of the citizens and employees in the region, relations to the company and the brand JAWA or researching economical situation of the factory during the normalisation period and economical transformation. The main resources used for this work were interviews with current and previous employees of JAWA in Tynec nad Sazavou, who...
Czech esoterics in the transformation of contemporary history
Pokorná, Klára ; Franc, Martin (advisor) ; Schindler-Wisten, Petra (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to contribute to the enlargement of the knowledge base about the crucial historic period of the -Velvet Revolution‖ and the subsequent transition period. The key sources were interviews with the professional and interest groups of active esoterics, performed using the oral history method. The text is also based on information from The National Archive, the Czech Television archive, the The Archive of Security Forces and relevant literature. Given the specific nature of this topic, this thesis reflects the impact of the new social order in the period after 1989 on the professional and private life of the selected sample of narrators and offers a view on the interaction between the witnesses and the state and the general public. Another aim of this research was to extend the existing knowledge about the esoteric scene in the period after 1989. Nevertheless, it does not aspire to provide a definitive list of various esoteric disciplines in the early transformation period. Additional topics concerning the socialist dictatorship are included to provide a comprehensive overview of the phenomenon. This part analyses the attitude of the communist ideology to esoterism. This thesis also deals with the motivation of the interview subjects leading them to develop this interest...

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