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Integrated Temperature Sensor Bipolar Core
Fránek, Jakub
Analog front-end of a bipolar transistor based smart temperature sensor was designed in 110 nm CMOS processing technology TSMC 110 and verified using simulation taking PVT variation into account. The analog front-end of the sensor achieves 3s inaccuracy of +-3.5 °C untrimmed or +-0.7 °C after single point trim over the military temperature range (-55 °C to 125 °C), requiring supply voltage of 2.7-3.63 V, consuming as little as 1μW at 1 S/s and taking up less than 0:012mm2.
Obtaining data from the deep horizons of the Rožná Mine
Bukovská, Z. ; Bohdálek, P. ; Buda, J. ; Dobeš, P. ; Filipský, D. ; Franěk, J. ; Havlová, V. ; Chabr, T. ; Knés, I. ; Kryl, J. ; Kříbek, B. ; Laufek, F. ; Leichmann, J. ; Navrátil, P. ; Pořádek, P. ; Rosendorf, T. ; Soejono, I. ; Sosna, K. ; Souček, Kamil ; Šustková, E. ; Švagera, O. ; Vavro, Leona ; Vavro, Martin ; Veselovský, F. ; Waclawik, Petr ; Zuna, M.
This report summarizes the work and partial results made under the Public Procurement Obtaining Data from the deep horizons of the Rožná Mine in the first phase of the third and fourth subdivisions from February to November 2018. These are in particular technical works (boreholes, access to corridors),seismic measurements, sampling for laboratory analysis (physical-mechanical properties of rocks, breakage fills, bearing revalidation), structural characterization of the rockanalytical work on all samples taken. Parallel to these works3D models are being prepared, especially data preparation for modeling.
Russia's Critique of Western Liberalism under Vladimir Putin
Frenzel, Stefanie ; Franěk, Jakub (advisor) ; Ditrych, Ondřej (referee)
While most of the states have embraced capitalist market economy, liberal and democratic norms face resistance in large parts of the world. The \enquote{liberal West} under the leadership of the United States has to face critique of his democratization practices and alleged hypocrisy when dealing with the enforcement of its own norms. One of the loudest critics is Russia under President Vladimir Putin. The first objective of my thesis is to understand the rationale behind Russia's Foreign Policy because without that, no efficient and deescalating policies towards Russia can be developed. I do this by means of an ideological discourse analysis of some of the most famous of Putin's speeches. The concepts of the German philosopher Carl Schmitt serve as a frame for tracing the ideas expressed in the speeches of the Russian President. The analysis concludes that, at least rhetorically, democracy, trust, disarmament, freedom of speech, balance of power and the UN as universal institution have a central place for both the Western World and Russia. NATO expansion, U.S. intervention in the Middle East and, related to that, the alleged non--respect of sovereignty are the most dividing issues between Russia and the Western liberal democracies. It becomes clear that Russia has the impression that Western liberal...
Neoliberalism - Governmentality or Hegemony?
Rut, Václav ; Franěk, Jakub (advisor) ; Salamon, Janusz (referee)
This thesis deals with theoretical approaches to neoliberalism, with focus on their application in the case of Czech transition to democracy. Neoliberalism is a form of governance that seeks to extend market relations to the whole of society. Both theoretical approaches have common post-structuralist foundations, thanks to which they understand power as an ineradicable part of interhuman relations. The term governmentality comes from the work of Michel Foucault and helps us understand neoliberalism as a complex form of governance, which seeks to transform individual into neoliberal subject - ​homo oeconomicus​. Discoursive theory, presented by the work of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe, is influenced by some of Foucault's concepts, but radicalizes discourse as such, and connects it with marxist notion of hegemony. Neoliberalism is then understood as a hegemonic project which seeks to contain discoursive totality. In the analytical section of the thesis neoliberal discourse is illustrated on public speeches of the two most prominent political figures of Czech politics of the 1990s, former prime minister Václav Klaus and former president Václav Havel. What is illustrated on these speeches is the emergence of Czech neoliberalism and also the advantages and limits of both theoretical approaches to...
HSLS-SSNJ Ideology
Novotná, Lucia ; Kubátová, Hana (advisor) ; Franěk, Jakub (referee)
Aim of this thesis is to fill in an empty place in the area of scholarly research of the ideology of Hlinka's Slovak People's Party. This thesis offers thorough insight to the ideology of the party to which the clarification of the circumstances that led to the creation of the Slovak republic and approach to the party and its internal division into conservative and radical wings is first needed. Because of the ideological aspect of the primary source, the thesis takes critical stand while working with the literature. At the beginning of this thesis, emphasis is put on explanation of contradictory character of the period from 1939-1945 that marked the existence of Slovak republic. Explanation of the selection of the thesis'theme is supported by this. The core of this thesis is based on theoretical definiton of the word ideology according to various political scientists and then analysis of Štefan Polakovič's view of ideological principles of Slovak republic follows. Ideas of the press body of Slovak republic, Slovák, are included in the thesis as well. View on whether these ideological principles were followed by the party and whether the internal and foreign politics of the party was infuenced by them is offered. Last but not least, the thesis explains the relevance of this theme in relation to current...
Integrated temperature sensor bipolar core
Fránek, Jakub ; Prokop, Roman (referee) ; Kledrowetz, Vilém (advisor)
Cílem této práce je popsat možné způsoby realizace teplotního senzoru na křemíkovém čipu v běžných CMOS výrobních technologiích a představit konkrétní implementaci analogového jádra teplotního senzoru využívajícího bipolární tranzistory ve výrobní technologii TSMC 110. Techniky jako chopping, dynamic element matching nebo trimování byly použity k navržení obvodů, jejichž simulovaná 3 přesnost měření je ±3.5 °C bez trimování nebo ±0.6 °C s po jedné trimovací operaci napříč vojenským teplotním rozsahem. Navržené obvody zabírají pouze 0.012 mm čtverečních plochy čipu a jejich celkové parametry jsou srovnatelné s výsledky současných publikovaných prací.
From microstructures to large-scale crustal deformations in collisional orogen: multidisciplinary approach
Franěk, Jan ; Schulmann, Karel (advisor) ; Faryad, Shah Wali (referee) ; Stünitz, Holger (referee) ; Whitechurch, Hubert (referee)
The thesis aims to compile response of deep-seated rocks to continental collision in the root zone of Variscan orogen exposed in Bohemian Massif. It treats the orogenic processes from the scale of microscopic grains constituting rocks through scale of individual outcrops to an overall view of ~4000 km2 large domain of the high-grade rocks. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first represents an article summarizing study of structurally most complex area - Blanský les granulite massif - published in the Mineralogy and Petrology journal (2006). The second chapter unravels regional evolution of the south Bohemian Moldanubian domain and correlates the presented results with suitable studies from other orogenic regions or with numerical models of continental collisions. The related article will be submitted to Tectonics journal in June 2007. The last section focuses on the mechanisms of deformation in the felsic granulites and extrapolates the results to rheology of the Variscan lower crust and behavior of common felsic rocks under HT HP conditions. The corresponding paper will be submitted to Journal of Metamorphic Geology in the autumn 2007. The Bohemian massif represents the easternmost exposure of Variscan orogen in Europe. During the 380-300 Ma complex subduction - collision a ~300km...

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