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Surface modification of nanoparticles for sustaining sensitivity of surface-enhanced raman spectrometric measurements in salinated environment
Týčová, Anna ; Přikryl, Jan ; Vaňhara, P. ; Klepárník, Karel ; Foret, František
Surface-enhanced Raman spectrometry (SERS) represents a powerful method for analysis of a broad spectrum of analytes ranging from inorganic ions to biomolecules of high complexity. It combines the potential\nof Raman spectrometry for a definite identification of an analyte with remarkable sensitivity achieved by the surface enhancement effect occurring on metal nanoparticles. While low ionic strength influences positively\nthe sensitivity of the SERS measurement, a higher level of inorganic salts leads to fast ruining of colloidal character, which completely devastates the effect of the surface enhancement. The common stabilization of\nnanoparticles by a layer of polymers has a negative impact on the SERS sensitivity since it shields the nanoparticle surface from the analytes. In this work, we aim at the development of the bi-ligand system of\nnanoparticles surface modification for improved stability of colloid in saline solution at sustaining the potential for sensitive SERS analyses. The proposed system relies on the binding of 3-mercaptopropionic acid and\nthiolated polyethylene glycol in a suitable ratio onto the nanoparticle surfaces. While the short chains of the acid sustain the accessibility of the surface for analytes, the polymeric structures act as a steric barrier\npreventing colloid aggregation.
Epitachophoretic separation and concentration of large volume samples
Voráčová, Ivona ; Foret, František ; Datinská, Vladimíra ; Novotný, Jakub ; Gheibi, P. ; Berka, J. ; Astier, Y.
There has been a growing interest in developing isotachophoretic protocols for concentration and purification of DNA as an alternative to the solid phase extraction protocols of DNA preparation. Also concentration of DNA from large volume samples is required. We have developed a new device suitable for separation, concentration and collection of ions from several milliliter sample volumes into microliter fractions. We have used a discontinuous electrolyte system comprising of the leading and terminating electrolytes utilized for concentration of samples containing DNA fragments. The method is simple, fast with high concentration factor and without extensive surface interactions.
Surface enhanced raman spectroscopy: Detection platforms for sample analysis with and without electrophoretic separation
Týčová, Anna ; Přikryl, Jan ; Foret, František ; Belder, D.
In this work we present two platforms of relatively simple construction for user-friendly sample detection via surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). The first platform is designed for direct sample analysis and deals with hydrophilic spots array within a hydrophobic surface. The second presented platform aims on analysis of samples of higher complexity requiring separation step prior the detection. This is achived via microfluidic electrophoretic device with online SERS detection.
Hexahistidine-based tag for capillary electrophoresis-mass spektrometry analysis of oligosaccharides and N-linked glycans
Partyka, Jan ; Křenková, Jana ; Čmelík, Richard ; Foret, František
Various basic amino acids and peptides were studied as an alternative labels for capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry analysis of oligosaccharides. The hexahistidine-based label with big number of positive charges allowed to use effective and sensitive CE-MS analysis in positive ion mode both neutral and acidic glycans.
Affinity microfluidic chip based on packed microbeads
Novotný, Jakub ; Ostatná, Veronika ; Foret, František
In this project, a plastic device was fabricated using CNC milling in polycarbonate. Chip contains integrated pneumatic valves for flow control and allows for injection and stacking of beaded supports. Intended use of these supports is formation of packed affinity columns suitable for glycoprotein assays.
A Validatation of non-invasive method for diagnostic of cystic fibrosis based on ion ratios determined by CE-C4D
Ďurč, P. ; Lačná, J. ; Dosedělová, V. ; Foret, František ; Homoľa, L. ; Pokojová, E. ; Malá, M. ; Skřičková, J. ; Dastych, M. ; Vinohradská, H. ; Dřevínek, P. ; Skalická, V. ; Kubáň, Petr
A validation of novel approach for diagnosis of cystic fibrosis (CF) is presented. The method is very simple and fast, since for collection of samples, only wiping of the skin of forearm is needed. The collected sample is analyzed by capillary electrophoresis with contactless conductometric detection (CE-C4D). Ion ratios are determined as ratios of peak area of chloride anion and peak areas of selected cations. It is possible to distinguish between cystic fibrosis patients and healthy individuals when ion ratio is applied as diagnostic factor. In here, we present analytical parameters of developed method (limits of detection, limits of quantification, repeatability of migration times, repeatability of peak areas) and ROC curve, which reveals high sensitivity and specificity of the developed method.
CECE 2018. 15th International Interdisciplinary Meeting on Bioanalysis
Foret, František ; Křenková, Jana ; Drobníková, Iveta ; Klepárník, Karel ; Přikryl, Jan
This year the meeting included full texts of 25 oral and 61 poster presentations. The attached conference proceedings, edited by highly cited scientists, documents the quality of the meeting. Similarly to the previous years the lectures were given by outstanding, highly cited, scientists. The list of speakers as well as more detailed information about the conference can be found on its permanent web at
Microfluidic device for cell counting and electrical lysis
Václavek, Tomáš ; Křenková, Jana ; Foret, František
This lecture presents two microfluidic devices as essential units for single cell proteomic analysis, firstly a device for cell counting based on resistive pulse sensing as an alternative to optical platforms based on visual control over the sample input, secondly a unit for electrical lysis of cells using direct current voltage pulses to lyse cells one by one with a possibility to analyze the distinct lysate zones by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.
Synthetic approaches for new labeling tags facilitating glycan analysis
Čmelík, Richard ; Křenková, Jana ; Foret, František
This study is focused on the synthesis of labels based on the pyrene core bearing several ionizable quaternary amines and the efficient carbonyl-reactive group, such as primary amine or hydrazine.
Development of Methods for High-Throughput Enrichment of Glycoproteins and Glycopeptides Employing Multiple Lectin Affinity Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Maděra, Milan ; Pacáková, Věra (advisor) ; Feltl, Ladislav (referee) ; Foret, František (referee) ; Kučerová, Zdenka (referee)
5 CONCLUSIONS This thesis surrrnrarizes the development of a multimethodological analýical approach employing microcolumn lectin affi1t1,9fuom1tography coupled to highir".otu,to; separation and dete9tion techniques, in order to facilitate the enrichmení of glyco-proteins aná giycopeptioes originating from small quantities of real samples. This is u"toauy a sipificant-ítep towara satis$'ing the demands of contemporary glycoproteomics, which rely orirurt *a small scale analyses, allowing the identification of low abundant protein components' The overď conclusions and contribution to the contemporaÍy scierrce are drawn in tbree followine chaoters. 5.1 combining Lectin Microcolumns with High-Resolution separation Techniques for Enrichment of Glycoproteins and Glycopeptides This section describes coupling small-scďe lectin aÍfinity chromatograpby on-line to high- resolution separation and detection techniques, with the utiliý of a microcolumn loaded with a lectin immobilized onto macroporous silica. Experimental results, involving optimization of coupling procedure, fabrication of lectin microcolumns, verification of tteir Uin&ng efficiency and their possibility of interfacing on-line with nano LC-MS/]víS, me summarizžd into thé following conclusions; o optimized coupling procedure involved resuspending only 125...

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