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Peritoneal dialysis and its impact on the quality of patient's life
Králová, Dana ; Nikodemová, Hana (advisor) ; Forejt, Julius (referee)
In my thesis, I have focused on health-related quality of life in patients treated for renal failure with ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. The I st theoretical part of my thesis summarizes information on Anatomy and Physiology of kidneys as well as on common renal diseases and their diagnostic and therapelltic algorithms. It also describes two modes of dialysis, e. i. peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis, and basic principles of kidney transplantation. Clear and detailed education of patients treated with peritoneal dialysis is one of the important factors that positively inf1uence patients' compliance and adherence to therapy. Well-organized psychosocial SllppOrt contriblltes to their increased qllality of life. The 2nd practical part explains the goal of my thesis, the primary hypothesis and final results. The qucstionnaire used in my study covers various moments of everyday living that may cause difficulties to di alysed pati n1s. One part of the fom1 focuses directly on activ ities and problems accociated with peritoneal dialysis. Basic description of the group of inq uired patients is also inc luded. The end of the thesis contains final conclusions and summaries of my research. Eventhough the group of patients included in my research is not large, I hope to ha ve succeeded in demonstrating inportant...
A study of aneuploidy in gametes and embryos
Diblík, Jan ; Macek, Milan (advisor) ; Forejt, Julius (referee) ; Rubeš, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with improvement and clinical application of molecular cytogenetic methods for reproductive genetics. These methods include both clinical investigations used for improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic care for infertile couples and experimental methods that can become the basis of new diagnostic tools. The thesis concentrates on the study of aneuploidies, because they constitute a major complication of human reproduction especially by means of assisted reproductive technologies. Aims The main practical aim was the introduction of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) for evaluation of chromosomes in sperm, polar bodies and blastomeres for prefertilisation and preimplantation diagnosis of aneuploidies. The main scientific objective was the study of chromosome localization in nuclei of blastomeres, that are removed from human embryos for preimplantation diagnosis. The aim of this study was to find, whether the localization of chromosomes in relation to the nuclear center and periphery is ruled by the same rules as in other cell types in later stages of development and whether the localization is influenced by aneuploidy. Next aim was to search for peripheral localization of chromosome X in embryos with more than one copies of the chromosome X. This could be a manifestation of X...

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