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Immunogenetic and hormonal markers of predisposition to systemic rheumatic diseases particularly systemic lupus erythematosus
Fojtíková, Markéta ; Pavelka, Karel (advisor) ; Hrnčíř, Zbyněk (referee) ; Rovenský, Jozef (referee)
Fojtikova 2011 INTRODUCTION: Several factors like genetic susceptibility is required for systemic rheumatic diseases development. Immunomodulatory PRL effect supports autoimmunity. AIMS: 1. To detect the immunogenetic background (alleles HLA class I, II and microsatellite polymorphism of the transmembrane part exon 5 of MIC-A gene) of SLE and PsA. 2. To detect PRL serum and synovial fluid with regard to clinical and laboratory RA activity. 3. To find the role of the functional polymorphism -1149G/T SNP PRL of extrapituitary promoter of PRL gene in SLE, RA, PsA, SSc and inflammatory myopathies development. METHODS: Genetic analyses of pateints with SLE (n=156), RA (n=173), PsA (n=100), SSc (n=75), PM (n=47) a DM (n=68) and 123 healthy individuals: PCR-SSP (HLA clase I and II), PCR-fragment analysis (MIC-A) a PCR-RFLP (-1149 G/T SNP PRL). In 29 RA a 26 OA PRL serum and synovial fluid concentrations were detected using immunoradiometric assay. RESULTS: 1. The allele HLA-DRB1*03 (pc=0.008; OR 2.5) and haplotype HLA-DRB1*03-DQB1*0201 (pc <0.001; OR 4.54) were determined as risk immunogenetic markers for SLE in Czech population. In SLE versus controls allele MIC-A5.1 was increased (pc =0.005; OR 1.88). MIC-A5.1 together with HLA-DRB1*03 increases the risk for SLE development, pc <0.000001; OR 9.71....

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