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Estimation of the technical level of AUDI vehicles for valuation purposes
Fojtík, Adam ; Trávníček, Jiří (referee) ; Kledus, Robert (advisor)
This thesis analyzes used ways of cars classifications. Proposal suitable sorting methods production the Audi brand for application of valuation methods. Furthermore, the coefficient of determination technical level. For coefficient of technical levels was chosen method of parametric paired comparison, based on Saaty method and the method of calculating historical cost.
Optimization of supporting services
Fojtík, Aleš ; Kislingerová, Eva (advisor) ; Dvořáček, Jiří (referee) ; Mansfeld, David (referee)
Process optimization became a common practice for vast majority of market oriented companies. However, the focus on supporting services generally starts only after the potential for savings by optimizing the core activities is fully utilized. Emerging trend of passed ten years represents shared services centres, which in fact comprise both of the above components and together with offshoring offer more important cost savings. The aim of the thesis was to prepare a comprehensive material representing a complex overview of the process optimization activities and describe shared services centre as a special option of the optimization that allows maximization of the benefits from optimizing supporting services. The problem, which is being addressed in the thesis, should answer the question if the selection criteria of an optimization project have been influenced by the financial crisis and what is now different. The thesis is in the theoretical part presenting key optimization methods, process mapping techniques as well as recent trends in the optimization and shared service centres area. The market has been importantly impacted by the financial crises and companies re-focus on cost-optimization projects. However, acquiring financial resources became more difficult, which results in the fact that the priority is given to projects which do not require important initial investment and bring cost saving benefits relatively soon. A special attention is dedicated to presenting a clear method for differentiation of supporting services. In the second part is presented an optimization project in a complex and structured way offering a practical guidance of the respective phases, activities performed and pitfalls that may arise in technical or managing aspect of the project. The aim is to present these problematic areas together with measures how to prevent them. For each of the project phases are presented key activities, tools and methods that should mainly contribute to clear idea regarding time and resource planning for process optimization project. The main contribution of the thesis is that it represents a structured material that could be used by management of the company while considering and planning process optimization project. The topic is also presented in a complex way covering both theoretical and practical side of the optimization activities and shared service centres, which is generally not the approach of the authors that either focus on a particular optimization method, project management or theoretical basis of the optimization.
Graphite/n-InP Schottky barrier with electrophoretically deposited Pt nanoparticles for hydrogen and nitrogen-monoxide detection
Žďánský, Karel ; Vaniš, Jan ; Černohorský, Ondřej ; Kacerovský, Pavel ; Fojtík, A.
N-type InP was deposited with Pt nanoparticles (NPs) by electrophoresis. The Pt NPs density was varied from a tenth of monolayer to several monolayers. Schottky contacts were made by colloidal graphite on the InP wafer site covered with Pt NPs. It was observed that H2 was detected by an increase of the current while NO was detected by its decrease. For explanation, we discuss mechanism which involves negative charging of adsorbed H atoms with electrons by increasing affinity level due to correlation efects
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Piksová, K. ; Weiserová, Marie ; Jedličková, A. ; Fojtík, A.
Rapid development of bio-nanotechnology lead to the new way in the combating of bacteria and to searching specific properties of nanomaterials The study of bactericidal nanomaterials is particularly timely considering the recent increase of new resistant strains of bacteria to the most potent antibiotics The present work studies the bactericidal effect of silver nanoparticles in the range of 10-30 nm on Gram-negative bacteria and Gram-positive bacteria
Films of Metal Nanoparticles Deposited on Semiconductors by Electrophoresis: Technology and Characterization
Žďánský, Karel ; Zavadil, Jiří ; Kacerovský, Pavel ; Kostka, František ; Lorinčík, Jan ; Černohorský, O. ; Fojtík, A. ; Müller, M. ; Kostejn, M.
Layers of nanoparticles in micelle enclosures were deposited on InP substrates by electrophoresis from isooctane colloid solutions containing Pd or Ag nanoparticles. The layers were investigated by SIMS, low-temperature photoluminescence spectroscopy and topography, absorption spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and sensitivity to hydrogen. Photoluminescence of InP was enhanced by the layers of Pd or Ag nanoparticles. Schottky barriers made on the n-type InP with layers containing Pd nanoparticles showed significant sensitivity to hydrogen in contrast to those containing Ag nanoparticles.
Měření emissních spekter X-záření dusíkového kapilárního výboje
Vrbová, M. ; Jančárek, A. ; Fojtík, A. ; Scholzová, L. ; Havlíková, R. ; Vrba, Pavel
Our aim is to realize soft X-ray laser recombination pumping during the pinch decay and to get lasing on Balmer alpha transition of N6+ ions. To this purpose plasma should be enough heated during the pinch collapse and than quickly cooled during the pinch decay. We look for the optimum experimental arrangement that results in proper capillary plasma pinch. Spectral diagnostics is used as a principal diagnostic tool.
Emisní spektra měkkého rentgenového záření kapilárního plazmatu
Vrba, Pavel ; Jančarek, A. ; Vrbová, M. ; Scholzová, L. ; Fojtík, A. ; Tamáš, M. ; Havlíková, R.
Experimental and computer studies of plasma created in initially evacuated polyacethal and polyethylene capillaries are reported.Soft X-ray spectroscopy is as a capillary plasma diagnostic tool.The measured time integrated spectra foe polyacethal and polyethylene capillaries correspond properly to the spectra resulting from the computer simulations using NPINCH and FLY codes.
Finanční analýza společnosti Slovak Telecom, a.s.
Majoroš, Miroslav ; Fojtík, Aleš (advisor) ; Boukal, Petr (referee)
Cílem této práce je vyhotovit finanční analýzu společnosti Slovak Telecom, a.s., tedy rozbor jejich finančních výkazů a zhodnocení jejiho finančního zdraví. Práce je rozdělena metodickou a praktickou část a má 15 kapitol. Rozsah zkoumaného období je 5 let (2001-2005). Vertikální a horizontální analýza účetních výkazů, bilanční pravidla, analýza poměrových ukazatelů, analýza soustav ukazatelů
Finanční analýza Vodárenské akciové společnosti, a.s.
Skoumal, David ; Fojtík, Aleš (advisor) ; Kendrala, Josef (referee)
Práce se zabývá zhodnocením firmy z hlediska finančního zdraví. Je užito účetních a statistických informace ze vzdálenější a bezprostřední minulosti, ale zároveň pracuje i se současnými tendencemi a v některých případech i s predikcemi. Finanční analýza interpretuje finanční informace při posouzení výkonnosti a perspektivy firmy, mimo jiné, i ve srovnání s jinými firmami a odvětvovým průměrem.

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