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SMV-2019-16: Deposition technology and implementation of EUV multilayer system
Fořt, Tomáš
We have developed deposition technology and implementation of multilayer systems of Mg/Si or molybdenum and silicon prepared by magnetron sputtering. Interface roughness has to be smaller than 0.1 nm and reproducibility of bilayer thickness (i.e. molybdenum or Mg and silicon) must be better that 0.1 nm. This multilayer system was used as a EUV mirror.
Study of mechanical properties of nanolayered Ti/Ni coatings
Zábranský, L. ; Václavík, R. ; Přibyl, R. ; Ženíšek, J. ; Souček, P. ; Buršík, Jiří ; Fořt, Tomáš ; Buršíková, V.
The aim of the present work was to study the dependence of mechanical properties of Ti/Ni multilayer thin films on the thicknesses of constituent Ti and Ni layers. The multilayer thin films were synthesized by deposition of Ti and Ni layers alternately on single crystalline silicon substrates using direct current magnetron sputtering method. Thicknesses of Ti and Ni layers varied from 1.7 nm to 100 nm. The micro-structure of the multilayer films was studied using X-ray diffraction technique, scanning electron microscopy with focused ion beam technique and transmission electron microscopy. Mechanical properties obtained from nanoindentation experiments were discussed in relation to microstructural observations.
SMV-2018-04: Planar microstructures for optical applications
Horáček, Miroslav ; Kolařík, Vladimír ; Matějka, Milan ; Krátký, Stanislav ; Chlumská, Jana ; Meluzín, Petr ; Král, Stanislav ; Fořt, Tomáš ; Oulehla, Jindřich ; Pokorný, Pavel
The development of planar microstructures for optical applications, and subsequent realization of samples by the way of e-beam lithography and other techniques. Project deals with material study suited for the fabrication of planar microstructures in thin metallic layer with respect to achievable resolution and fulfilling the absorbance parameters for particular application. E-beam lithography is used for preparation the motif in resist layer, which is masking layer for the etching of metallic layer by various techniques (wet etching, reactive ion etching). Technical documentation of developed processes and prepared samples are also the part of the project.
Detecting plasticity in al thin films by means of bulge test
Holzer, Jakub ; Pikálek, Tomáš ; Buchta, Zdeněk ; Lazar, Josef ; Tinoco, H.A. ; Chlupová, Alice ; Náhlík, Luboš ; Sobota, Jaroslav ; Fořt, Tomáš ; Kruml, Tomáš
The Bulge test proved to be a useful tool for measuring elastic properties of thin films and\nfree standing membranes, particularly Young’s modulus and residual stress. The basic principle\nof bulge test is application of differential pressure on one side of the a membrane, measurement of\nthe shape of bulged surface as a function of pressure, in this case via laser interferometer, and\nevaluation of a pressure-deflection relationship. In this study, bilayer membrane consisting of a\nsilicon nitride supporting layer and an aluminium layer deposited by means of magnetron\nsputtering is subjected to the bulge test. The results clearly show signs of a non-linear behavior\nthat is caused by plastic deformation in the aluminium layer. Finite element analysis is being\ndeveloped to describe this behavior because analytical model using deflection of central point and\npressure relation falls apart in case of non-linearity.
Reflectivity of a mirror in XUV spectral region (46.9 nm).
Schmidt, Jiří ; Koláček, Karel ; Štraus, Jaroslav ; Frolov, Oleksandr ; Prukner, Václav ; Melich, Radek ; Psota, Pavel ; Sobota, Jaroslav ; Fořt, Tomáš
A focusing mirror as an optical element is used in our applications that require light collection (e.g. for laser ablation studies). A knowledge of the mirror reflectivity is important for determination of focused laser pulse energy, or for determination of local fluencies near the laser focus. The reflectivity of our spherical focusing mirror with(/without) multi-layer coating was measured. Reflection coefficients of this mirror in a long period of time are also reported. Further, the incidence-angle dependence of the XUV reflectivity of flat mirrors is presented as well.
Interferometrical system for bulge test thin film characterization
Pikálek, Tomáš ; Holzer, Jakub ; Tinoco, H.A. ; Buchta, Zdeněk ; Lazar, Josef ; Chlupová, Alice ; Náhlík, Luboš ; Sobota, Jaroslav ; Fořt, Tomáš ; Kruml, Tomáš
Behavior of thin film materials undergoing stress and deformation differs from bulk materials. A common method for the mechanical characterization of thin films is nanoindentation based on indenting a small tip into the material. A different approach is a bulge test technique. In this method, a differential pressure is applied on a free-standing membrane and the mechanical properties (Young’s modulus and residual stress) are calculated from the shape of the bulged membrane. In our experiments, we developed an interferometrical system for the membrane shape measurement during the bulge test.
Impact resistence on nanocomposite Mo-B-C- and W-B-C coatings deposited using magnetron sputtering technique
Fořt, Tomáš ; Grossman, Jan ; Daniel, Josef ; Sobota, Jaroslav ; Dupák, Libor ; Buršíková, V. ; Zábranský, L. ; Souček, L. ; Mirzaei, S. ; Alishahi, M. ; Vašina, P. ; Buršík, Jiří
Recently, based on attractive mechanical properties of boride and carbide based X2BC ternary compounds (X = Mo, W and Ta) they became subjects of both theoretical calculations and experimental work. In the case of stoichiometric composition, X2BC with X = Mo, W and Ta are very promising candidates for protection of cutting and forming tools due to their unusually stiffness and moderate ductility.\nIn this work we focus on nanostructured Mo-B-C and W-B-C layers grown by magnetron sputtering on high speed steel (HSS) substrates. Mechanical properties of the layers were characterized by nanoindentation experiments in both static and dynamic loading regimes. Elastic modulus, indentation hardness and fracture resistance were evaluated and discussed. The fracture resistance of both Mo-B-C and W-B-C coatings was compared using both indentation and dynamic impact tests.\n
Role of the superconductivity in radiative heat transfer
Králík, Tomáš ; Musilová, Věra ; Srnka, Aleš ; Fořt, Tomáš ; Frolec, Jiří
The absorption and emission of thermal radiation by metals is related to their electrical properties that are influenced by impurities, defects and temperature. We show by some examples of measurements on common metals how different can be the thermal radiative properties. When the heat is transferred across a microscopic vacuum gap in the near field regime, it is possible to achieve a step-like change of the heat\ntransfer based on a superconducting transition. An interesting feature of this effect is the nonlinear thermal conductivity effecting a change of the sign of the differential thermal conductivity across the vacuum gap.
SMV-2016-03: Precise relief structures
Matějka, Milan ; Horáček, Miroslav ; Meluzín, Petr ; Chlumská, Jana ; Král, Stanislav ; Kolařík, Vladimír ; Krátký, Stanislav ; Fořt, Tomáš ; Oulehla, Jindřich ; Šerý, Mojmír
Research and development in the field of precise relief structures using electron beam lithography and other ultra-precise micro manufacturing techniques.
Reactive sputtering Al2O3
Dušek, Jan ; Boušek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Fořt, Tomáš (advisor)
Diploma thesis describes technology of pulse reactive magnetron sputtering of Al2O3 coating. Furthermore it deals with design of deposition process and testing new aluminium target. The technological window was determined by tests. As a result, it was possible to create Al2O3 coatings in the widest possible working range. The coatings created by apparatus PLS 160 were tested for optical properties in order to obtain transmittance. Besides the optical tests, the evaluation of mechanical properties and adhesion were performed. The obtained results from measurement were evaluated. Based on the results, some possible applications of the coating were suggested.

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