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Signal propagation in wireless communication systems IEEE 802.11
Vyčítal, Jaroslav ; Fliegel, Karel (referee) ; Polák, Ladislav (advisor)
This paper deals with the propagation of waves. Here is the wavelength distribution according to the wavelength. It focuses on the UHF and SHF band in which IEEE802.11n operates. Contains model breakdown by cell type. Describes which propagation methods are dominant in the cell type. Several propagation patterns are presented, which are then modeled in Matlab environment.The models are then compared to experimental measurements.
Computational methods in single molecule localization microscopy
Ovesný, Martin ; Hagen, Guy Michael (advisor) ; Plášek, Jaromír (referee) ; Fliegel, Karel (referee)
Computational methods in single molecule localization microscopy Abstract Fluorescence microscopy is one of the chief tools used in biomedical research as it is a non invasive, non destructive, and highly specific imaging method. Unfortunately, an optical microscope is a diffraction limited system. Maximum achievable spatial resolution is approximately 250 nm laterally and 500 nm axially. Since most of the structures in cells researchers are interested in are smaller than that, increasing resolution is of prime importance. In recent years, several methods for imaging beyond the diffraction barrier have been developed. One of them is single molecule localization microscopy, a powerful method reported to resolve details as small as 5 nm. This approach to fluorescence microscopy is very computationally intensive. Developing methods to analyze single molecule data and to obtain super-resolution images are the topics of this thesis. In localization microscopy, a super-resolution image is reconstructed from a long sequence of conventional images of sparsely distributed single photoswitchable molecules that need to be sys- tematically localized with sub-diffraction precision. We designed, implemented, and experimentally verified a set of methods for automated processing, analysis and visualization of data acquired...
Issues of Colour Management in contemporary Motion Picture Creation
Stock, Helga ; SMUTNÝ, Vladimír (advisor) ; FLIEGEL, Karel (referee)
Cílem této práce je pokusit se zauvažovat o složitém procesu podání barev při filmové výrobě z pohledu kameramana a obajsnit tím význam barev v souvislosti s kameramanskou profesí a ustanovením oboru kameramanství jako jedné z podob umělecké formy.

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