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Study of Lead Tungstate Crystal Scintillators for High Energy Physics Experiments
Burian, Viktor ; Finger, Michael (advisor) ; Pavelková, Tereza (referee)
This thesis describes the measurement of the crystal samples of lead tungstate scintillators. New detectors in high energy physics will need high-quality electro- magnetic calorimeters. Crytur company in collaboration with researchers from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics develop a method to test optical properties of crystals exposed to radiation. More than one hundred samples were already irradiated and measured to render valuable results. Issues with a spectrometer time stability were revealed and addressed. The significance of temperature in- fluence on radiation induced absorption coefficient is still not fully resolved and is open to further investigation. Correlation between data from Prague and Ger- many shows that sample measurement is an adequate method to decide crystal quality. 1
Study of azimuthal asymmetries in COMPASS Drell-Yan data
Pešková, Markéta ; Finger, Michael (advisor) ; Kupčo, Alexander (referee)
Title: Study of azimuthal asymmetries in COMPASS Drell-Yan data Author: Bc. Markéta Pešková Department / Institute: Department of Low Temperature Physics Supervisor of the master thesis: M.Sc. Michael Finger, CSc. Abstract: Drell-Yan (DY) process, i.e. a lepton pair production in hadron-hadron interaction, is one of the unique tools to study structure of hadrons. In this thesis we present its theoretical background and its link to description of the nucleon spin structure. The corresponding formalism of the Parton Distribution Functions (PDF) and the Transverse Momentum Dependent Parton Distribution Functions (TMD PDF) is explained in some detail. The fundamental theoretical prediction of a sign change of the T-odd TMDs in the DY and Semi- inclusive DIS (SIDIS) is described. In the following a concise description of the COMPASS apparatus is given with the emphasis on the setup modification needed and implemented for the Drell-Yan measurement performed in 2014 and 2015 with 190 GeV/c2 beam of negative pions and the proton target (polarised in 2015). In the final chapter we present our independent analysis of the DY data taken in 2015. Three azimuthal asymmetries giving access to the different TMD PDF were extracted using the dimuon events from a mass region of 4.3 to 8.5 GeV/c2 . Our results are in agreement...
Gas electron multiplier based photon detection for Cherenkov imaging applications
Krištof, Michal ; Finger, Michael (advisor) ; Procházka, Ivan (referee)
In the thesis we focus on the methods used to detect photons in Ring Imaging Cherenkov detectors, their description and the basics of the physical phenomena which lie behind them. We provide a brief description of the gaseous detector types and we describe the development of the new Thick GEM based detection system for the RICH-1 of the COMPASS experiment. We provide a detailed description of the latest tests and the convoluted route of the research done in the field. We review the ThGEM-based detector performance in comparison to the other methods of detection. Powered by TCPDF (
Particle Identification using Ring Cherenkov Detector Technology at Compass Experiment
Roskot, Michal ; Finger, Michael (advisor) ; Procházka, Ivan (referee)
The presented thesis is dedicated to particle identification in COMPASS RICH-1 experiment which is located in European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). For particle identification Cherenkov radiation is used, which is described in the thesis together with detection principles. Current aim in detector upgrade is replacing a part of Multi Wire Proportional Chambers (MWPC) in peripheral regions of the detection surface by a suitable photon detector so as to guarantee one-photon detection. For this purpose the hybrid photon detector based on THGEM and MicroMegas technologies was developed. The hybrid detector test results are presented in the thesis.
Studies of Drell-Yan process with polarized target at COMPASS
Pešková, Markéta ; Finger, Michael (advisor) ; Procházka, Ivan (referee)
Title: Studies of Drell-Yan process with polarized target at COMPASS Author: Markéta Pešková Department / Institute: Department of Low Temperature Physics Supervisor of the bachelor thesis: M.Sc. Michael Finger, CSc. Abstract: The presented thesis intends to give an introduction into the studies of the spin structure of a nucleon. The knowledge about the structure of nucleon has grown in the last few decades; however, its spin structure is still a mystery. One of the concepts that might help solving this spin puzzle is the polarized Drell-Yan process. This process can give us the access to the spin-dependent structure functions of a nucleon via measuring spin asymmetries. In the following text, an outline of the theoretical background of the semi- inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering and the Drell-Yan is given. The Parton Distribution Functions (PDFs) and the transverse-momentum-dependent PDFs (TMDs) are discussed. And the way of accessing the TMDs via polarized Drell-Yan process is briefly described. This is the goal of the Drell-Yan program at COMPASS experiment, using the transversely polarized target and pion beam in 2014-15. The description of experimental apparatus is given and the system of collecting and processing data is outlined. The data-taking conditions of the 2009 DY beam test and the 2014 DY...

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