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Optimization of ethanol bioproduction from waste materials using SSF method
Filová, Dagmar ; Vránová, Dana (referee) ; Babák, Libor (advisor)
Presented diploma thesis is dealing with the problematics of fuel ethanol production. Relevant basic terminology is explained in the theoretical part, methods of lignocellulose pre-treatments and their conversion to bioethanol are introduced. Attetion is also given to microorganisms used for bioethanol production on industrial scale, as well as analytical instrumental techniques for glucose and ethanol detection. In experimental part, we are focusing on substrate composition analysis – contents of dry matter, cellulose and ash was investigated. Waste paper was chosen as substrate, as it does not find any other use beside recycling these days. Chosen production microorganism, that conversts sugars into etanol was the unknown strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Primal substrate pre-treatment – removal of rigid parts was performed in several physical and physical – chemical ways. Substrate with such pre-treatment was ready for enzymatic hydrolysis, during which monomers from polymer matrix were formed. Ethanol was produced using method of simultaneous saccharification and fermentation, when enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation take place at the same time and the same container.
Hydrogen production by the bacteria of the genus Clostridium
Filová, Dagmar ; Kvasničková, Eva (referee) ; Rittich, Bohuslav (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with hydrogen production using bacteria of Clostridium genus - specifically C. butyricum and C. tyrobutyricum. Theoretical part analyzes means of hydrogen production divided into biological and non - biological methods. Thesis is further aimed at practical use of these microorganisms for hydrogen production purposes and introduces cheese whey as one of utilizable growth medias. In experimental part, there was used polymerase chain reaction for identification of bacteria genus Clostridium and species Clostridium butyricum and Clostridium tyrobutyricum. PCR products were reamplified using the same primers for specifity confirmation purposes. Presence of gene producing hydrogenase A enzyme was proved by PCR, too.

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