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Contribution to arsenic solid phase speciation in soils and mine wastes
Filippi, Michal ; Pertold, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Zeman, Josef (referee) ; Chovan, Martin (referee)
N1ichó] F] ]ppi Abotract Sunrnrar 1, ,tf Dtssertdtron The presentď dlssertat|on attempts to contrlbute to the current know|edge on the arsen|c (As) m|n€ra|og|ca| spec|at|on |n diverse types of so||d materta|s, such as contam|nated solls and mlne wastes. . lntřoductory part of the d|ssértat|on prov|des a geneftr| |ntroduct|on to As chemlca| and physlcal characterlstlcs and to the behavlor In the environment, wlth the maln emphasls on As so||d phase spec|aíon ln so||s and m|ne wast€s. . Next part of thé d|ssertat|on summar|zes and br|efly eva|uates m|nera|ogka| Ínethods to the study of prlmary and secondary As-bearlng phases. The maln alm ts to help wlth better or|ental|on |n the app||cat|on of these methods. The ||terauJre rď|en, showed thát áhhough a rank of modem methods have been developed |n |ast years (HMDF-STEM, AFM, BFM, PÍxE, xAs techn|ques, ND, etc.), there rema|n severá| estab||shď rnethďs (xRD, sEM, etc.) as a startlng step br mlneraloglcal research. Some other group of methods has been found as posslble useful for the study of As solld phase spechtlon (e,9,, RS, DTA, TGA, Vts DRS, VMp), The ma|n part of the d|ssertat|on |s pr€s€nted as a s€t of three papeni on shllar subjccts pub||shed |n scienťflc Journa|s - Env|ronÍrEnta| Cieo|ogy, sc|ence of the Tota| Env|ronrnent and Geoderma, The fu||ow|ng...
Salt precipitation in subsurface zone of sandstone and other porous rocks and simulation of water transport and evaporation
Sommerová, Anna ; Bruthans, Jiří (advisor) ; Filippi, Michal (referee)
The main goal of this thesis was to find and compare salt-forming ions from samples of a subsurface zone of sandstone and other porous rocks. The surveyed samples came from different environments (humid and arid climate) from different locations in the Czech Republic, Jordan and the United States of America. Identification of various types of salt was based on evaluation of chemical analyzes of leached samples. Furthermore a laboratory experiment in which I used a fluorescein dye to observe the capillary rise and evaporation in unsaturated samples of sandstone was carried out. The salt content in the Czech Republic humid environment locations is generally lower than the one in foreign arid climate locations. Halit dominates in the locations Petra and Crystal Peak. In the other locations sulphate minerals dominate. The salts containing aluminum - alums were determined in the Czech Republic in the area of Czech Paradise and the surrounding. Relatively high concentrations of nitrate mineral nitratine were identified in the Devil's Pulpit location in Pilsen, the Czech Republic. From the observation of capillary rising experiments performed with artificially created honeycombs, I conclude that the height of the capillary rise is crucial for the transport of solution, and at a certain capillary height,...
Protein secondary structure prediction using deep neural networks
Filippi, Michal ; Hoksza, David (advisor) ; Matzner, Filip (referee)
Determination of protein structure in space is a crucial part of protein function analysis. But structure determination is an expensive and time consuming pro- cess, therefore structure prediction model raised on popularity. The most notable subproblem of protein structure prediction is prediction of local conformation of the adjacent amino acids, ie. secondary structure. This thesis studies usage of deep neural networks for protein secondary structure prediction. We implemented pre- diction model and different modifications are evaluated. Especially compassion of LSTM and GRU memory cells was done. Furthermore, two new preprocessing me- thods are evaluated. Fast PSSM calculation method was proposed and prediction of tertiary structure was used as input for prediction model. Last part of this thesis examine application of filtering methods for models predicting secondary structure with eight classes. 1
Genetic Programming for Control of Robotic Swarms
Filippi, Michal ; Pilát, Martin (advisor) ; Děchtěrenko, Filip (referee)
Homogeneous robotic swarms are usually controlled by a manually created program. This thesis studies an alternative approach, the possibilities of creating control programs by means of a technique inspired by biological evolution called genetic programming. A simulator of a simple 2D environment was created for this purpose. This allows us to observe and examine newly created control programs for virtual homogeneous robotic swarm. The ability of genetic programming to create control programs is examined on three different scenarios in which the robotic swarm should deal with three different tasks. The thesis also contains the comparison of genetic programming with a technique that use neural network and evolutionary strategies. Powered by TCPDF (
Variability of chemical composition of apatites from alkaline rocks of the Bohemian Massif
Mészárosová, Noemi ; Skála, Roman (advisor) ; Filippi, Michal (referee)
III Summary This thesis is focused on crystal chemistry and crystal structure of apatites from alkaline rock of the Bohemian Massif. Fifteen samples of volcanic rocks, mostly of the Cenozoic age was selected for the study. Sample No. 5 is of the Silurian age. Sample No. 15 originates from volcanic rock of the Cenozoic age from the Slovak Western Carpathians. This sample was chosen for this study due to its substantially different chemical composition. The contents of major and minor elements in apatites were measured on an electron microprobe, the contents of some minor and trace elements were determined by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Selected samples were investigated by cathodoluminescence (CL) spectrometry. Crystal structure of studied apatites was characterized by X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy. It was found that dominant anion at position X is fluorine. The OH content calculated on the basis of the fully occupied position X is significant in some samples. The amount of Cl is generally low. The exception is the sample No. 15 where Cl reached up to 0.6 apfu (Z = 2). Studied apatites contain many substitutions but they are generally of minor extent. Strontium, iron and REE at position M belong to the most common and most important substituents for calcium in...
Formation of realgar at the Mokrsko
Rodovská, Zuzana ; Drahota, Petr (advisor) ; Filippi, Michal (referee)
Summary: Throughout the world there are many places with a high concentration of arsenic in water. In the Czech Republic is such a place the area of Mokrsko, where arsenic in groundwater reaches the values, which are well above recommended limits for drinking water. On the studied locality arsenic is bound to secondary minerals containing iron; however, in the reducing conditions of the fluvial sediments arsenic is bound to newly-formed realgar accumulations associated with organic matter. Aim of this diploma thesis was to characterize realgar from this locality and try to determine the way and conditions of its origin. For the purpose of research, realgar and pore- water have been sampled, using lysimeters and rhizon samplers. Specimen of realgar was characterized by numerous standard techniques (XRD, SEM, TEM, chemical and isotopic composition). Water samples have been analysed for As, F and S species. Analysis of realgar using XRD, SEM and TEM techniques confirmed the presence of nanocrystalline realgar, forming clusters and needle like aggregates. Domination of divalent iron and reduced form of As3+ (4,3-7,3 mg/L) in similar concentrations has been observed within the pore- water samples. The concentration of dissolved sulfide was very low (cca 30 µg/L), on the other hand, content of sulphate was always...
Indium in the environment
Kulakowski, Ondřej ; Drahota, Petr (advisor) ; Filippi, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the presence, bonds and concentration of indium in various spheres of the environment. It presents a comprehensive overview of the distribution of indium in rocks, waters, air and organisms, its concentrations, speciation, mobility and refers to its toxicity. It also provides the basic physical and chemical properties of indium and its compounds, mineralogy and geochemistry. The major Czech and world deposits are reported. At the end it devotes significant world producers of indium, and also mentions recycling procedures of this element. Powered by TCPDF (

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