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Monitoring of Serum Levels of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Interferon Alfa - 2B and Matrixmetalopreinasis 8 and their Prognostic Value for Patients with Malignant Melanoma Undergoing Ajuvant Treatment with High Dose Interferon
Prošvicová, Jarmila ; Filip, Stanislav (advisor) ; Krajsová, Ivana (referee) ; Kiss, Igor (referee)
Background Incidence of malignant melanoma (MM) is rising worldwide. This tumour is immunogenic and angiogenic. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), interferons and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are natural agents with important role both in immunosuppression/stimulation, and angiogenesis. Interestingly, evidence is currently emerging that activation of angiogenesis leads to immunosuppression both at the local and systemic levels. These are very complex and interconnected processes. Mortality of MM is high and depends very much on early detection. Plateau phase on mortality curves we've seen recently in developed countries thanks to early diagnosis, public awareness of skin pigment lesions, emphasis on primary and secondary prevention, and also thanks to new potent drugs. Cornerstone of treatment in MM is surgery, if the tumour is diagnosed early. We can find surgery sufficient and safe only if the tumour hasn't reached angiogenic switch and vertical growing yet. We cannot exclude trend to create metastasis in tumours with Breslow more than 1mm. The same we can say about ulcerated tumours or nodal metastasis. Patients after surgery for MM stage IIB, IIC and III according to AJCC are thought to be high risk. Their risk of recurrence and death is 35-40%. Loco-regional recurrence after...
Changes in cell immune parameterswith focus on NK cells in patients with pancreatic cancer in relation to therapy and depression
Kopecký, Jindřich ; Filip, Stanislav (advisor) ; Vávrová, Jiřina (referee) ; Ćwiertka, Karel (referee)
Changes in cell immune parameters with focus on NK cells in patients with pancreatic cancer in relation to therapy and depression Pancreatic cancer (further PC) is one of the diseases with the greatest malignant potential. Most of patients die within 1 year from diagnosis, and only 2-5 % of patients survive more than 5 years. A major cause of late diagnosis of PC and so his insufficient therapeutic management is due to the late clinical signs of PC. Despite of progress in understanding of the molecular and biological basis of tumor genesis, the prognosis of patients with PC stays during the years unchanged. One of the often clinical signs related with PC is the presence of depressive symptoms or already developed clinically depression. The association of depression and cancer constitutes an important factor affecting the quality of life and can lead to increased morbidity. Even when the relationship between the function of subcortical centers of the brain, immune and endocrine system is known, the role of long-term stress and depression in the homeostasis is often overlooked. The mental health has a great importance for the proper functioning of the immune system from the long term. During the tumor genesis there are activated cytotoxic cells (cytotoxic T lymphocytes and NK cells) and other cell...
Care about non-curable and dying patients on the intensive care unit by nursis
Jansová, Renáta ; Mareš, Jiří (advisor) ; Filip, Stanislav (referee) ; Prchalová, Eva (referee)
Thema of my Bachelour's Paper is care about non-curable and dying patients at the Intensive Care Units. The reason is that I meet these patients nearly everyday when I enter at the Intensive Care Units of all departments. We find references about paliative and terminal care in literature first of all in the connection with oncologic patients. But it is very important to realize that patients also die for many types of other diseases which are serious , hurt and destroy. These patients also have the right to receive a good supporting therapy which helps them to live them from the life without distress and with honor. My Bachelour's Paper consists of two main parts - teoretical and empiric. Teoretical part - first of all this part solves the problem of care about non-curable and dying patients who are in the meantime of the Intensive Care Unit. There are sorted the terms as phases of non-curable disease, symptoms which occur the most during these conditions, pain and its therahy, etic aspects in care about these dying patients. The second part - empiric is devoted how to value nurse personal care about non- curable and dying patients at the Intensive Care Unit from the sight of nurse who work at selected Intensive Care Units of Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové - GMK ICU internal, GMK ICU geriatric,...
Influence of the age and other factors on the cytosol concentration of steroid receptors in breast cancer.
Hanáková, Tereza ; Filip, Stanislav (referee) ; Hochmann, Jiří (advisor)
2 Summary Tereza Hanáková Influence of the age and other factors on the cytosol concentration of steroid receptors in breast cancer Diploma assay Charles university in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Pharmacy In our diploma thesis we analyzed statistically the cytosolic results of estrogen and progesterone receptors (ER a PR) of patients with the breast cancer diagnosis, which we got from the laboratory in Pardubice and Hradec Králové. We compared ER and PR concentrations of premenopausal and postmenopausal patients with the use of different methods of evaluation of age dependence of ER and PR. We used predominantly the methods that exploited the calculations of great number of medians of the neighbouring - mutually overlapping groups of patients. First we marshalled the results in the (programme Excel) table according to the age of patients and we constituted the groups for calculation of the medians from the patients in the mutual neighbourhood. These groups were constituted using the similarity of the patients' age or - on the contrary - by such manner which uses the same number of patients in the groups for medias - the age of which was also similar - but not constantly. The age differences in these groups were greater in such age in which there was the small frequency of arising of such...
The influence of magnetic field of power frequency on the adherence of leukocytes in patients with head and neck cancer
Čoček, Aleš ; Filip, Stanislav (advisor) ; Rosina, Jozef (referee) ; Vávrová, Jiřina (referee)
We know from research conducted to date that magnetic field of low-induction power frequency (50 Hz) increases the in vitro adherence capacity of T lymphocytes in patients with squamous cell larynx/pharynx cancer as well as that of T lymphocytes of voluntary blood donors (control group), towards the surface. The objective of this thesis was to find out if there is a difference between the impacts of low induction values, and to confirm or disconfirm the literary assumption that lower induction values have more pronounced influence on biological systems. At first, we carried out comparative tests of T lymphocyte adherence inhibition in the absence of magnetic field and in the presence of a field with a single set induction value (10mT (n=30), 1 mT ( n=30), 0.5 mT ( n=76), 0.1 mT (n=60), 0.05mT (n=69)). Blood samples from 265 patients were investigated in this way. The control group consisted of T lymphocytes of voluntary blood donors (n=316). As the next stage, T lymphocyte inhibition adherence tests were simultaneously carried out without the presence of magnetic field and with the presence of a field of comparable inductions so as to compare the T lymphocyte ability of one and the same patient (i.e. comparing the adherence capacity without field with that in the presence of a field of 0.1 mT, 0.05...
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Properties and Transplantation Preconditioning Studied by Competitive Repopulation of the Hematopoietic Tissue
Hlobeňová, Tereza ; Šefc, Luděk (advisor) ; Filip, Stanislav (referee) ; Langmeier, Miloš (referee)
Hemopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are primitive cells capable of replacing terminally differentiated cells throughout life. HSCs are defined as pluripotent cells able to give rise to a number of different functional cell types and they posses a huge self-renewal capability. The process during which stem cells give rise to terminally differentiated cells occurs through a number of committed progenitor cells in the bone marrow (BM) microenvironment. The place where HSCs reside in situ is called a niche. Successful bone marrow transplantation (BMT) involves homing, seeding and engraftment of HSCs in the niche. More factors, for instance chemotherapeutics and irradiation, can influence the effect of BMT. There are indices that HSCs differ between fetal and adult life. (...) The B-lymphopoiesis derived from fetal liver remained significantly less sensitive to suppression by estrogen compared to that of adult and neonatal origin. It remained its permanent feature. Exposure of HSCs to the late-stage FL microenvironment seems to be critical and mandatory for gaining later sensitivity to estrogen. Bisphophonates do not affect hematopoiesis in the mouse. They seem to be safe in regard to the effect on hematopoietic tissue in mice.
Experimental bridging of spinal cord injury with hydrogels
Hejčl, Aleš ; Syková, Eva (advisor) ; Rokyta, Richard (referee) ; Filip, Stanislav (referee)
Hydrogels are biomaterials used in the treatment of experimental spinal cord injury (SCI). In a model of acute SCI, we implanted hydrogels based on 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate (HEMA) and hydroxypropylmethacryla-mide (HPMA). One month after implantation the hydrogels bridged the cavity, adhered well to the spinal cord and created permissive environment, infiltrated with blood vessels, axons and Schwann cells. Physical modifications (e.g. surface charge) of hydrogels may improve bridging of acute SCI. We implanted hydrogels based on HEMA with a surface charge in spinal cord hemisection and compared with a hydrogel without charge. Hydrogels with surface charge improved connective tissue adhesion and growth of axons compared to a hydrogel without charge. Biodegradable hydrogels may bridge a lesion followed by complete re-sorption. In a model of acute SCI we implanted hydrogels based on the copolymer of HPMA and etoxyethylmethacrylate (EOMA) degraded from the periphery, which was substituted with new tissue after 1 month, to the center, comprising amorphous residuals of the hydrogel. Delayed hydrogel implantation may improve bridging of spinal cord le-sion. We implanted hydrogels based on HEMA acutely or in a delayed fashion (after 7 days) in spinal cord transection. Delayed implantation re-duced the volume of...
Life Quality of patients after bone marrow transplantation
Dašková, Veronika ; Rybářová, Marie (advisor) ; Pečenková, Jaroslava (referee) ; Filip, Stanislav (referee)
LIFE QUALITY OF PATIENTS AFTER BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION In the year 2005-2006 a research was conducted on the life quality of patients after bone marrow transplantation. The study group involved samples from 41 patients treated with heamatogenous cells transplantation. The research was conducted in the Department of Transplantation of Internal medicine clinics II in the University Hospital in Hradec Kralové. In a theoretical part there were determined some aims which were verified in an empirical part.Likewise another theoretical methods the transplantation affects the further progress of the disease and the life quality connected to it.The out come of the research was to determine the extent of the influence between the disease and the haematogenous cells transplantation on the life quality of the patients. The determinants involved considerations of physical, psychological and also social aspects of the subject.The results of this study demonstrates both positive and negative influence of the respective treatment in the life quality of the patients in their above mentioned fields.

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