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The evaluation of overarm throw in elementary school children using two selected methodologies
Filip, Ondřej ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Komínková, Linda (referee)
Title: The evaluation of overarm throw in elementary school children using two selected methodologies Work objectives: The diploma thesis aim is to determine and assess the level of overarm throw technique in 1st and 2nd grade of elementary school using two different evaluation methods meda by Haywood and Getchell (2014) and Haibach, Reid and Collier (2011). The results of the evaluation of overarm throw by the methodology of Haywood and Getchell (2014) will then be compared with the results of the evaluation of the diploma theses created by Maryšková (2007) and Králová (2014). The sub-objective is to create an overview of the evaluation of product and process of overarm throw and to determine whether the methodology of evaluating the overarm throw according to Haibachová, Reid and Collier (2011) can be applied to children of elementary school in Czech conditions. Methodology: The study involved 70 probands, of which 35 boys and 35 girls, attending 1st and 2nd grade of elementary school. Monitoring the movement level of the overarm throw was realized by the method of participatory observation. Probands conducted three attempts in the defined area. Two digital video cameras were used for recording for more detailed analysis of motion using selected methodologies. The camera was statically placed to...
Zhodnocení vývoje otevřených podílových fondů v České republice formou komparace s vybranými OPF společnosti ISČS a.s.
Filip, Ondřej
Filip, O., Evaluation of development of open-end mutual funds in Czech Republic comparing selected mutual funds managed by ISČS a.s. company. Bachelors thesis. Brno: Mendel university in Brno, 2016. This Bachelors thesis defines collective investing and further compares the per-formance of mutual funds of company Erste Asset Management GmbH, branch Česká republika. The theoretical part deals with the theoretical definition and characteristics of the collective investment and mutual funds. Following practical part of this thesis compares performance of share and bond funds.
Social housing problems
Müller, Erik ; Hlaváček, Michal (advisor) ; Filip, Ondřej (referee)
The motivation of this paper is to explore the assumptions of an effective social policy which is efficient, economical and persistent. The theoretical part is based on comparison of the different realizations of social housing in Europe and in the Czech Republic. New trends from abroad show that the efficiency of resocialization depends on the quality of the social works, which are performed simultaneously with the provision of housing. Nowadays, the role of social housing in a society changes. The instrument of social policy becomes a complex tool that may determine, among other things, high building standards as well as increase general social cohesion. The identified aspects of effectiveness are compared with the new proposal of the Social Housing Act. The innovation is the concept of Housing First, which emphasizes fast provision of dwelling and subsequent individual work with the client. The practical part verifies several hypotheses that led to the formulation of the Act, using econometric models. My goal is to contribute into public discussion by proposing specific innovative approaches. They may lead to the successful reintegration of socially excluded into society. What should be the main goal of social housing.
Recovery duration and its effect on acceleration
Filip, Ondřej ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Červinka, Pavel (referee)
Titel: Recovery duration and its effect on acceleration Objectives: The primary goal was to find out the effect of different recovery duration between sprints of 30 m distance. The secondary goal was to find out what are the views of trainers from different sports sectors on the interval of rest, the nature of the rest, and how they can influence the speed. Methods: Data for the results of my bachelor thesis were obtained by the method of testing and subsequent comparison of repeated speed runs to 4 x 30 m, among which there was a different interval of rest. Measurement was attended by 15 football players of adolescent age. Three groups of soccer players after a classic pre-match warm-up (warm-up, mobilization, and dynamic ballless exercises, ball exercises) have completed two runs of 30 meters, among which rest was 4 minutes. Subsequently, each group had a different recovery duration when GROUP I rested 10 minutes, GROUP II 20 minutes, and GROUP III 40 minutes. After a set recovery interval, the test was to complete a 5 minute run, which contained a shortened version of the special running excersizes and followed by another two runs of 30 meters with a 4 minute interval of rest. In total, 3 measurements were taken, and the groups changed all the intervals with the weekly spacing. Measured values...
The merit order effect of photovoltaic generation in Slovakia
Koščová, Michaela ; Janda, Karel (advisor) ; Filip, Ondřej (referee)
Photovoltaics in Slovakia have been experiencing a fast development in the last years, benefiting from a large support in various forms - be it generous subsidies and guaranteed feed-in tariff or legal preferential treatment. Due to very low - close to zero marginal costs it may appear that the green energy generated by solar power plants is "free" thus we expect a decrease in the wholesale electricity price. Indeed, in several countries the so- called merit order effect has been proven and the spot price of electricity declines thanks to the generation from the photovoltaics and/or other renewable sources. This thesis evaluates the impact of the solar energy penetration into energy mix on spot prices, seeks evidence of the merit order effect in the Slovak electricity market and quantifies it thanks to publicly available data. The multivariate regression analysis takes into consideration the full years 2011-2016. The merit order effect estimated by an OLS time series model is negative, however, the spot price reduction attributable to the photovoltaics is not sufficient for resulting savings to outweigh the costs of the support scheme borne by end users what implies a consumer loss. Keywords: renewable energy sources, photovoltaics, merit order effect, energy sub­ sidies, feed-in tariff 1
Food vs. Fuel: The Role of Bioenergy
Filip, Ondřej ; Janda, Karel (advisor) ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (referee)
This thesis studies the relationship between the first generation biofuels and selected commodities and assets in the USA, Europe, and Brazil. It is the first attempt to combine the taxonomy and wavelet analyses in a single research application. Our unique dataset comprises 32 weekly price series covering the 2003--2015 time period. First, we employ a method of minimum spanning trees and hierarchical trees to model a biofuel-related price network. We demonstrate a development phase shift between Brazilian and the US/EU biofuel industries. We reveal a strong and stable connection between Brazilian ethanol and its main production factor, local sugarcane. We further find that US ethanol is closely linked to corn. In the contrary, European biodiesel exhibits only moderate ties to its production factors. Subsequent wavelet analysis scrutinizes the identified price connections both in time and frequency domains. Both Brazilian and US ethanols are found to be positively related to their respective feedstock commodities. In particular, feedstock proves to lead the price of the biofuel and not vice versa. Moreover, the dynamics remains qualitatively unchanged when controlled for the influence of crude oil.
Distributed Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Games with Team of Cooperative Agents
Filip, Ondřej ; Lisý, Viliam (advisor) ; Majerech, Vladan (referee)
The aim of this work is design, implementation and experimental evaluation of distributed algorithms for planning actions of a team of cooperative autonomous agents. Particular algorithms require different amount of communication. In the work, the related research on Monte-Carlo tree search algorithm, its parallelization and distributability and algorithms for distributed coordination of autonomous agents. Designed algorithms are tested in the environment of the game of Ms Pac-Man. Quality of the algorithms is tested in dependence on computational time, the amount of communication and the robustness against communication failures. Particular algorithms are compared according to these characteristics. Powered by TCPDF (
Treasure islands: the economic analysis of tax havens
Filip, Ondřej ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Adam, Tomáš (referee)
Bachelor Thesis Abstract This thesis strives to introduce a wider notion of tax havens. We alter a traditional paradigm by investigating tax havens' influence on economic performance of other countries. The first part of the thesis copes with issues implied by the absence of a suitable tax haven's definition which results in compiling an inclusive list of havens. Subsequently, we present a data-based description of the identified tax havens with an emphasis on several widely-held assertions. The second part delivers an empirical analysis. It illustrates the role of tax havens as financial intermediaries. We examined whether the volumes of capital flows between non-havens and tax havens correspond to the sizes of the counterpart economies and to their mutual distance. Foremost, we found intensified capital flows between tax havens and large non-haven countries in their close proximity. The thesis concludes by a discussion of results.
Princip bezpečného vzdáleného ovládání zařízení pomocí mobilní aplikace
FILIP, Ondřej
The bachelor thesis deals with designing and describing the principle of secure wireless communication assembled system of heterogeneous devices with developed user mobile application in the context of the use in independent home automation environment. This system device consists of a modular executive unit, which is implemented by using devices from Texas Instruments. It also consists of a server unit, which is used for local communication with executive unit and for external communication with mobile application. Mobile application has basic functions for controlling and monitoring status of the executive unit.
Compact directed acyclic word graph in a sliding window
Filip, Ondřej ; Dvořák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Senft, Martin (referee)
Compact directed acyclic word graph (CDAWG) is the space-efficient version of a text-indexing data structure called suffix tree. The goal of this work is an implementation and comparison of algorithms constructing CDAWG for text in a sliding window. Sliding window is favorable in cases when the index structure cannot be kept in memory for the whole indexed data. One exact move of the sliding window may be performed in linear time with respect to the length of the window. An approximative algorithm requiring only amortized constant time per one move has been developed, too. However, in this thesis, the correctness of this algorithm has been disproved.

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