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Steam turbine for mechanical drives
Zýbal, Jan ; Pospíšil, Lukáš (referee) ; Fiedler, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with steam turbines for mechanical drives. The first part de-scribes a production of steam turbines for mechanical drives in Siemens, s.r.o., Industrial Turbomachinery, subsidiary company in Brno, steam turbine’s components and particular products from company’s portfolio. The second part aims to a thermodynamic calculation and design of turbine’s steam path according to given conditions.
Aerodynamic design of wind turbine
Žabka, Marek ; Fiedler, Jan (referee) ; Škorpík, Jiří (advisor)
This Master’s thesis focuses on the wind turbines. It describes the basic attributes of the wind energy and the wind potential of Slovak Republic, as well as the environmental impact of this sector. Meteorological data for the selected location are processed according to the Weibull distribution and they are used for the aerodynamic design of the wind turbine blades. Aerodynamic design is processed by using two methods. The first is the blade cascade theory, which is used to design prismatic and twist blades. The second method is called the blade element momentum, which is used to design wind turbine but only twist blades are designed by using this theory. Calculated aerodynamic shapes are compared and the best economic solution for the selected location is chosen.
Combi -cycle with Diesel Engine and Steam Turbine
Bouše, Richard ; Kubiš, Richard (referee) ; Fiedler, Jan (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the possibility of increasing efficiency of energy blocks with combustion engines by the combination of the Sabat and Clausius-Rankine cycle into the combined cycle. In the thesis is briefly described the principle of the function of the auxiliary device, which can increase the efficiency of the combustion engine. This device, which consists of a waste heat boiler and two turbine modules, is designed using calculations. Both turbine modules are prepared with drawing documentation and there are described important structural elements. Each key part of the thesis is given by a brief theory, so the basic theory of combustion engines, waste heat boilers and steam turbine are described.
Condensing steam turbine
Vymětalík, Zbyněk ; Fiedler, Jan (referee) ; Kracík, Petr (advisor)
The topic of this diploma thesis is a condensing steam turbine with one regulated steam extraction. The first part contents design and balance of heat scheme. The heat scheme is the basis for the main part of this work, which is the thermodynamic design of the turbine with reaction blades. At the end, the characteristics of the turbine are created. Drawing of the turbine section is attached to this thesis.
Analysis of the steam engine for combined heat and power
Uryč, Jan ; Fiedler, Jan (referee) ; Škorpík, Jiří (advisor)
In some applications, the piston steam engine may be more suitable than the technology currently used. The thesis deals with the analysis of its advantages, weaknesses and possibilities of use, which are offered. Introduces the principles and functions of piston steam engines. It also contains a thermodynamic design based on a specific assignment and a feasibility assessment.
Steam Turbine 300 MW
Veleba, Lukáš ; Kubiš, Zdeněk (referee) ; Fiedler, Jan (advisor)
The Diploma thesis named Steam Turbine 300 MW contains the proposal of the Turboset for the steam section of the gas-steam cycle. There is a calculation of the thermal cycle, and a thermodynamic calculation of the combined high pressure - as well as intermediate pressure and low pressure parts. Strength calculation of particular parts and a check of the critical turbine speed follow on from this. This thesis includes a drawing of the cross-section of HP-IP and partial operations. My thesis has been commissioned by Doosan Škoda Power.
Aerodynamic design of the last stage of a steam turbine
Jeřábek, Lukáš ; Fiedler, Jan (referee) ; Kracík, Petr (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with calculations of a steam turbine with two uncontrolled extraction points according to the assignment, aerodynamics of the last two stages and operating range with respect to ventilation, range of performance and straining of the last blading under the large condensation pressure deviations. For the first three stages the calculation of prismatic action blades is executed. The fourth and the fifth stages are designed with inconstant reaction over the blades length and their calculation is executed with constant circulation method. For these stages, aerofoil design with respect to their aerodynamic qualities is carried out using Bézier curves. During the whole time verification process of aerofoils qualities, their energy losses and isoentropic Mach number distribution is executed in MISES program in cooperation with Doosan Škoda Power.
Steam Turbine for Waste to Energy
Hodonský, Lukáš ; Kracík, Petr (referee) ; Fiedler, Jan (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of the steam turbine for a waste incinerator. First, the concept and design of the machine is discussed. Following part is the steam turbine thermodynamics calculation, which is the main part of the thesis. My work also contains calculation of axial force and a simplified calculation of the gearbox. The design sections of individual modules and drawing of a disposition of a steam turbine are made on the based of the calculation.
Wind energy power plant
Kotrnetzová, Daniela ; Fiedler, Jan (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis describes wind power plants with focus on specific type of power plant. The trends of wind turbines in the world and in the Czech Republic are briefly described. Part of the thesis is the calculation of wind power plants, according to the selected type, which is located in the site of Prosiměřice in Znojmo. Calculation using RETScreen programme was also used.
Differences in Oxidation Mechanism of Selected Bioflavonoids, UV-Vis and IR Spectroelectrochemical Study
Sokolová, Romana ; Fiedler, Jan ; Ramešová, Šárka ; Kocábová, Jana ; Degano, I. ; Quinto, A. ; Křen, Vladimír
The oxidation of selected bioflavonoids (quercetin, rhamnazin, fisetin, rhamnetin, taxifolin, luteolin, silybin and 2,3-dehydrosilybin) was studied by electrochemical and spectroscopic methods. The oxidation mechanism and formation of oxidation products depends on the chemical structure. Only small differences in the chemical structure of compounds with flavone, flavanone and flavonol motif result in extremely variable oxidation pathways and products. Products of oxidation and further decomposition were determined by HPLC-ESIMS/MS and HPLC-DAD.

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