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The Business Plan for the Establishment of Riding Resort in Vysočina
Vaňková, Klára ; Fialová, Kristýna (referee) ; Bumberová, Veronika (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with processing of business plan to establish new riding resort in Vysočina. The first chapter defines terms connected with business, theme of riding, analytics methods and tools, especially the structure description and business plan terms. The second part focuses on analysis of own resources and capabilities, analysis external and internal business environment includes primary marketing research. On the basis of these analyzes, in the third chapter, there is the complete business plan processed to establish new riding resort in Vysočina.
Struktura veřejných zakázek
Fialová, Kristýna
Tento článek pojednává o struktuře veřejných zakázek a hlavním cílem zmíněného článku je klasifikovat veřejné zakázky v České republice tak, aby bylo možné založit konkrétní výzkum v rámci disertační práce. Veřejné zakázky se člení jednak podle předmětu plnění na veřejné zakázky na dodávky, veřejné zakázky na služby a veřejné zakázky na stavební práce, tak podle předpokládané hodnoty. Rozlišujeme veřejné zakázky malého rozsahu, podlimitní veřejné zakázky a nadlimitní veřejné zakázky.
Use of unmanned aerial vehicles for precision agriculture
Fialová, Kateřina ; Matějíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Brůna, Josef (referee)
6 Abstract This bachelor thesis deals with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in precision agriculture. UAVs are one of the many tools used in Earth remote sensing (RS), their task is to monitor object without physical contact. Over the past 20 years, UAVs have been expanding in a wide variety of areas, massively in precision agriculture. This thesis compares the UAV with the classical means of RS and through demonstrations of real UAV deployment in selected case studies - Applications of Low Altitude Remote Sensing in Agriculture, Weed Mapping using Object-Based Analysis of UAV images, Low-altitude, high- resolution aerial imaging systems for row and field crop phenotyping and Estimating Biomass using Crop Surface Models show wide possibilities of data collection, processing and evaluation, covering the full spectrum of important information usable in precision agriculture. UAVs and their use in precision agriculture is an area that is expected to expand dynamically and which, compared to standard data collection, only positives. The greatest advantage is immense flexibility in terms of both deployment and sensor layout, high accuracy of data acquisition, ease of operation, affordability and, consequently, the availability of software specialized in processing such data. The only possible...
Minimum wage : theory, policies and economic consequences in the Czech Republic
Fialová, Kamila ; Erbenová, Michaela (advisor)
Minimum wage is a highly controversial instrument of labour market policies. Economic theorists have not reached a broad consensus regarding its consequences so far. The same situation applies to empirical research. Nevertheless, minimum wage is used in many developed countries and its utilization is recommended by different international organizations Advocates of minimum wage seek arguments mainly in decreasing poverty of low income individuals, reducing income disparities, motivation of low productive workers and making work pay. However noble these goals might be, minimum wage would not be an effective tool to promote them as it might increase only incomes of those individuals who work. Moreover, introducing and increasing minimum wage might represent a large burden for employers who might decide to fire workers, whose productivity would not reach the minimum wage. To the extent in which these negative consequences would occur, potential benefits for working poor would be limited. The thesis summarises the results of various economic concepts of minimum wage, empirical studies of its consequences and international trends in approaching of this issue. Consecutively, it presents an analysis of the minimum wage development in the Czech Republic since its introduction in 1991 and of the impact of...
Nábytek pro seniory
Fialová, Karolína
Master's thesis deals with furniture for the elderly. The goal is analysis of elderly furniture. The begining of the thesis is about demography and about important information regarding elderly, their habitation, psychology, health and furniture features. Next, the thesis deals with market research. Survey in retirement homes has the goal find out features about furniture in retirement homes and find out information from clients and nursing personnel about satisfaction with furniture and requirements for furniture. In the end of thesis the informations are completely evaluate and used for create missing furniture element and create informative handout.
Application of unmanned aerial vehicles in environmental data collection
Fialová, Kateřina ; Matějíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Müllerová, Jana (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the description of development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the context of the natural sciences. Firstly there are given general existing knowledge about these technologies further, it focuses directly on their use in environmental sciences. From commercial mapping field to the scientific research of various measurement. The major use is mapping by using multi- spectral cameras or measuring by various special sensors. The second part focuses on specific projects related to the use of UAVs. This part is a professional research indicating the scientific references, specific projects and current information obtained by using the Internet. There is also an assessment of the usability of the data obtained for data processing in GIS. The third final part contains some selected case studies to demonstrate the use of these resources to collect environmental data. Data for the case studies was provided free of charge by company engaged in the deployment of UAVs in cooperation with scientific institutions and universities.
Essays on Public Finance
Lichard, Tomáš ; Hanousek, Jan (advisor) ; Palda, Filip (referee) ; Fialová, Kamila (referee)
This dissertation analyzes two presently widely discussed topics in Public Finance: relationship between the shadow economy and tax policy, and the effect of financial transaction taxes on the functioning of financial markets. The first chapter describes presently used estimators of the size of the shadow economy, with a focus on microeconomic estimators. It illustrates problems with assumptions that a vast majority of recent studies use to identify underreporting (mainly the comparison of employed and self-employed) using data from four transition economies as an example. It shows that the most common assumption, that self-employed evade whereas employees do not is probably too strict in less compliant economies, where even employees have opportunities to evade through e.g. under-the-table wages or by moonlighting at unreported jobs. The second chapter develops an estimator of unreported income that relaxes some of these strict assumptions. Assuming only that tax-evading households have a higher consumption- income gap than non-evaders in surveys, an endogenous switching model with unknown sample separation enables the estimation of both the probability of hiding income and the expected amount of unreported income for each household. Using data from Czech and Slovak household...
Protected areas and protective zones of nature and landscape
Fialová, Kristýna ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with protected areas and protective zones of nature and landscape in environmental law. The main themes are National Parks and Protected Landscape Areas. The thesis is divided into eight thematically connected chapters. It deals with international, European and national sources of law. It describes basic characteristics of protected areas; deals with declaring protected areas, protective conditions and other ways of their protection. The separate sections are focus on the system NATURA 2000, Natural Park, Temporarily Protected Area and protective zones. The goal of this thesis is to analyze the law regulation of the land protection and highlight the problems of some institutes
Implementation of nursing practice standards in Nachod Regional Hospital
Fialová, Kateřina ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Slanina, Petr (referee)
8 ABSTRACT Title: Implementation of nursing practice standards in Nachod Regional Hospital Author: Kateřina Fialová Department: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Management and Supervision in Social and Health Organisations Supervisor: Mgr. Petr Vrzáček, Department of Management and Supervision in Social and Health Organisations The focus of the thesis was development and especially implementation of nursing practice standards as well as exploration of non-medical health professionals' attitudes towards this process in Nachod Regional Hospital. The theoretical part clarified the concept of quality, standard, audit, accreditation, certification and also addressed the role of health and nursing care management in quality control. The practical part was divided into three research sections. The first one diagnosed nursing practice standards, their prototype version above all. The findings from this diagnosis provided two recommendations - to revise current version of methodology for standard process creation and to start changing health professionals' attitudes towards standards and standardization of nursing practice. The quantitative research in the second section analysed in detail attitudes and motivation of non-medical health professionals to make the development...

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