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Specific development of second homes in a protected area on the example of tramp communes in the Bohemian Paradise
Brandejská, Tereza ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Jehlička, Petr (referee)
Tramping is perceived as a unique Czech cultural phenomenon that belongs to the subject of geographical research of second homes. The master thesis covers the character and evolution of tramping in Nature Reserve Podtrosecká údolí and its close surroundings. Nature Reserve Podtrosecká údolí is a part of Český ráj, the first large scale protected area in former Czechoslovakia. The thesis primarily focuses on the history of tramp communes, especially the establishment of tramp cottages in the researched area and analyzes the history of the settlements during 20th century to this day within the context of tramping movement as well as second home phenomenon as such. Apart from that, the thesis discusses the evolution of tramping communities from tramps-settlers to cottagers-vacationers. The theoretical part of the thesis presents the significance of social relationships and possible tangible as well as intangible communitarian cultural traits. Tramping is a subculture with multiple distinct communities in several geographical areas. Furthermore, the theoretical part includes the environmental protection - both formal that is driven by governmental driven as well as informal that includes many tramps. The practical part is chronologically ordered from the early beginning of tramping movement until...
Midlochová, Andrea ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Šauer, Martin (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with the concept of geoparks, which rapidly expand worldwide as a tool for sustainable development. This paper is focused on the socio-economic and educational function of geoparks and their management. The concept of geoparks, geoturism, heritage and its interpretation is generally discused, complemented by findings from practical researches. These researches are used to create an overview of methods, which are used in sociogeographical researches of geoparks. In practical terms are used qualitative methods, which identify and evaluate the overall functioning of the National Geopark Ralsko and its socio-economic and educational impacts. The main actors in the area are identified by document analysis and direct field observation and the geopark's education and interpretation of the local heritage is evaluated hrough. The main part of the research is semi-structured interviews with the actors in the territory. Based on these interview is evaluated management of this geopark, understanding and attitude towards the geopark and the functioning of the whole area. Several barriers to the development of the region and the Geopark have been identified. These barriers are are discussed with the theory. Local actors also have proposed concrete steps to improve the functioning of the area...
Tourism in the Šumava Mountains
Lišková, Lenka ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Kopp, Jan (referee)
Key words: National park Šumava, sustainability of tourism, guide activities, visitor centers The presented thesis is focused on activities offered by the National Park Šumava to its tourists. The chosen area is specified in the theoretical part. This part also deals with important related to terms on the issue. One of the significant concept is sustainability of tourism. The selected activities are presented in the practical part of this thesis. They were determined by the field research. The main points are visitor centers, guide activities or temporary overnight camp sites. The results are based on statistical data of the National Park Šumava, field research and questioning of visitors and residents of the Šumava Mountains. The whole practical part is accompanied by the professional opinion of members of the National park Šumava.
The phenomenon of shared accommodation and its impact on residents
Štěpánová, Anna ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Marianovská, Veronika (referee)
THE PHENOMENON OF SHARED ACCOMMODATION AND ITS IMPACT ON RESIDENTS Abstract Web service Airbnb, starting its operation since 2008, arranges short-term rentals for turists in resident place. During ten years of its existence there has been huge Airbnb expansion all over the world. Number of problems has appeared and has affected not only on a life of residents. Current service operation has already diverged from the principles of sharing economy upon which it was established and it rather remains uncontrolled business activity. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to capture the functioning of Airbnb in selected foreign metropolis and to present approved regulatory steps at these localities. Then the current situation of shared accommodation market in Prague is presented and discussion over legistation proposals is shown. Using the semistructured interviews, the research was made in Prague district Vinohrady with the aim of analyzing residents'opinion on accommodated guests in their apartment block. Research shows that Airbnb guests affect negatively the quality of residental life especially due to their noisier behaviour. key words: Airbnb, shared economy, shared accomodation, impact on residents, regulations, Prague
Literary tourism in Czechia
Ulrychová, Tereza ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Kotíková, Halina (referee)
The aim of the thesis was to clarify the role of literary tourism in Czechia and to evaluate its potential and possible uses. After that, a comparison based on foreign literature and sources was made between Czechia and other countries. The places selected in this thesis have a link to the life or work of a prominent Czech writer and seek to develop literary tourism, promote literature, attract visitors, etc. These are places where the writer's birthplace is open to the public and where museums with an exhibition focusing on that writer and the writer's works have been created and where literary festivals or other thematic events are organized etc. These places were approached with the offer of being involved in the making of a game called "Build your world" and a newly created smaller competition "In the footsteps of our writers". Collector magnets have been created for those who have agreed to be involved in these games. These magnets serve as a means to support the development of literary tourism in the Czech Republic and involve local actors in a nationwide event, which will raise awareness both of important writers and of the places associated with them. Very often the places involved are less visited ones. Key words: tourism, literary tourism, potential, Build your world, In the footsteps of...
The Links between Various Providers of Tourism in the Western Šumava
Kohoutová, Eva ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Novotná, Markéta (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the links between various providers of tourism in the locality of Western Šumava. The research is focused on municipalities and selected entities operating in the Šumava National Park, the aim of this work being to evaluate the level of destination management based on cooperation between municipalities or between municipalities and individual actors in tourism. Destination management in the defined area is characterized in more detail by analyzing the activities of individual actors in tourism. This thesis evaluates the influence of provider activity, administrative boundaries, geographical distance and organizational structure on the origins and function of destination management. Levels of cooperation are analyzed by using a questionnaire survey. The result of the work is an evaluation of the importance of various providers based on their degree of inter-cooperation and a proposal for future streamlining the process of destination management for current and emerging destination companies in the western part of the Šumava. Key words: tourism management, network theory, destination, rural tourism, Šumava
Changes in tourist offer in the regions of the Czechia in the years 2009-2018 based on the COT magazine
Nekola, Petr ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Nekolný, Lukáš (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find out the changes in tourist offer and tourist products in the regions of the Czechia in 2009-2018. The definitions of tourism, the potential of tourism, the risk factors for tourism and the trends in tourism are presented and compared. An analysis of typology and forms of tourism is carried out based on the research of COT articles using simple descriptive statistics and graphic representations in the word clouds method. The distribution of regional differentiation of forms of tourism is based on the analysis of common topics in the COT magazine for individual years. The main finding is that tourist offer changes over time, but some forms and themes are repeated, such as urban tourism, active holidays, tourism projects, spa tourism, domestic and inbound tourism. Key words - regions of the Czechia, offer, products, tourism.
Extinct settlements as a potencional of tourism in the Bohemian Forest Protected Landscape Area
Koch, Jan ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Kopp, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis analyzes the potential of tourism in the Bohemian Forest Protected Landscape Area based on the point assessment of selected implementation factors. It examines the role they play in the final potential of the extinct settlements that are located 60 in the area. These settlements are categorized on the basis of the original population, the seat of the site and the visible remains. In detail, 10 of these settlements are selected, selected on the basis of their importance in the past and present. Their location, history and current status are described. The work uses graphs, tables, maps and own photos taken during the field survey. Former settlements in their present form do not have much influence on the overall potential of tourism in the area under consideration, but in some localities it is possible to increase the potential, for example, through the use of educational trails using the forms of local heritage interpretation (just represented by these sites). These are designed in the diploma thesis.
Evaluation of the impacts of tourism projects in LAG Šumavsko
Kotousová, Eliška ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Klufová, Renata (referee)
This diploma thesis aims at evaluating the impacts of specific tourism projects implemented in LAG Šumavsko. The main theme of the thesis is to focus on the achievement of the objectives of the projects, their subsequent sustainability, functionality, sense and their perception by the applicant and local citizens. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on defining basic concepts, terms and areas related to the evaluated projects. In the practical part of the work, attention is first focused on LAG Šumavsko, further there are described the resolved projects and their subsequent evaluation. The basis for the evaluation of the projects was the conducted interviews with the applicant and selected people from the public. Key words: tourism, local action group, projects, regional development, Šumava
Extinct villages as a potencional of tourism in the Bohemian Forest Protected Landscape Area
Koch, Jan ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Kopp, Jan (referee)
Key words: potential, extinct villages, Bohemian Forest, tourism This diploma thesis deals with the potential of tourism in the Protected Landscape Area of Bohemian Forest based on evaluation of localization and two chosen implementation factors. First of all, it examines the importance of the resulting potential of a extinct villages in this area. A total of 60 extinct villages are located in the area of interest in the districts of Domažlice and Tachov. Their location, history, population development and current status and information awareness have been studied. In the area of interest are presented its basic geographic characteristics as well as tourism facilities with realization factors. The text of the work is supplemented with tables, graphs, map outputs and also with the actual photographs taken by the extinct municipalities, which are listed in the annexes. The diploma thesis brought the following findings: the extinct villages have little influence on the overall potential of tourism in the Bohemian Forest Protected Landscape Area, but rather only on some local areas, there are no trails that would devote exclusively to the extinct villages in places where their high concentration. In the final discussion, therefore, three routes of potential educational trails for extinct villages are...

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