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Investigation of new catalysts for polymer membrane fuel cells
Fiala, Roman ; Matolín, Vladimír (advisor) ; Bystroň, Tomáš (referee) ; Napporn, Teko Wilhelmin (referee)
Fuel cells are a promising alternate power source of electricity. Despite of sig- nificant improvement that was reached by research throughout recent decades, the technology is not still ready to large scale commercial use. The catalyst of fuel cell (FC) should be still investigated due to fact that the only reliable functional catalyst is Platinum, a noble and expensive metal, which makes the use of this technology not competitive. In this thesis, investigation of Platinum doped ceria catalyst and its modification prepared by physical technique of deposition which is magnetron sputtering is presented. The catalyst was studied using standard sur- face analytic techniques (PES, SEM, AFM, XANES) as well as electrochemical measurement (CV, PEIS). The principal part of this thesis reports direct analyses of catalyst in fuel cell using an individually designed fuel cell test station. Con- sidering the high power density (PD) about 1 W cm−2 and substantially higher specific power per gram of Platinum (SP) 1.6 kW mg−1 in comparison with com- mercial Pt-Ru/Pt-C reference catalyst and additionally the relatively longtime stability, the sputtered Platinum doped cerium oxide based catalyst was found a suitable catalyst for PEM FC. Moreover, possible substitution of Pt and CeO2 by other elements was shown. Beside of...
Strategic Analysis of an Enterprise
Kökényová, Kateřina ; Fiala, Roman (advisor) ; Tyráček, Petr (referee)
The aim of diploma thesis Strategic analysis of company is comprehensive analysis of current state of TIPAFROST a.s. The theorotical part of diploma is devoted to describing basic concepts of strategic management and especially analyses of external and internal environment. In practical part are applied theoretical knowledges to develop above mentioned analyses. The resultant factors are enroled in the SWOT analysis when their strenght and position in the company is evaluated using IFE and EFE matrix. The results are summarized in the TOWS matrix that makes the company's proposed strategic approach. The chosen strategy and particular recommendations for the future development serves the company's management.
Business Plan
Juranová, Petra ; Fiala, Roman (advisor) ; Kozáková, Petra (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to create a business plan for establishing a bistro. In the beginning the thesis deals with entrepreneurship in general, with business plan requirements, and then with the business plan itself, based on the study of expert literature. Part of the plan is an analysis of the internal and external environment, financial plan and marketing plan. The conclusion of the thesis is whether the establishment of the bistro is feasible, cost-effective and financially sustainable. The thesis should be a basis and support in the implementation of this business plan.
Business Plan
Kůta, Martin ; Fiala, Roman (advisor) ; Hedija, Veronika (referee)
This thesis is focused on the composition of a business plan for a company concerned with regular cleaning of common rooms in apartment houses. The aim of this thesis is to determine the potential of the company in terms of its further development, and under which conditions can this development be kept. Theoretical findings from the entrepreneurial field, and practical experience, findings or analyses were used to evaluate these aims. The overall output would be a concrete identification of the relevant conclusions for this thesis.
The Financial Situation of HC Dukla Jihlava
Kříženecká, Monika ; Kozáková, Petra (advisor) ; Fiala, Roman (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe and evaluate the financial situation of HC Dukla Jihlava s.r.o. Not only through financial analysis but also by comparison with other sports clubs. I am following the club's situation for the period from 1 May 2010 to 30 April 2016. The result of my work will be the assessment of the situation on the basis of these financial analyzes and PESTEL analysis and the subsequent determination of recommendations for improvement of the situation.
Strategic Analysis of an Enterprise
Míka, David ; Fiala, Roman (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with strategic analysis and its practical application to company Pavel Míka-Faliko. The theoretical part describes basic strategic concepts and strategic analyzes that I have decided to apply in my work. At the beginning of the practical part, I present the analyzed company and continue with the division of the practical part into two parts, where I analyze especially the internal and external environment of the company. Based on the results of the analyzes, I use other strategic methods to generate a suitable alternative strategy and suggestions for streamlining the organization's operation. The conclusion contain summary of findings and recommendations.
Corporate Social Responsibility of Firms in Practice
Stachová, Šárka ; Fiala, Roman (advisor)
The diploma thesis evaluates the concept of corporate social responsibility(CSR), and its use in practice in selected companies. At the beginning of the thesis are defined the theoretical starting points of the thesis. One of the benefits of the CSR concept is an increase of competitiveness that will help company Bel to meet the strategic goal they set for 2025. In the practical part, the CSR activities in Bel are reviewed and compared with the biggest competitor company Savencia. On the basis of their comparison, the author proposes recommendations for possible improvements and development of CSR activities at Bel.
Business Plan
Krajčovič, Tomáš ; Fiala, Roman (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on a composition of the business plan, which serves as a basis for establishing car sharing company. The thesis is consisted of three main parts, part theoretical, methodological and practical. The main purpose of the theoretical-methodological part is to explain the role, importance, structure and recommended process of designing business plans. Theoretical-methodological part also contains description of the tools of situation analysis, which are used in the practical part. The main goal of the thesis is to draw up the business plan of a fictitious company Sdílej auto, s.r.o., which operates on a market with car sharing services. In this part the basic market research was done, including PESTE analysis, Porter's five forces analysis and SWOT analysis, which allows to understand and evaluate the business environment. The practical feasibility of the plan is verified by financial plan.
Strategic Analysis of TKZ Polná, Ltd.
Jouklová, Dagmar ; Fiala, Roman (advisor)
The aim of this thesis, which is titled Strategic Analysis of TKZ Polná, Ltd. is to perform a strategic analysis in this company and then suggest some possible recommendations. The theoretical part presents analytical methods and tools, which are suitable for analysis of the internal and external environment of the company. In the practical part, these methods are applied to the company. The analysis results from the practical part are then summarized in the SWOT analysis, where the individual factors are evaluated using the EFE and IFE matrix. The values from these matrices are recorded in the TOWS matrix, which allows to suggest possible strategic recommendations or new strategies for future development of the company.

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