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Proselyting in first-contact situations
Sherman, Tamah ; Nekvapil, Jiří (advisor) ; Ferenčík, Milan (referee) ; Čmejrková, Světla (referee)
This study explores the process of proselyting as methodically accomplished, learned, continually developed in particular situations, and reflected by American Mormon missionaries in the Czech Republic. The analysis is guided by four research questions: 1) How do missionaries "do" proselyting such that it is recognizable to them for what it is? 2) What interactional work constitutes this process, and how is this work done through the interplay of the organization of sequence, preference, topic and category? 3) How do the participants in these proselyting situations make relevant the given setting, in this case characterized by the contact between Czech (local) and American (foreign) languages and cultures? 4) How do the individual missionaries and their church "behave toward language", i.e. how do they manage language and cultural competence and their manifestations through and for the purpose of engaging in proselyting interactions? Recorded and transcribed first-contact public proselyting situations are used as the primary data in this study, supported to a lesser degree by participant observation, field notes, so-called interaction and follow-up interviews, and document analysis. Ethnomethodology, or the study of members' methods for producing and recognizing features of talk, activities, or settings, is...
The role of "silence" in child second language interaction
Sieglová, Dagmar ; Nekvapil, Jiří (advisor) ; Čmejrková, Světla (referee) ; Ferenčík, Milan (referee)
This dissertation elaborates on the topic of second language interaction while addressing dilemmas of the relationship between the two distinctive, yet interdependent disciplines - second language acquisition (SLA) and conversation analysis (CA). The main attention is devoted to the role of 'silence' in child SLA. While the acquisition of second languages has been a prominent topic of research across linguistic disciplines, most SLA oriented studies are primarily focused on the learner's language development. The time preceding the onset of talk, generally called the 'silent period', thus, has received only a minor attention. It is predominantly the methodology based on cognitive and psycho linguistic traditions that restricts the SLA research to generative views, that is, focused on linguistic issues in isolation from other contextual aspects. Such an approach misinterprets a 'silent' learner as a rather passive, uncreative, routine or an imitating communicator. Conversation analysis (CA) methodology, on the other hand, focused on contextual aspects of talk-in-interaction than on the language itself, can take the notion of 'silence' within the SLA out of its linguistic isolation. This project shows that seen through the lens of CA, 'silence' can serve as an efficient and resourceful child second language...
Low Molecular Weight Volatile Organochlorine Compounds from Natural and Anthropogenically Influenced Ecosystems
Forczek, Sándor ; Holík, Josef ; Rederer, L. ; Ferenčík, M.
In the biogeochemical cycle of chlorine, chlorinated compounds participate in natural and\nanthropogenically influenced processes forming also compounds, which can be identical to\nchlorinated pollutants and determine by AOX (adsorbable organic halogens) method. Volatile\norganochlorines are in the center of interest due to their toxicity and possible role in degradation of\natmospheric ozone. Some volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons are both reactive and toxic, such as\nchloroform, which also has natural and anthropogenic sources and can be formed in abiotic and\nbiotic processes. In this study the occurrence of chloroform and AOX is determined in a natural\nclean environment at the Hamry water reservoir, Czech Republic. Furthermore, AOX and\nchloroform concentrations will be evaluated in correlation with meteorological and physicochemical\nconditions of water.
Marketing services in company FERENČÍK Ltd.
Ferenčík, Michal ; Kozlová, Taťána (advisor) ; Šmerda, Štěpán (referee)
The thesis in the first part deals with marketing and marketing mix of services. Then briefly explains the procedures for creating a SWOT analysis. The first part of theoretical information ends with the marketing communication mix. In the second part there are theoretical information used for analysing the company Ferenčík Ltd. The thesis made a SWOT analysis focused on communication with customers. After the analysis there are made the proposals for improving communication with customers.

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