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The development of real estate ownership to Kroměříž District
Scheichenost, Jan ; Fencl, Petr (referee) ; Plánka, Ladislav (advisor)
This thesis is concerned with the development of property in eight cadastral communities in the Kroměříž District which are uniformly called “Zdounecko”. It concerns a concise history of land evidence and the main periods of the great property shifts since the time of the stable cadastre. The thesis is concerned with the making and the export of a complex of thematic maps with the development of property in the area of interest. A special chapter is dedicated to simple statistical figures about big property units in the area of interest.
Dynamics and affects of farming Krivoklat's forests from the mid 18th century to 1939.
Skopeček, Jan ; Fencl, Petr (referee) ; Matoušek, Václav (advisor)
Dissertation is focusing mainly on woods history in region Krivoklat in industrialization and industrial revolution period (half of 18th cetnury - year 1939). Besides coal and steel, the important raw material used in epoch of industrialization was a wood, that contributed to Krivoklat estate and Krumlov domain blossom. In dissertation I compare this two regions in light of management with local forests. In Krivoklat region, there was wood for the most part utilized by industrial enterprises situated in estate area. In Krumlov region, there was wood utilized largerly on export.
Methodology for processing plan documentation
Fencl, Petr
The presented methodology solves a clearly defined task - processing plan documentation for a given volume number in a limited time frame and limited financial resources. Because it is 94% of plans on tracing paper, we can take the whole process as the processing of the registry and archives of his last contact with the printing device - ie the scanner. The methodology aims to describe the process from collection matrices to final storage in the archive. Considerations in determining the progress of the work and the decision-making process is very important for solving complexity. For example, typically stored on archival break them individually in a paper sleeve / pocket / with a description and identification number on the carton. In our case for the 6500 format, I need 6500 sheets of sufficient size eg. 70 g / m2. This amount is two pallets of paper with a height of about 80 cm. That means the material 1.6 m in height. When transferred to a pocket, it is already 3.2 m. When you insert the matrix and stored without tying palette brings tripled - that is almost 10 m in height material.
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City of Kroměříž on the maps - development and perspectives
Scheichenost, Jan ; Fencl, Petr (referee) ; Plánka, Ladislav (advisor)
The thesis deals with the projection of the town of Kroměříž on maps with topographical and cadastral contents. The work dedicates placing on the oldest maps of Moravia and on the more recent and contemporary topographical and cadastral maps concerning both the national map work and the commercial maps from various resources including the private ones. It is also concentrated on the town plans and veduts. A special chapter is dedicated to perspectives of the town in form of the municipal plan.

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