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Influence of fire disturbance on the heathland vegetation in the Protected Landscape Area Brdy.
Pánková, Karolína ; Adámek, Martin (advisor) ; Fabšičová, Martina (referee)
of the thesis Heathlands are an unique semi-natural element of European landscape, which historically evolved under continuous man land-use pressure. In conditions of our country, this biotope is relatively rare in occurrence and small in area. In the former military training zone Brdy, Protected landscape area nowadays, there are heathlands of great extent developed due to deforestration and history of fires and mechanical disturbances of the soil surface and vegetation, which used to accompany military trainings. After the termination of military use of the locality, there is a risk of gradual degradation of the biotope caused by tree encroachment, litter accumulation which inhibits generative regeneration of the heath, and degeneration of the heath itself. This thesis aism to entangle influence of the fire on the heathland vegetation in the area with special attention given to vitality and structure of heath stands. The fieldwork was focused on the dynamics and species composition of the vegetation, including bryophytes and lichens, separately on the long-term scale (up to 80 years) and the short-term scale (permanent plots in the recently burnt vegetation). Experimental part of the thesis tested germination of the seeds from Brdy area under the conditions of fire and with presence of different...
Three years long investigation of fishpond Dehtář - first fishpond in the NETLAKE COST action project
Potužák, Jan ; Šumberová, Kateřina ; Fránková, Markéta ; Fabšičová, Martina ; Ducháček, M. ; Císař, K. ; Duras, J.
In 2014–2016 we monitored basic environmental parameters in the fishpond Dehtář near České Budějovice (Czech Republic) using system of sensors. Among other parametres we studied for instance water chemistry and phyto- and zooplankton community biomass, and species composition. Thank to the method used we recorded strong fluctuations in some of the environmental parameters, parrticularly in oxygen concentrations. Thank to the integration of the auomatic high frequency monitoring using the sensor system along with traditional research methods we were able to interpret the marked ecosystem changes. Several factors participated in the several days long oxygen depletion: warm and calm weather, later interchanged by cold front accompanied with mixing of water column and cloudy sky, fish farming management (high amount of nutrients related to manuring) and changes in biomass of phytoplancton (fast decomposition of high biomass amount of cyanobacteria). Our results enable to prevent similar situations in future, by e.g. lowering of nutrient input.
Vegetation succession on fallows in Podyjí National Park - small-area management of abandoned sites
Entová, Martina ; Fabšičová, Martina (advisor) ; Karlík, Petr (referee)
The main aim of the thesis was to describe the succession of several abandoned fields under ploughing and discuss ploughing as a possible management for establishing and maintaining species-rich communities of fallows. Actual vegetation, its development over time and soil seed bank were studied. Experimental small-area ploughing was established at five abandoned fields in the southeastern part of the Podyjí National Park. Three strips with different types of management were founded: A) strip ploughed each year, B) strip ploughed once at the beginning of the experiment, C) control meadow without intervention. Vegetation development was evaluated through a series of relèves recorded during the years 2009-2012. The species composition of the seed bank was described using the seedling-emergence method and subsequent elutriation of soil samples. Similarity indexes, Longevity index (LI) and concept of RCS strategies were used. The vegetation of each-year plowed sites (A) consisted mostly of annual weeds and ruderal species with R-strategy and high LI. Grassland vegetation (C) consisted mostly of grasses and perennial herbs with C-strategy and lower LI. The vegetation of older fallows (B) was at first most similar to one-year fallow (A), but during the 4 years of succession has moved closer to the meadow...
Vegetation dynamics on fallows
Entová, Martina ; Procházka, Tomáš (referee) ; Fabšičová, Martina (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is concerned with problems of abandoned fields. Fields are very important ecosystem for mankind. Abandonment of agricultural land and formation of fallows happend in last decades. Social and political changes can be the reason of fields abandonment as well as economical changes or changes in ecological conditions. The fallows are good model for secondary succession studies, but they can have many other funcitons in a land. Succession doesn't always proceeded in the same way, it can be affected for example by historical land use, species pool or environmental factors. Permanent plots or space for time substitution can be used for succession research. The rich reserve of seeds in the seed bank is typical for fallows. That can be described by several methods: elutriation, cloth bag, flotation or seedling emergence. Many scientists from the Czech Republic and also from all over the world are interested in fallow research. My MSc. thesis is presented at the end of this bachelor thesis. The comparison of actual vegetation and the soil seed bank of fallows in Podyjí National Park will be the aim of this work. Usage of ploughing as a possible management for creation and preservation of a rich fallow associations will be studied.
Results of manipulative experiments useful for management practice and restoration of montane, wet and dry grasslands
Fiala, Karel ; Holub, Petr ; Tůma, I. ; Záhora, J. ; Fabšičová, Martina
On the basis of two project results rotational mixed sheep and goat grazing without housing them combined with mowing to reduce expansion of tall grasses into dry grasslands or into degraded or newly established grasslands is suggested.
Sustainable approaches to small-area grassland and barren management with respect to flora and insect diversity
Vymyslický, T. ; Fabšičová, Martina ; Musil, Z.
This study is devoted to the determination of sustainable ways of increasing flora and insect diversity in meadows through the establishment of barren sites and fallows, which help many ephemeral plant species to reproduce from the soil seed bank. We tested the optimal time for the duration of a fallow and it seems to be 3-5 years. Significant differences were observed in the number of species and their cover between nutrient-poor and nutrient-rich areas.No massive occurence of invasive and expansive species was found. In the warm eastern part of the Podyjí NP we found plant species that had been missing there for many years.
Vliv hospodářských zásahů na změnu v biologické rozmanitosti ve zvláště chráněných územích: Vliv různých managementových zásahů na vegetaci vřesovišť v Národním parku Podyjí III.
Mendelova zemědělská a lesnická fakulta v Brně, Ústav půdoznalství a mikrobiologie, Brno ; Masarykova univerzita v Brně, Přírodovědecká fakulta, katedra botaniky, Brno ; Botanický ústav AV ČR, Průhonice, pracoviště Brno ; Záhora, Jaroslav ; Chytrý, Milan ; Fabšičová, Martina ; Tůma, Ivan ; Holub, Petr ; Sedláková, Iva
Pokusy mají za cíl otestovat některé metody managementu vřesovišť: vypalování, pokosení drnů, pastvu. V této vegetační sezóně bylo sledováno celkem 38 trvalých ploch na vřesovištích v NP Podyjí. Od r. 2000 je také sledována dynamika mikrobiálních transformací dusíku v půdě, rychlost rozkladu opadu a efektivita využití N a P rostlinami.

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