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Progress flexibility lower limbs in rhythmic gymnastics
Stehlíková, Tereza ; Fričová, Marie (advisor) ; Doležalová, Kateřina (referee)
Title: Progress flexibility lower limbs in rhythmic gymnastics Objectives: The objective of this work is to determine the effectiveness of exercises for the development of flexibility of the lower limbs in modern gymnastics. Designed exercises were practiced 2-3 times a week. As it is a modern gymnastics, girls aged 5-7 were tested. This is because this sport starts in early age and flexibility is the key ability in performance evaluation. The objective was to find out which exercises that were designed were effective. That is, whether the girls have improved over the six months or not. Four measurements were realized, every two months. The first measurement was realized before the start of the exercise, the other two during the training period and the fourth was after 6 months, which was the final measurement. Methods: Four measurments were realized. First before the start of the training mobility plan and then every two months. From the results I calculated the improvement of girls between each measurement and finally also between the first and last measurement. I calculated average values of girls and average values of improvement. I used the field testing methods. Results: In my research I found that girls improved on average over six months. Furthermore, their extent has gradually improved....
Folk Dance Ensemble Nisanka
Šourková, Jana ; FRIČOVÁ, Marie (advisor) ; GREMLICOVÁ, Dorota (referee)
The work is mainly about folk dance ensemble Nisanka in North Bohemia, its history from handwritten chronicles and the main characters of the ensemble. Briefly processes the North Bohemian Region, its two main personalities and dances. We also take a look at the ensemble repertoar and also how the ensemble intends to continue its work.
Character dances in curriculum for elementary art school
Tomcová, Markéta ; FRIČOVÁ, Marie (advisor) ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (referee)
This diploma thesis has two basic parts – theoretic and practical. The first part describes historic origin and evolution of form called character dance but also there are described even specifications of chosen folk dances of foreign nations. The second part of thesis tries to create basic and initial structure for dance class in elementary art school. It includes methodic description of singular dance elements and steps of national dances which is character dance composite – exercices at the barre and centre work. Diploma thesis also contains a suggestion for modification of school educational plan which describes a basic form of education and required class exams in subject called Character dance for elementary art school.
The Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dances Čtyřlístek from Nové Strašecí
Muric, Petr ; FRIČOVÁ, Marie (advisor) ; ORNSTOVÁ, Eva (referee)
This dissertation is focused on The Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dances Čtyřlístek from Nové Strašecí. It summarizes its history and describes main personalities who worked with this ensemble over its forty years long existence. This research deals with the founders collectors activities as well as collection of folk songs served as an inspiration for the ensemble´s creative work. As part of this thesis there are also interviews with principal dancers of this ensemble, as well as with its founders Bohumil Chochola and Jan Stránský. This thesis also documents the ensemble´s artistic creation in its timeline and illustrates two scripts of selected dancing programs. Finally the last part of the thesis focuses on The Middle-Bohemian Festival Funfair of Tuchlovice, which was created thanks to the ensemble´s artistic work.
The dance ´sedlcká´ from Bílovice, Částkov and Staré Město – dances of Moravian region Slovácko and their actual form in folklore ansambles
Bulantová, Klára ; FRIČOVÁ, Marie (advisor) ; ČERNÍČKOVÁ, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis is focusing on the comparison of the rotating dance ´sedlcká´ from villages Bílovice, Částkov and Staré Město in ansambles Dolina, Kalina and Rosénka. The comparison is done with dances on VHS publication of Folklore dances from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. The equalities and the differences between particular versions of the dances are written down. For this I used the method of the participating and nonparticipating observation and the method of the interview. The diploma thesis contains the disquisition about the region Slovácko as well as the dance and music in its area and the summary of the rotating dances in this southeastern region of Moravia.
Development of movement abilities and skills through dancing activities
Palanová, Tereza ; Panská, Šárka (advisor) ; Fričová, Marie (referee)
Title: Development of movement abilities and skills through dancing activities Aims: Main goal of my bachelor thesis is extension of nowadays knowledge in the area of examined studies of movement abilities. We are dealing with physical abilities and skills which are developing and based on dancing movement. In conjunction with main theme, we are exploring as well anatomical, music and dancing theory. My bachelor thesis is conceived as research and theoretical. It also creates the basic for my future diplomatic thesis, where we are going to make direct testing. Methods: The theoretical part of my thesis is based and draws on empirical knowledge of the individual authors. The practical is showed by the video records knowledge and photography with a specific description which explain individual exercises. Results: The result of this work is a summary of the findings based on Czech and foreign literature from the area of physical abilities and skills. These findings are supplemented by theoretical and practical knowledge and demonstrations which are applied in dancing. Key Words: movement skills, movement abilities, postural system, music, dance.
Elements of dance techniques in floor exercise in women artistic gymnastics
Tůmová, Marie ; Fričová, Marie (advisor) ; Novotná, Viléma (referee)
Title: Elements of dance techniques in floor exercise in women artistic gymnastics Objective: The main objective of this master thesis is an analysis of elements of dance techniques in women finalists of floor exercise in all four Olympics games from 2004 to 2016. Methods: In this master thesis content analysis and observation has been used. These methods were used to collect and evaluate necessary data. Results: The results bring an overview of individual approach of floor exercise finalists of each olympic games from 2004 to 2016 to dance elements depending on selected criteria. Futhermore they also compare the overall use of dance elements in particular olympic games with others and indicate the effect of the time interval between games on the frequency of presence of dance elements in the reports. Based on the results it is possible to predict the use of dance elements in floor exersice in the future. Keywords: dance, report, classical dance, contemporary dance, jazz dance, folk dance
Evaluation of Developmental Tendencies in Fitness Aerobic
Husáková, Magdaléna ; Novotná, Viléma (advisor) ; Fričová, Marie (referee)
Title: Evaluation of Developmental Tendencies in Fitness Aerobic Goals: Based on the content analyses and timelines of successful professional choreographies from the World Championship 2006-2016, the aim of this work is to forecast developmental tendencies and trends including the optimal content of professional choreographies within the organization FISAF for 2018. Methods: This Thesis has a character of a quantitative research. The main researching method is the timeline created with the help of a special program called Statistica 2017 and the content analysis developed with the help of a video recording. Results: Based on the results, it is possible to suppose that a composition can be successful only when it contains 15-16 swinging movements of legs and 17-20 vertical changes (squats, crouch positions) in the physical part, the musical part should consist of 2-4 musical artworks and within the part of choreography there should be 35-40 positions, approximately 25 - 28 contrasting divisions of the group in the movement and space and 10 - 12 interactions between the team members. Keywords: aerobics, fitness team, FISAF, choreography
Application of Laban Movement Analysis in Dance-Movement Education
Burešová, Edita ; DERCSÉNYIOVÁ, Lucie (advisor) ; FRIČOVÁ, Marie (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the dance artist, theorist and choreographer Rudolf Laban and the selected parts of Laban Movement Analysis (LMA). It focuses on the possibilities of using LMA in dance and movement education of children and youth. It introduces Laban's ideas on dance and movement education of children of different ages along with basic movement themes which can be applied in education of dance and movement. The thesis briefly presents Laban's publications related to education. The author further describes her own experience with application of LMA (which she studied at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and gives particular examples of applying LMA in education.
System of four-branch education for preschool children in Elementary School of Arts
Drážková Drengubáková, Lucie ; FRIČOVÁ, Marie (advisor) ; LÖSSL, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor´s thesis is concerned with the education of pre-school children in Schools of Arts. It is focused on a four-branch system of schooling, which is so far not much widespread form of parallel education in all four branches taught in Schools of Arts – dance, music, dramatic and visual arts. The aim of my work is to prepare some materials and topics for this kind of teaching and thus to ease the work of teachers who would like to work this way but can be discouraged for example by the demands of preparing such a project.

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