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The Book Song of Songs as an Answer to Qohelet's Vanity
This thesis is concerned with, in the words of Song of Songs, finding an appropriate answer to Qohelet's vanity - vanity of a human life and things that inherently come with it, as Qohelet himself proclaims in his book. The first chapter introduces the Book of Qohelet and aims to capture the main themes of vanity and transience, while also providing the ways out from this situation, as presented by Qohelet. The second chapter introduces the reader to the Song of Songs book while also describing its content which concerns the interpretation of love between a man and a woman. The third chapter brings forward efforts of the author and the main themes and conclusions of the book are analysed. This allows - in the conclusion of this thesis - to answer the question of whether the love in the Songs of Songs is a possible answer to Qoheleth's vanity - the transience of a human life, as brought out by Qohelet in his work.
Selected topics of random walks
Filipová, Anna ; Hlubinka, Daniel (advisor) ; Beneš, Viktor (referee)
The theme of this thesis are symmetric random walks. We define different types of paths and prove the reflection principle. Then, based on the paths, we define random walks. The thesis also deals with probabilities of returns to the origin and first returns to the origin, further with probabilities of number of changes of sign or returns to the origin up to a certain time. We also define the maximum of the random walk and the first passage through a certain point. In the second chapter, we solve several problems, which form the proofs of some theorems from the first chapter or complement the first chapter in a different way. For example, we prove geometrically that the number of paths of one type equals the number of paths of another type or we compute the probability that there occurs a certain number of changes of sign up to a given time.
The Book of Qohelet in the Context of Ancient Philosophy
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyze The Book of Qohelet in the Context of Ancient Philosophy. The first part of the thesis introduces the book itself, focusing on its title, authorship, place of origin and defining themes in particular. The thesis continues with a basic characteristic of four ancient philosophies: the philosophy of 6th and 5th century BC and its main herald, Heraclitus, the Aristotle philosophy and Hellenistic philosophy, namely Stoicism and Epicureanism. What follows is the comparison of the listed philosophies and the book itself. The thesis concentrates on finding similarities between the book and those contemporary philosophies. It also hopes to answer the question of whether the influential parts of those philosophies are somehow reflected in the book itself.

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