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"When they arrive, it will be too late" Content Analysis of Media Messages Focused on the So-called Migration Crisis and its Gender Dimension
Němečková, Michaela ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Baslarová, Iva (referee)
This thesis focuses on the presentation of the so-called migration and refugee crisis of 2015- 2016 in the news coverage published by the main Czech daily newspapers. The thesis is a gender analysis of media messages during that period. In the framework of this thesis, I have analysed through qualitative content analysis written media reports as well as photographs of newly arrived migrants and other visual materials published in the media in order to illustrate migrants in Czech daily newspapers Blesk, Lidove noviny, Mlada fronta Dnes, and Pravo during the month of January 2016. The thesis focuses on how masculinity/femininity is constructed in media messages. Furthermore, the thesis looks into the construction and representation of otherness through media messages dedicated to so-called migration crisis. The aim of the thesis is to critically assess how newly arrived migrants are depicted by the main four Czech dailies, and to analyse and explain the mechanisms through which certain characteristics associated with newly arrived migrants are emphasised or suppressed. Key words: Media - gender - masculinity - femininity - migration - migration crisis - refugee crisis - religion - ethnicity - otherness
"All for one, one for all, but it needs to make sense" Etnography of majorettes sport fans
Soukup, Anna ; Halbich, Marek (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee)
Baton twirling is a sport industry with a specific fan base. The fan community typically consists of parents and supporting friends of the baton twirling children. Baton twirling represents a significant socializing environment for both children and their enthusiastic parents and friends - fans. The social status and the role of fans within this community are subject to a symbolic capital in the form of experience and knowledge of "how-to-do-it". During the training and competition period, the hierarchy is changing within the group of fans that were monitored, which provides the community members with either a dominant or, alternate, subordinate position. The changing of the "leaders" in the role of the fans' base brings along high emotions and usually also short-term conflicts in social interactions. In other situations, a hierarchy is not created and the group members perceive each other as equal and support each other in the achievement of their common goal. The researcher has been exposed to the environment she describes and to the emotions and tensions existing therein, and she has separated her own personal perceptions, attitudes and biases with the aim to correctly reflect her experience in the research. The ethnographic research of an athlete's group, or its fans' base, respectively, has...
Travesty Show: Performativity and Negotiation of Gender Identity
Chistyakova, Anastasia ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Halbich, Marek (referee)
This thesis is concerned with the question of gender identification in drag culture. The research, upon which this work is based, focuses on Czech drag queens that participate in drag (travesti) show in an LGBTQ+ enterprise in Prague. In my research, I have attempted to grasp the motivation of my informants to do drag, their connection to queer culture and the ways in which they create their own aesthetic on stage. With the help of these topics, I approach the problem of their gender identification, both in and out of drag. On the basis of the collected fieldwork material and relevant literature, I problematize gender identification among my informants. On the basis of such identification, I furthermore attempt to demonstrate limitations and shortcomings of the heteronormative framework of gender performativity, gender performance and gender identification in general. Keywords: travesty show, drag, queer, homosexuality, performativity, performance, heteronormativity, gender subversion
The construction of fatherhood in prenatal courses for heterosexual couples
Janoštíková, Markéta ; Baslarová, Iva (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee)
This thesis focuses on the area of prenatal preparation for men, who are seen as secondary in the area of parenthood. In spite of the still prevailing traditional gender division of roles in Czech family there are alternative forms, which give a chance not only for men, but also for women to choose between private and public sphere. For the purpose of this thesis a qualitative research of prenatal courses for heterosexual couples has been realized with the goal to understand and give a description of construction of fatherhood. The research focuses on the way of reproduction and discruption of gender stereotypes in connection with parenthood, especially fatherhood, and how men experience their new parental role - how they harmonize traditional and contemporary demands. Even though active fatherhood can not be considered as a prototype of western fatherhood, it is important to make it visible and speak about it, because the equal in the family is the first step for the equal status and opportunities for women and men in the public sphere.
Gender analysis of non-governmental organizations focusing on newcomers
Michálková, Eva ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Uhde, Zuzana (referee)
Diploma thesis analyses non-governmental organizations which provide social and other services to newcomers (people with the experience of migration), it focuses mainly on those projects and activities intended for women or equal opportunities. Main part of the thesis is qualitative research based on in-depth thematic interviews and content analysis of relevant documents. The thesis aims to find out how the category of gender is defined, filled and accentuated especially in mentioned projects as well as in the activities of social workers and other workersof these non-governmental organizations. Regardingthat thesisalsoexamines how are the newcomers constructed and how are they represented by (interviewed) non- governmental organizations and by social workers. Thesis also examines if (and if yes then how) are the power relations manifested in the social worker-client relationship. Key words: non-governmental organization, non-governmental sector, migration, integration, social work, gender, feminist research, post-colonial feminist analysis
(Not)Breastfeeding. Women's experience and their choice of breastfeeding
Podhrázská, Iva ; Kobová, Ĺubica (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the degree of autonomy of women in the issue of breastfeeding in the Czech environment. It examines in particular the form of current breastfeeding and its normativity through narativ interviews with women who had breastfeeding experience. The aim of this work is to expose the form of the current brestfeeding standard, its limits, negativity and impacts through feminist optics and offer possible solutions in the discourse of breastfeeding. The basic theoretical starting point of the thesis is the development of infant feeding standards, its promotion and legislative anchoring in the Czech Republic as social approach of brestfeeding as well. In particular, the thesis deals with the feminist critique of the discourse of the fight, which provides the necessary arguments for looking at the phenomenon of breastfeeding standard in a different way and introducing the standard as social and cultural constructed. The analysis is the result of introducing current breastfeeding standards in the Czech republic as a directive reuqirement towards women to breastfeed which threatens women's integrity. Keywords breastfeeding standard, breastfeeding support strategy, breastfeeding promotion, feminist critique, breastfeeding experience
Saving some, ignoring others: An ethnography of the humanitarian response to the refugee crisis in Greece
Gut, Petr ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Pavlásek, Michal (referee)
In this auto-ethnography, I use my experience of volunteering during the 'European refugee crisis' to pose a critique of how humanitarian aid is negotiated in its everyday practice. I identify four main groups of actors involved in the negotiation, namely the aid-workers, the volunteers, the locals and the refugees themselves. The goal of this work is to explore the mechanisms and causes of the marginalisation of the locals, and most importantly, of the refugees in this negotiation. Following De Genova's theory of migrant "illegalisation" I argue that the marginalisation of refugees is a result of the way the European border regime operates and I explore both the complicity of humanitarians in this regime and also how they challenged it. Following Agier's theory of the "humanitarian government", I argue that there is very little space for agency of people designated as refugees in humanitarian aid, and I analyse the power of aid-workers over the refugees. Last but not least, I use Pandolfi's concept of the humanitarian apparatus as a form of "migrant sovereignty" to show how humanitarians partly took over the local political practices in a setting of a humanitarian crisis on one of the Greek islands, and I describe the effects of this take-over on the local population.
Constructions of the right productive age in relation to high-risk pregnancy in the context of experiences of Czech women
Vostrá, Kateřina ; Sokolová, Věra (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the constructive normative reproductive age. This topic is analyzed by semi structured quantitative interviews. These interviews were carried out by 6 women who became pregnant in the age of 35 and older which is considered to be a turning point in defining whether the pregnancy is risky or not. Purpose of this research is to understand how women view and deal with risky pregnancy and also how much that can be influenced by society. The analytical part of the thesis is focused on searching answers for these questions. The first part consists of the theoretical terms related to this topic i.e. concept of stratify reproduction, the risk in terms of reproduction as well as medicalization of pregnancy and the relationship to social age category. Keywords: pregnancy, age, risk, responsibility, risky pregnancy, medicalization, normative age, woman
The Impact of Motherhood on Women's Work Motivation
Zisa Štindlová, Renata ; Havelková, Hana (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee)
This thesis deals with the influence of maternity on the relationship of women to work. Its goal is to reveal and show if women's relationship, motivation and access to paid work at work change after experienced maternal experience, alternatively how maternity affects women's subsequent work strategies. As a theoretical basis I chose the assumption that currently a women's work is an integral part of her life, an emancipatory tool, a means of self-determination, giving her the opportunity to realize her inner potential and creative abilities. Work has an irreplaceable position in a woman's life. Maternity brings a woman unique and unrepeatable experience, which can mean a rethinking of existing values, relationships, and priorities, and may require a revision of existing work strategies. To understand the interaction between work and motherhood and possible subsequent changes in the approach to work, I chose to research method of semi-structured interviews with an emphasis on careful listening to women's narratives. Key words: work, matherhood, motivation, emancipation, self-realization, strategies

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