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Verstile approach in dance lessons at primary school
Volrábová, Jana ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (advisor) ; HLAVÁČKOVÁ, Lucie (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on education of students of artistic dance at basic art schools. It specifically aims at means of general teaching process and a brief characterization of principles of different basic dance techniques. It attempts to find a mutual overlap between the styles of movement from the point of view of a dancer. The main goal of the work is to open up this teaching method and to contribute with the gained experience to dance educators who prefer teaching of combined dance techniques.
The artistic – educational project The Dialogues
Blau, Petra ; OPAVSKÁ, Andrea (advisor) ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to get acquainted with the essence of the artistic - educational project The Dialogues, which refers to cooperation among students, dedicated to dance education in the context of basic art education, and their educators and professional dancers of our current dance scene. In brief charakteristick are presented different actors of the project - a large dance group from ZŠ and ZUŠ Karlovy Vary, the dance group NoTa Pilsen and Prague dance group NANOHACH . Each chapter of the work contains the exact time schedule of the preparations, a detailed description of the formation of one of the choreography - the Moment of transformation - and the final presentation of the entire project. This expert work is also contemplating the meaning and importance of mutual influence of amateur and professional dance world in the wider.
Further Education of Dance Teachers of Primary Art Schools
Sikorová, Ivana ; LÖSSL, Jiří (advisor) ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to map out the interest of dance teachers in further education through a questionnaire survey. Specially about pedagogue of the dance department Primary Art Schools (TO ZUŠ) which are operating in the Central Bohemia region and Prague in 2014 - 2017. Respondents' answers are summarized in two thematic areas, one is a pedagogue profile, the other one is an interest in further education including awareness. For an overview of possibilities for further education in the years 2014 - 2017, there is a summary of seminars and dance workshops of selected Prague institutions - NIDV, NIPOS-ARTAMA, SE.S.TA and HAMU. A brighter idea brings out the description and course of two specific education seminars. In addition, the work defines the requirements for teachers of TO ZUŠ and represents the Framework Educational Program for Primary Art Schools (RVP ZUV).
Dance and fashion
Orszulik, Eduard Adam ; TÄUBELOVÁ, Kristýna (advisor) ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (referee)
In my bachelor’s thesis I deal with the evolution of dance from the period of ballets de cours during the reign of Louis XIV and of fashion from the birth of fashion industry until today. I searched for a connection between dance and fashion so that it was apparent how these two different fields influence each other. The main sources for this thesis were professional literature, fashion media, but also interviews I did with leading dance creators. During my research I came to a conclusion that even though these two fields are completely independent on each other, there is a connection between them which is responsible for their specific evolutions.
Nudity in contemporary dance
Minárová, Alica ; GREMLICOVÁ, Dorota (advisor) ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (referee)
In my bachelor's thesis titled "Nudity in Contemporary Dance", I was concerned with symbolic of nudity in performing arts in recent years. Firstly, I defined the semiotic terms and also categories of using nudity on the stage. After, I analyzed performances of two important recent choreographers and two of my works. According to the analysis I tried to place each choreography into one of the defined categories and express its significance. I looked at nudity on stage not only from the point of view of meaning, but also from the point of view of the context in which it arises.
Space as a partner
Josefi, Zdenka ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (advisor) ; KNYTLOVÁ, Veronika (referee)
The aim of my diploma thesis is to introduce and explore the theme of space from multiple angles and to offer possibilities of its use during a performance preparation/production. The introductury part is dedicated to a definition of terms concerning a space and also brings important informations from a historical point of view, tendencies and overlaps to the present days. Further I tried to clarify a spatial inteligence concept, proxemics and basic rules of composition, which are an integral part of the topic. In the main part of my thesis I introduce a view of my own work with a space based on a description of a preparation of the performance Sofia.
The Opening of the Wells (Bohuslav Martinů)
Charouzová, Lucie ; FRIČOVÁ, Marie (advisor) ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (referee)
The goal of the bachelor thesis is to acquainted with the own ritual of opening of the wells to create an idea of its forms in change over the time. The creators of the cantata The opening of the Wells Miloslav Bureš and Bohuslav Martinů will be introduced and the sources of their inspiration for the work will be explained. Another aim of this work was to create own choreography on this cantata in Primary Art Schools and in two different forms. First, to create a choreography with only a group of girls in the plein using reproduced music, and then with a group of professional and children's performers in the church accompanied by choir. I attempted to record this choreographic work with video, photos and written form. Finally, we reviewed the positive and negative aspects of the entire creative process.
Dance for camera in the Czech Republic since the Year 2000
Jandová, Markéta ; NĚMEČKOVÁ, Elvíra (advisor) ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (referee)
Dance for camera is a dance film genre whose popularity is constantly growing in the world and thanks to that the professional and general public pays more and more attention to this field. In fact the situation in the Czech Republi has never been directly mapped by anybody. This thesis is preview, complex, analysis and review of the works that deals with the genre - dance for camera. Firstly it shows how this genre has been developing by the artists in the country after the year of 2000 until now and secondly it offers you insight into the 80s and 90s, where it explores the origins of today´s dance.
Hip hop as a dance style and its application in a stage choreography
Machovičová, Simona ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (advisor) ; JANEČEK, Václav (referee)
My Diploma Thesis deals with a hip hop as a dance style called also hip hop dance. First, I briefly described hip hop as a culture in general and then paid closer attention to the one of the most important section the dance itself. I described formation and gradual advancement of the hip hop dance, I characterized the way of movements in this style and I dealt with its classification and categorization. I tried to find a way which hip hop dance has undergone from the street, where it was created, into the dance schools and studios and finally into the theatre stages. I was searching for the theatre hip-hop dance performances, which have been fortunate to be spread all over Europe and I have picked one of them for the detail analysis. Last but not least, the part of my Diploma Thesis is a survey in a form of questionnaire trying to find out opinion of the current dance community in a question of hip-hop dance style and its application in a stage choreography and all in all in a theatre environment.
Minimalism, inventions in contemporary dance creation
Stupecká, Kateřina ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (advisor) ; WIESNER, Daniel (referee)
Describing the understanding of the term ´dance minimalism´ is the content of this theses. Following the minimalism´s journey (in the history of dance) and exploring how minimalism changes the ways of thinking and attitude helped me to clear my intention. I present information about radical figures, who were at birth (of minimalism), and period context mainly in the matter of searching and exploring the new ways of creation and also change of perceiving art that goes with it. The most important criterion is the change, which brings not only artist but also spectators to the new ways of thinking. The methods and ways of work of the important creators/artists, who work with or through out minimalism their own way or even create it are described with more depth. Music inspiration and its infiltration and impulses brought into the field of dance are at the forefront of the theses. I deconstruct and generalize the principles of minimalism, that go beyond to philosophical thougths and questions. The these also follows up the fundamental essence of minimalism - time, which in it´s innovative and till then not used ways affects spectators meditatively/contemplatively and even transcendently.

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