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State decoration CSFR and their laureates in 1990-1992
Nedelková, Iva ; Ebelová, Ivana (advisor) ; Havlová, Eliška (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis describe process awarding or conferment a state decoration Czech and Slovak Federal Republic in accordance with Act No 404/1990 Sb. about a state decoration CSFR. The first part of thesis follow up a history and a description individual a state decoration with taking of the tradition. The great bearers, endowed for credit and acts present in the second part of thesis. The components thesis are attachments with documentation photograph of decoration, medals and invitations to ceremony of state decoration.
History of the Town Počátky until the Year 1848. Complex of the Legal Documents of the Town of Počátky.
Klusáček, Petr ; Ebelová, Ivana (advisor) ; Holá, Mlada (referee)
Počátky. The file of charters considered is stored in State district record archiv) in Pelhřimov in the fund Record office of the town Počátky (Archiv města Počátky). it's suzerains Bakalářská práce se zaměřuje na ediční zpracování listin města Počátky. Jedná se soubor listin uložených ve Pelhřimově ve fondu Archiv města Počátky (Listina č. 1 - č. 20), které se dochovaly z - Tyto listiny představovaly zásadní právní dokumenty, které ovlivňovaly život ve městě od středověku do 18. století. Právní výsady získalo město jak od svých vr panovníků. Špatný fyzický stav některých listin je hlavní důvod vedoucí ke zpracování práce. Edici předchází úvodní studie věnovaná historii města v
The Occupation of Prague during the War of the Austrian Succession in Non-administrative Historical Sources
Judina, Valerija ; Ebelová, Ivana (advisor) ; Woitschová, Klára (referee)
Through four historical sources from Prague and its surroundings, the thesis looks at citizens' perception of the occupation of the Czech capital in 1741-1743, during the War of the Austrian Succession. The sources include the annals by František Václav Felíř, a member of the Old Town bourgeoisie, the anonymous Paměti pražské (Prague Memoir) recorded in one of the Old Town municipal books, the annals by Ignác Gedeon Loth, a member of the New Town bourgeoisie, and the memoir of Jiří Václav Paroubek, a pastor from the near village of Líbeznice. The authors' views are analysed on the basis of selected events from the times of the occupation.
The Athletic race Běchovice - Prague
Procházková, Kateřina ; Ebelová, Ivana (advisor) ; Woitschová, Klára (referee)
This diploma thesis concentrates on history of athletic race Běchovice - Prague. At the beginning there is a picture of how athletics and sport looked like in the Czech lands and all over the world at the end of the 19th century. The biggest part deals with the history of the athletic race, including organization of the race or stories of particular years. The next chapter contains sketches of famous people who were connected with the race. Then follows part which is focused on statistics. It contains charts itself and explanations. One of the prefixes is an interview with director of Běchovice, Josef Šaman. Key words: Race, Běchovice - Prague, Athletics, Statistics, Rudolf Richter.
The Documents by Maximilian II. and Rudolf II. as a Historio-linguistic Source especially because of the Textological Aspects. On the Research into Chancery Language.
Jamal-Aldinová, Diana ; Vodrážková, Lenka (advisor) ; Ebelová, Ivana (referee)
The presented thesis deals with a textological analysis of fifty documents written in German and published by Maximilian II. in Vienna between 1564 and 1574 and Rudolf II in Prague between 1578 and 1608. The thesis is concerned with the political-cultural, religious and social attitudes in the Czech lands in the second half of the 16th and at the beginning of the 17th century, offices, German as the language of the offices and the praxis of the offices during the reign of Maximilian II. and Rudolf II. The aim of the thesis is to textologically analyze with a focus on the Macrostructure and Microstructure of the selected documents, their comparison and therefore contribute to the research of the German language used in the offices in the second half of the 16th and at the beginning of the 17th century in the time of Habsburg.
Controversial and survivors affairs of a lineage Thurn-Taxis of estate Dobrovice-Loučeň from the end of 18th to the beginning of 20 th century
Kalousková, Anna ; Ebelová, Ivana (advisor) ; Woitschová, Klára (referee)
In the introduced diploma work, Controversial and survivor affairs of the lineage Thurn-Taxis on the estate Dobrovice-Loučeň, namely from the end of 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, engages in the controversial and survivor affairs of the lineage Thurn-Taxis in the frame of the named estate in the delimitated period. The main aim of the work is to clarified the origin of the lineage Thurn-Taxis, to clear up the disputes of Fürstenberg about the inheritance of the estate in the end of 18th century and briefly to describe the development of the estate Dobrovice-Loučeň with the holders from the second line of the lineage Thurn- Taxis. The main purpose of this work is the content analysis and the analysis of the controversial affairs, for example last will or the list about the distributing of the inheritance, a few representatives of the lineage from the Czech line and of the princess Marie Josefa of Fürstenberg. The princess bequeathed the estates Dobrovice, Loučeň and the manor Vlkava for the Czech line. The suppluments added to the work complete the all pieces of knowledge in its text part. Key words Inheritance, estate, lineage Thurn-Taxis, holders of the estate, disputes
Guilds of food crafts in Mnichovo Hradiště
Walterová, Kristýna ; Ebelová, Ivana (advisor) ; Woitschová, Klára (referee)
The aim of bachelor thesis tittled " Guilds of food crafts in Mnichovo Hradiště" is to approach organization and administration of single food crafts in Mnichovo Hradiště on the basis of historical guild sources. The thesis is focused on guild of bakers, gingerbread bakers, millers and butchers. It brings information about accepted apprentice, gaining the master right and it is approaching functioning of the guilds based on preserved guild's statute. Attention is also paid to the general topics of guilds. That means the origins of the guilds in Bohemia, development of the guilds, functioning of the guilds and organization of the guilds. The thesis emanate from preserved archival material saved in SOkA Mladá Boleslav and city Museum Mnichovo Hradiště.
Coded Correspondence among Documents of the War Office of Matthias von Gallas
Dolejší, Barbora ; Ebelová, Ivana (advisor) ; Hojda, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis is a contribution to the research of cryptography at the time of the early modern period. Its aim is to analyze coded correspondence found among other documents of the War Office of Matthias Gallas. First of all, the number of the coded documents is compared to the whole paperwork of Gallas's War Office to identify the ratio of encrypted writings. I also analyze sample letters to demonstrate kinds of ciphers that were used in military sphere during the Thirty Year's War. The sample of the coded letters is chosen in order to present correspondents of different social ranks even though the majority comes from commanders. I drew attention to a topic of letters intercepted by an enemy as well. I outline a content of a few chosen letters although the emphasis is mainly put on palaeography. Studied correspondence falls under the first two leadership periods of Matthias Gallas. A list of all encrypted documents is attached to this thesis as well.
Brothers Alois and Philipp von Sternberg. Edition of Selected Aristocratic Correspondence in the Second Half of the 19th Century
Tomsová, Petra ; Ebelová, Ivana (advisor) ; Hojda, Zdeněk (referee)
Theaimofthebachelorthesisistopresentthefamilycorrespondenceofbrothers AloisandPhilipofSternbergwrittenduringtheirjourneytoNapoliandRome (1876)aswellastheirstayinParis(1878).Thethesisconsistsof(1)thehistorical introductionand(2)thecriticaleditionoftwentytwoletterswiththeoriginaltext anditstranslationinaparallelrendition. Thefirstpartoffersageneraloutlineofsuchjourneysconductedby aristocratsandsubsequentlyfocusesonbothofthe mainprotagonistsandtheir travels.Thestaysofthetwobrothersabroadareminutelydescribedintheedition part, whichisaccompaniedbyageneral,formalandthematicanalysis.The editionisalsosupplementedbyanindex. Thelettersdepicteverydaylifeofyoung membersofaristocracyand contributetothethemeofaristocraticjourneysinthesecondhalfofthe19th century,whichalbeitrepresentingaremnantofgrandtours,hithertodidnotsee muchdevelopmentintermsofacademicresearch.Furthermore,theyoutlinethe thenera,visitedsightsandattesttothearistocraticcorrespondenceasasourceof knowledgepertainingtothelifestyleofAustria-Hungary'seliteclass. KEYWORDS Sternberg,Aristocracy,Correspondence,19thCentury,Austria-Hungary
Social and Demographic Development of the Manor Blatna in 17th-19th Century
Večerníková, Lucie ; Ebelová, Ivana (advisor) ; Woitschová, Klára (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the social and demographic progress in manor Blatna in the 17th-19th century. During almost three hundred years' period the various demographic indicators are monitored, such as natality, nuptality, mortality but there are also described other detailed problems (f.e. illegimate children, multiple births, causes of death, sizes of individual villages, etc.) In addition to information obtained from the register books the thesis author uses all kind of different sources, such as seigniorial registers or censuses, which enable to study the population social status of this south-czech manor, especially their occupation, or the actual amount of dependants. In the final section of the diploma thesis there is presented the list of all cognomens and surnames, which occured in that period in manor Blatná. Keywords natality, nuptality, mortality, cause of death, cognomen-last name, Blatna, demography

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