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Probe methods for diagnostics of plasmatic systems for deposition of thin films
Zanáška, Michal ; Tichý, Milan (advisor) ; Dvořák, Pavel (referee) ; Straňák, Vítězslav (referee)
The doctoral thesis deals with an experimental study of several diagnostic techniques intended for plasma diagnostics and diagnostics of thin films during reactive sputter deposition. A relatively novel probe diagnostic technique called Floating harmonic probe for measurement of the ion density and electron tem- perature in technological low-temperature plasma is studied. A Langmuir probe is commonly used, however, its application in conditions where non-conducting films are being deposited can be problematic or unreliable. The floating harmonic probe measurement technique deals with this inherent problem of the Langmuir probe. The Floating harmonic probe results are compared to those obtained by a classical Langmuir probe in non-reactive DC continuously driven discharge, and its applicability in reactive regime during deposition of iron oxide thin films is proved. The work deals also with a modification of the Floating harmonic probe called Phase Delay Harmonic Analysis Method which is intended for diagnostics of pulsed driven discharges. The second part of the thesis is devoted to a new proposed method for in-situ diagnostics of thin films. This method monitors the capacitance and resistance of a thin film during deposition up to the frequencies in the kHz range. This new method could be used for...
The influence of the US and other NATO states on German policy and deployment of the Bundeswehr in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan
Dvořák, Pavel ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Kučera, Tomáš (referee) ; Urbanovská, Jana (referee)
This dissertation focuses on Germany policy concerning the deployment of the Bundeswehr within the ISAF mission in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2014. These issues will be examined in the context of the German army's foreign engagement after 1990. The main goal will be to assess how the decision-making process of the German government and the members of the parliament was affected by their taking into consideration Germany's ties to the USA and other important NATO members. The German government strived to maintain its influence within the NATO alliance and, at the same time, its reputation of a reliable and responsible ally. The impact of this external (alliance-related) factor will also be analysed with respect to the "culture of restraint" ̶ Germany's traditionally restrained approach to its armed forces deployment. Thus in addition to concrete examples of the German government's decisions on strengthening its military engagement in Afghanistan in relation to their NATO partners, the dissertation will concentrate on some ISAF combat operations in which German troops were involved. In the end, this work will elaborate on the consequences of the ISAF mission for Germany's future policy concerning the deployment Bundeswehr abroad. The research methods applied in this dissertation include...
Study of rehabilitation alternatives of the selected part of the sewerage network
Dvořák, Pavel ; Prax,, Petr (referee) ; Raclavský, Jaroslav (advisor)
The theme of this bachelor thesis is elaboration, evaluation and comparison of alternative ways of solving the reconstruction of a part of a sewer network. For this purpose, this bachelor thesis is divided to two parts. In the first part, there is a researchof the metods used for repair and reconstruction of a sewer network, with the greatest emphasis being placed on methods of renovation, whose goal is to improve the functional and operational properties of the sewer. There are also descriptions of technological procedures, usability area and the basic technical parameters from manufacturers. In the second part, the acquired knowledge is applied in the solution of the reconstruction of the real sewer network, namely in the urban part of Znojmo, Znojmo - město, the residential area of Pražská street. Two solutions have been developed. At first variant only trenchless technologies were considered, in the second variant a recovery of the pipeline by open trench.
Small apartment house
Dvořák, Pavel ; Vacenovská, Veronika (referee) ; Utíkalová, Ivana (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to elaborate the project documentation of a new-built small apartment building in Litohor. The apartment building is partially basement with three above-ground floors and one main entrance to the building. A total of eight residentail units and common areas for the residents of the building. The vertical loadbearing structures are made of ceramic masonry units. The horizontal loadbearing structures and staircase are made of reinforced monolithic concrete slab. The roof consists of a cut roof. Windows and doors are made of aluminium. The building will be heated by the heat pump. There are sixteen parking spaces in the ground.
The study of signaling pathways that modulate multidrug resistance
Dvořák, Pavel ; Souček, Pavel (advisor) ; Daum, Ondřej (referee) ; Benson, Veronika (referee)
The study of signaling pathways that modulate multidrug resistance The theme of cancer cell resistance to anti-cancer drugs including the common mechanisms of resistance development and the theory of cancer stem cells was introduced in the Introduction to the doctoral thesis. The theoretical part was focused more deeply on the two topics - the role of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transport proteins and chromosomal abnormalities in the development of cancer chemoresistance. The possible therapeutic potential for the treatment of cancer was stressed for both topics. The Results were composed of the commentaries on the five published works, which the author of the thesis conducted as the main author. The first work brought the evidence supporting the hypothesis of the existence of ABC gene expression profiles (signatures), which are common to multiple types of tumors and are associated with significant clinical consequences. These general ABC gene expression profiles could possibly form a new hallmark of cancer. The second work studied more closely a group of acute myeloid leukemia patients, who did not achieve complete cytogenetic remission after two attempts to maintain remission of the malignant disease. The new entity, consisting of patients with the translocation t(2;11)(p21;q23) without the...
Unlawful use of a copyrighted work
Dvořák, Pavel ; Křesťanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Holcová, Irena (referee)
This thesis is focused on the theme of unlawful use of a copyrighted work. The main aim of this work is to provide a fundamental insight into the current state of protection of rights belonging to the authors in the Czech Republic, emphasizing the exclusive right of exploitation. Furthermore by using the examples of selected forms of exploitation this thesis aims to delineate a certain line between a lawful and unlawful use of a copyrighted work, especially with regard to the case law of the CJEU. This thesis is composed of four chapters, which are divided into sections and subsections. Chapter One is an introductory chapter which provides definition of a copyrighted work and explains the content of exclusive rights of authors to their works. Chapter Two focuses on the right of exploitation. It describes various forms of exploitation of copyrighted works and also deals with the regulation of a license agreement and the non-contractual use of works secured by the exceptions and limitations of copyright. The legislative changes caused by the recodification of Czech civil legislation are also reflected. Chapter Three examines the means of protection provided by the Czech law in case of a copyright infringement. It contains a list of private claims which the author can use against the offender along...
The Czech-German Military-Security Cooperation vs. the Arising Strategic Culture of the Czech Republic
Stojanovová, Kamila ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Dvořák, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis depicts the Czech-German military-security cooperation in context of the security cultures of both countries. It focuses on the specific German strategic culture, however, the process of emerging strategic culture in the case of Czech Republic as a possible limiting factor for the military cooperation with Germany has also been pointed out. The theoretical base of this work are the concepts of political- military culture from Thomas U. Berger and strategic culture from Kerry Longhurst. The key criteria for the compatibility-analysis of both strategic cultures are the historical experience with the use of military force, the attitudes to army and use of force across the political elite, in the public opinion and in strategic papers, and the legitimation process of military missions. According to this, the aim of the work is to find the reason why in the period prior to the accession of Czech Republic to NATO the cooperation in the political and practical spheres didn't take place in the same intensity. At the same time, it tries to find the reason why the participation of the Czech Army in PRT Faizabad has been the only significant moment in the military cooperation with Germany after the NATO-accession in 1999. However, this work doesn't leave out the recent development, which...
German Greens on the background of the disputes inside the party - Concretization on the example of the war in Kosovo
Bráchová, Adéla ; Dvořák, Pavel (advisor) ; Eberle, Jakub (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the internal problems of the German political party "The Greens" with the focus on the inner party dispute concerning the combat deployment of the GFR in the Kosovo war. The author chose the method of the one case study taking into consideration the wide context of that problem. In the first two chapters the thesis illustrates the development of the Greens in the political system. It is going to demonstrate how those inner party problems became decisive when anchoring the Greens into the political system. Then, in the third chapter, it makes it concrete on the example of the war in Kosovo during which the army of the FRG participated in the combat deployment within the NATO group. The party was at that time a member of the German government due to which the conflict potential was strengthened. In respect of the escalated situation it had to decide if it was going to support the governmental course and thus it would act in contradiction to its traditional radical pacifism or if it was going to stay on the governmental course in order not to jeopardize the functioning of the party in the government. The aim of this thesis is to answer the questions if the Greens were, in spite of this escalated dispute, able to continue to work as the governmental party and if their...
Duplication of rapid reaction forces: NATO and EU
Sokol, Martin ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Dvořák, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis Duplication of rapid reaction forces: NATO and EU aims to clarify whether the NATO Response Forces and the European Union's EU Battlegroups are identical or not. After the Cold War ended these the two organizations began with the building of its own rapidly deployable military forces and because membership states are almost overlapping, the question arises, why should those states allocate their resources to identical concepts. Thesis first describes the change of security environment and the threats that result from them for NATO and the EU. These dangers have both actors responded by adopting a series of documents that defines the tools for their management and which demonstrated the need for rapid response forces. In subsequent chapters thesis describes the creation of both units and compared their essential characteristics and capabilities. Also is explained how these two organizations are fighting against duplication. The last chapter shows on the example of the Czech Republic (which is a member of NATO and the EU) how a member state deals with the force contribution to both concepts and whether Czechs consider them as duplicative. At the end of the thesis author claims that NATO Response Forces and EU Battlegroups are not identical, because they differ in various aspects. Powered...

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