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Same-sex registered partnership in the Czech Republic - institutionalization and changing attitudes of the society
Keltošová, Jana ; Vávra, Martin (advisor) ; Dudová, Radka (referee)
5 Abstract This master's thesis analyzes a family as a crucial element of each society. It also depicts its functions and presents possible forms of interpersonal relationships. The Czech Republic is one of the countries in which it is possible to identify existence of several forms of interpersonal relationships - a concubinage of heterosexual and same- sex couples, married couples and people in a registered partnership. Personal attitudes have been evolving over time and the Czech Republic is no exception. The change of attitudes and points of view towards homosexuality and its gradual acceptance have been present within the Czech society for decades. These changes finally led to legalization of the registered partnership in 2006. Even though the Czech modern society is trying to eliminate discriminating attitudes, homoparental families still do not have the same legal certainty and social security as heterosexual families with children do. Inequality as per current Czech laws exists even between a marriage and a registered partnership. The Czech Republic needs to take steps in order to guarantee equality of all family forms. The empirical part of the thesis provides an analysis of the Czech sociological surveys in order to identify to what degree the Czech heterosexual majority tolerates and accepts the...
Adult day care center
Špetlíková, Barbora ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Jirkovská, Blanka (referee)
5 Abstract This thesis is focused on the research of adult day care centers. Its aim is to answer the question how the the day care centers define the care from the point of view of different stakeholders; how are the centers specific to other social services and what are the possible problems and obstacles. Theoretical part describes the current situation of elderly care and deals with topics such as the demographic development of the Czech Republic, the media image of the elderly, new trends in the area of care, active aging, social services etc. Empirical research deals with two day care centers from the points of view of different stakeholders. The research, which results in two case studies and their comparisons, is carried out using qualitative methods - semi-structured interviews, analysis of documents and survey. Data analysis shows that the main function of day care centers is "relief service" for families who provide care to the frail seniors. The distinctive feature of day care centers is emphasizing differnces with other social services for elderly, especially the residential ones. This is why the great emphasis is placed on individual care in a small environment and on intergenerational encounters. The analysis also shows the day care centers as a female environment. Women prevail among...
Dying in the hospitals from 1945 to the present: attitude to the death and the change in the care of the dying.
Urbanová, Stanislava ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Jirkovská, Blanka (referee)
This thesis explores the access of care for the terminally ill in hospitals from 1945 until present. Issue include humane access to medics and nurses for terminally ill patients, and focus on the changes in care over time. The focus of exploration is palliative care in hospitals, awareness of palliative care, and the education of medics and nurses in this domain. Studies of postwar information is an integral part of this thesis's empirical research. This thesis deals with death as a taboo of modern society, and aspects of experiences of the terminally ill in last phase of life. The postwar period has emphasized spirituality, but the quality of care in the hospitals has worsened over time. After 1948, in the period of real socialism, there has been a measured deficit of psychological and spiritual support, less involvement from sanitary personnel, but a measured increase from the support of families. The present has put emphases on expertise, but there is less family cohesion and space for family care. The growing bureaucracy of sanitary care, and in general, more serious cases, has led to the work becoming harder.
Analysis of public discussion on the topic of the position of wemen in decision making processes
Švarcová, Markéta ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Vávra, Martin (referee)
The Abstract The thesis is focused on views on the role of women in decision-making processes. Public and private sector is characterised by a low level of representation of women in decision-making positions. In connection to the directives of the European Commission, which introduce mechanisms supporting an increase the number of representatives of underrepresented sex in supervisory boards, the debate unleashed on the subject of quotas. Opinions on the effectiveness of quota mechanisms in the Czech Republic are reflected in the media space. This paper aims to describe and analyze the opinions of public discussion on the mechanisms of quotas. Through a discourse analysis of media contributions it tries to determine what arguments planes occurring in the public debate on a subject introduction of quotas. Analyzed articles are dated to the period between May 2014 and May 2015. Individual argumentative discourse planes are systematically coded by discursive rules in recurrent categories. Categories are also thematically merged into discursive planes with respect to their intertextuality and intediscursivity. The results of the analysis are then subjected to a comparison to the development of discursive anchoring the topic of quotas in the European environment.
Mother-infant bonding - a historical comparison
Slezáková, Zdeňka ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Šmídová, Olga (referee)
Bonding is an emotional and biological process that creates a bond between a mother and her child and is among others important for easier breastfeeding, faster recovery of the mother etc. It is important to support it by an early contact between the mother and her newborn child. The diploma thesis aims to compare the discourse regarding mother-infant bonding and its support in our country around the year of 1980, when the rooming-in system appears, up to the present, with the milestone between 1998 and 2000, when the Centre of Active Birth was established as a result of changes in birth care that occurred then and which started to offer a different kind of care from the model that was known and used in the Czech Republic at that time. Emphasis will be put on the development of the discourse, changes in birth and after-birth care it has brought and changes of its participants and the role which women have as receivers of care. The theoretic part introduces the relatively little-known term 'bonding' and its support from the biological and social points of view, then discourse analysis will be applied in the methodological and experimental parts of the thesis. Analysed materials included media communication both in printed and electronic forms available at each analysed period. Keywords:...
The Intensive Motherhood in the Czech Society
Pavlicová, Martina ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee)
Diploma thesis "The Intensive Motherhood in the Czech Society" deals with the motherhood. It focuses on finding the forms of motherhood in two different social environments in the Czech Republic reflecting the Ideology of Intensive Mothering. In response to identified information from secondary sources in this thesis I consider motherhood a social construct that is proved by the analysis of primary data too. The qualitative research strategy was chosen to achieve defined goals. Outcomes of analysis of the Problem-Centered Interviews, realized with mothers of young children from different social backgrounds, show two different realities of motherhood. This distinction also proves that The Intensive Mothering is not accepted by all mothers. Although the cited authors present it like dominant model, it can't be automatically considered the dominant model in practice.
Gender and manpower in production companies in the Chomutov region
Kroupová, Michaela ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Vávra, Martin (referee)
Diploma thesis "Gender and manpower in production companies in the Chomutov region" is focused on historically and sociologically oriented research of employment of men and women in production companies in the Chomutov region over last 50 and 70 years respectively. The main aspects which are included in the theoretical part of this work are gender relations in the production companies, that is the history of the employment of women, horizontal and vertical gender segregation including wages and salaries and employee education. The analyzed data are from the period of mid 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century and focus primarily on the production companies of The Tube and Iron Rolling Mill and their current successor Sandvik. By means of data analysis, the methodical part of the thesis describes differences and changes which have ocurred in the horizon of last 50 and 70 years in the manpower employment in production companies with respect to gender. KEYWORDS Gender, Feminism, Manpower, Socialism, The Tube and Iron Rolling Mill, Production, Chomutov

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