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Astronomical Functions and Art Historical Analysis of the Planetarium of P. Engelbert Seige (1791) in Collections of the National Technical Museum in Prague
Hrůšová, Lucie ; Šolc, Martin (advisor) ; Drozd, Zdeněk (referee)
The main goal of this work is to apprise readers with one part of our national cultural heritage which is exposed at the National Technical Museum in Prague in the astronomy exposition. This heritage is the planetarium from P. Engelbert Seige from 1791. The first chapter endeavours to delineate under what circumstances the planetarium was originated, and it also includes the life of its creator Engelbert Seige and the history of the Ossegg monastery, where Seige lived and worked. The second chapter is devoted to a detailed description of the astronomical functions of the planetarium and a description of its dials and mechanisms, including pictorial documentation. In the third chapter is briefly described the development of time measurement and clock production, as well as contemporary watchmaking and scientific advances and discoveries. It also describes some contemporary clockworks of other watchmaking masters, namely Jan Klein, Eise Eisinga and Philipp Matthäus Hahn, again including their pictorial documentation. The fourth chapter describes other, but unfinished models of Engelbert Seige.
Experiments and tasks of hydromechanics for secondary schools
Beck, Dominik ; Drozd, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Mandíková, Dana (referee)
The diploma thesis summarizes the topics from hydromechanics taught at Czech grammar schools (and other Czech secondary schools). Emphasis is placed on the careful derivation of all laws and equations according to the basic principles stated in the thesis (Pascal's law, Archimedes' law, Bernoulli's equation, Euler's laws of motion). The aim of the author was to make all derivations in the thesis to not exceed the complexity of secondary school mathematics and physics. A new approach of teaching hydromechanics based on Euler's laws of motion is outlined. Furthermore, each of the hydromechanics topics is accompanied by (sometimes more or less unconventional) examples and experiments. 1
Ice hockey in physics tuition
Adámek, Libor ; Drozd, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Kácovský, Petr (referee)
1 This thesis is connection between physics and well known sport, ice hockey. It also contains findings and examples, which can be used in physics teaching in primary and secondary schools. The thesis gathers several theories, that describe why is ice slippery on its surface and tries to point out and comment a long term misconception of pressure melting and gives arguments to disprove it aswell. Another part contains hockey game situations, serving as great practical examples of physics and aims to bring them to physics lessons, because of their attractiveness for sudents.
Problems and experiments in molecular physics and thermodynamics for electronic collections of solved problems and experiments
Fürstová, Tereza ; Mandíková, Dana (advisor) ; Drozd, Zdeněk (referee)
This work is a part of larger project which aims to create electronic collection of solved problems and collection of experiments in physics. Within the frame of this work there were created nine problems with detailed walkthrough and seven structured physics experiments in molecular physics and thermodynamics. Physics problems should help students to understand this subject. The structured experiments should help teachers to demonstrate experiments in their physics lessons. In the next part of the work there is mentioned a survey of curriculum in primary and secondary schools and syllabus for students of Department of Physics Education at MFF UK. This work also includes a characteristics of electronic collection of solved problems and collection of experiments in physics. All created problems and experiments are in electronic form on added DVD.
Problems from mechanics for electronic collection of solved problems
Šenar, Jakub ; Mandíková, Dana (advisor) ; Drozd, Zdeněk (referee)
Title: Problems from mechanics for electronic collection of solved problems Author: Jakub Šenar Department: Department of Physics Education Supervisor: RNDr. Dana Mandíková, CSc., Department of Physics Education Abstract: The assignment of the bachelor work was to create tasks from mechanics for an electronic collection of solved problems. The thematic field is deformation of continuum and elasticity from the point of view of a secondary school and the academic introductory course for physics teachers. 16 structured tasks were created. Eleven of them are on undergraduate difficulty level, three on advanced upper secondary school level and two on upper secondary school level. Each of the tasks includes an assignment, an analysis, structured hints, detailed commented solution and an answer. The work also includes a defining of the issues, an aim of the work and its structure. There is no absent of an overview of curriculum which is discussed in the given topic at a secondary school and a university course for physics teachers at MFF UK, and a brief introduction of the electronic collection of solved problems. Theoretical introduction to deformation of continuum is also included. A conclusion will prove what was achieved in the work. A part of the work is also a supplement in the form of a CD with all created...
Anisotropy of thermal expansion in magnesium materials exhibiting texture
Škraban, Tomáš ; Drozd, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Mathis, Kristián (referee)
Magnesium alloys are valued for their low density and good mechanical pro- perties. Their characteristic is the tendency to obtain a texture during processing, which together with their hcp crystal structure results in the anisotropy of some physical properties. In this work we examine the effect of the texture on the aniso- tropy of thermal expansion of the widely used AZ31 and ZE10 magnesium alloys. These alloys are in the form of thin rolled sheets and we examine them in an as-recieved state and in a condition after an annealing. The measured samples are cut out of the metal sheet in the direction of rolling and in the perpendicular direction. The measurement is carried out in the temperature range from room temperature to 400 ◦ C. Measuring of the thermal expansion of sheets is problema- tic because they can bend and devalue the measurement results. The result of this work is a confirmation of the existence of this anisotropy and its description. 1
Securing a worthwhile retirement despite the state's social system
Drozd, Zdeněk ; Hollmannová, Monika (advisor) ; Schneider, Ondřej (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to analyze the opportunities available to each individual who decides to assure sufficient sources for financing his old age expenditures by himself. The development of thi pension systems across the world and in the Czech Republic with respect to the current problems caused by worsening of the demographic situation is described in the first part. The main part of the thesis focues on the individual instruments of financial and capital markets that are able to increase the value of funds saved in the course of life of an individual and help with the preparation of sources for retirement. The above alternatives are, thereafter, applied on the case of an average individual who is at the beginning of his career and who will probably be most affected by the potential crisis of the pension system.
Physical Principles in Automobile Technology
Šváb, Zdeněk ; Lustig, František (advisor) ; Drozd, Zdeněk (referee)
Magdalény Rettigové 4, 116 39 Praha 1 tel.: +420 221 900 111 IČ 00216208 DIČ CZ00216208 Dle čl. 4 Opatření rektora č. 6/2010 o Zpřístupnění elektronické databáze závěrečných prací a čl. 1 Opatření děkana 17/2010 se z časového hlediska závěrečné práce dělí do tří skupin: a. "nové práce", tj. práce odevzdávané k obhajobě počínaje 29. 9. 2010, b. "starší práce", tj. práce odevzdané k obhajobě od 1. 1. 2006 do 28. 9. 2010, c. "práce před rokem 2006", tj. práce odevzdané k obhajobě před 1. 1. 2006. V tomto případě jde o "starší práci" odevzdanou k obhajobě od 1. 1. 2006 do 28. 9. 2010. Omlouváme se, ale dokument není k dispozici.

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2 Drozd, Zdeněk,
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