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Natural medicinal resources and sources of natural mineral water in the legislation of the Czech Republic
Křesťanová, Lucie ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee) ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (referee)
Rigorous thesis introduces readers to issues of legal regulation of natural medicinal resources and sources of natural mineral waters usage. Czech territory disposes, due to its varied geological structure, extensive quantity of these sources, which, in dependance on its physical properties and chemical composition, can be used to both medical purposes within the frame of spa medical rehabilitation rendition and commercial purposes for bottling and production of bottled mineral water, which fulfills criteria and attributes both remedial and drinkable and bottleable source. Due to the fact, that listed sources are components of natural resources, it is necessary to properly protect them and use them according to this foreknowledge. It also means adjustment of such legal protection level, which ensures usage of these sources according to conditions allowing its proper preservation for the next generations. In response to usage of natural medicinal resources to spa medical rehabilitation care this matter falls within the scope of Czech inspectorate of spas and springs, Ministry of Health. Nowadays is this matter regulated by law No. 164/2001 Coll., Spa Act and respective implementing regulations. After ten years of such application in practice can be more clearly seen needs of novelisation of some...
The Comparison of Legal Forest Protection in the Czech Republic and France, including Relevant Context
Čeřovský, Martin ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee) ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (referee)
The rigorous thesis proceeds from the mutual confrontation of the Czech and French legal institutes, aiming to the protection and treatment with one of the most important environmental life zones - the forest. In view of the historical roots, proceeding in both cases from the continental legal system influenced by Roman law as well as by the European Community law, the thesis reveals a large scale of significant similarities and notifies the most important divergences by comparative method, searching the resembling French legal regulations to the Czech body of laws. The hereby presented work further documents the most considerable variances from a formal point of view, for example the existence of a vast Forest Code in case of the French regulation or an increased constitutional protection assured by the Environmental Charter. From the material point of view, the French forest legislation completely lacks any key term definitions and also the target group of the regulation differs - there is about 74% of the private forest owners in France, whereas within the Czech Republic, this number is practically inversive.
Records in the Land Register
Zemanová, Renáta ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis is focused on the records in the land register. This topic still has its relevance in the contemporary world and can appear in any person's life. That was one of the factors why the author had chosen this area for analysis. The other was her overall interest in property law and registration. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first is focused on the land register by itself and its role as an important source of information. In the beginning of the first part some typical concepts related to the land register are introduced. The next section is dedicated to the brief history of the property registration which is considered to be useful for the better understanding of the contemporary legal regulations. Those are discussed in the next chapter together with the position of the land register by itself, its purposes, content and structure. The special attention is paid to the objects in question - concretely the properties registered by this institution. The second part of this thesis, the most extensive, focuses on the particular acts of recording into the land register - registration, record, note and respective proceedings. In the first part of the second section, the rights which are objects of the records are mentioned. The most commonly used is the right in property, which is...
Legal regulation of hunting management
Ondová, Kamila ; Damohorský, Milan (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
The legal regulation of hunting and gamekeeping This diploma work deals with legal regulation of hunting and gamekeeping which is possible to characterize as an economic, special-interest, scholastic and organizational activity. This activity is performed by hunters who being professionally educated practise this activity in their free time and on their costs. The activity is aimed at wild game with purpose of preservation of all species of game, but also of keeping hunting customs. The diploma work contains the paper about valid law regulation of hunting and gamekeeping, which is represented by the basic law about hunting and gamekeeping and then the laws concerning nature and animals (veterinary law, law for tyranny of animals, law for nature and countryside preservation). The diploma work also goes back to the history of law regulations, which are the background for the present law. Some law regulations were of such quality that they might be inspiration in future. One part of diploma work is about environment in international context. This area is full of problems with worsening of environment, which influences game and hunting and gamekeeping as well. There are no frontiers for animals that is why there have been many international agreements and directives accepted for game protection as a whole on...
Land ownership right restrictions resulting from public law in the Czech Republic
Hoch, Jiří ; Drobník, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Průchová, Ivana (referee) ; Žákovská, Karolina (referee)
In the Czech Republic, the same way as it is in other democratic countries, the ownership right is recognized to be one of the fundamental human rights, and it is protected by legislation of a supreme legal force. Along with modern society development and for this reason it becomes more and more restricted. It is a long time ago, when the unlimited legal domain like theory of ownership rights in rem was forsaken. The restrictions are more numerous and intensive in case of land being subject to ownership rights. This results from many differences between land and other subjects of ownership. Limited and definitive land area, the fact that land is not relocatable as well as soil, being one of environmental elements, represent the most important ones. In one line with increasing amount of people on Earth and their increasing requirements on its usage, the land must fill constantly increasing needs for the welfare of increasing amount of people at the same time. The necessity of protection of environmental aspect of land and soil respectively, is still growing. For all those reasons, the restrictions and regulations on land ownership rights are to be put in place. When justified by public interest, the restrictions arise from public law legislation. Key words: land ownership, restriction, public interest
Confiscation and the Allotment Procedure pursuant to Presidential Decrees in Czech Case Law
Tomáš, Radek ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee) ; Franková, Martina (referee)
This thesis deals with the reflection of confiscation and the allotment procedure pursuant to presidential decrees in Czech case law. In numerous cases, the allotment procedure has still not been completed or persistent problems arise from it in the area of legal relations to immovables and their registration up to the present day. The thesis analyses and categorises relevant statutory and case law based upon the material criterion. The result is a set of clearly defined thematic groups of the most significant judgements covering the individual problems identified and an analysis of the stability of the case law or the lack thereof in the individual thematic groups.
Land ownership restrictions and environmental protection
Papež, Filip ; Drobník, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Humlíčková, Petra (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis has got an interdisciplinary character, which results from a conflict of property right and ecological rights. The crucial point is the internal and external ownership restriction differentiation. This gives the answer to the question whether a compensation for restriction is provided or not. The thesis deals with legal reasons of the restrictions that arise from the specific character of land and also with the typology of restrictions according to its establishment. Selected restrictions regulated by particular environmental laws and the Building Code are analysed in the main part of the thesis. The conclusion points out the imperfections of legislation and provides possible solutions as well.
Protection of the environment and the right of ownership
Vycpálková, Veronika ; Žákovská, Karolina (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
The purpose of my thesis is to analyse current legislation in the Czech Republic regarding the relation of the protection of the environment and the right of ownership, focusing in particular on the most recent and most controversial issues. A further part of the analysis examines whether the right of ownership actually aids sustainable development of the environment and environmental protection. The changes which entail private recodification are highlighted for affected fields. The methodology is primarily critical analysis of current legislation, including relevant case laws and practical examples. The reason for choosing this subject of research is its topicality, the interest in the protection of environment and expectation of a dynamic development of these issues in the future. The thesis is composed of four chapters. The first two chapters form the theoretical basis required for the subsequent analysis. In relevant areas there are always parts of the interpretation which look at the new Civil Code. Chapter One defines terms such as the right of ownership, the environment and the protection of environment. The subsequent part gives a list of the relevant sources of law that govern the relationship between the right of ownership and the environment, both international and national. Chapter Two...
Legal regime of land fulfilling the function of a forest
Pavlíčková, Eva ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the current legal regulation and the issues related to the land intended to fulfill the functions of a forest. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the legal regulations and to provide proposals how to solve the deficiencies. The legal framework of this topic - the basis of this thesis is represented mainly by the individual act in this area - the so called Forest Law. In addition, other legal regulations are also presented. Particular terms are gradually introduced and forests are characterized from the point of categorization. The most extensive part of this thesis is the third chapter which focuses on the protection of the land intended to fulfill the functions of a forest and related institutions. The forest is defined as a significant landscape element and a part of natural protected areas. Furthermore, the principle of sustainable development is mentioned and the instruments used for forest's protection are also defined. Moreover, the principles of land revocation and restriction, the institution of public use of forest so as forest guard and other authorities are presented. The last chapter addresses the issue of property and lease relations of the land intended to fulfill the functions of a forest. Also the re-established institution of tenancy is interpreted....
Transfer of ownership right to land
Nováková, Denisa ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis summarizes the process of property law transfer. It compares the new legislation with the old one by stating what has been criticized in current legislation and explains how are these issues dealt with in the new legislation. The thesis contains of three main chapters. First chapter defines the nature of land law and explains it's significance. Second chapter focuses on legal title - the transfer of property rights. Third chapter is the largest and describes entry procedures and judicial review.

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