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Reconstruction of libraries in the Czech republic
Kyriánová, Monika ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Římanová, Radka (referee)
The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to describe the reconstruction of the Hradec Králové Library building in the form of a case study. In order to better understand the problems, to penetrate into depth and to understand the circumstances that led to the reconstruction of the selected building, the history of the library and the factory premises where the library was moved is described in the introduction to the thesis. Part of the thesis is also a description of the project itself and all stages of the reconstruction of the library building. The practical part is focused on interviews with selected representatives - with the library management, the project architect and the founder of the library. Interviews of respondents are carried out in the form of qualitative interviews, subsequent analysis and comparison of interviews. The final part of the thesis is a personal opinion on the reconstruction carried out on the basis of an evaluation of the knowledge from the theoretical and practical part. Powered by TCPDF (
DOI Assignment Practice of Czech Scientific Journal Publishers
Steiner, Ludvík ; Dvořák, Jan (advisor) ; Drobíková, Barbora (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to map the method of assigning the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in Czech scientific journals. The theoretical part describes the systems of permanent identifiers, in particular, the DOI, registration agencies, publishers, registrars, editors and editorial systems. In the practical part, a selection of scientific journals was made for the purposes of quantitative research. From these, the following were determined and described: when the journals were assigned DOIs, where and by what method the DOIs are registered, and the method of DOI suffix construction. From the sample of articles an examination was conducted into whether the metadata on the articles deposited with the Crossref registration agency is accurate and with what time delay they were deposited. Powered by TCPDF (
The Czech project The Cover of the book: a description of the project and its perspectives
Štěrbová, Kateřina ; Římanová, Radka (advisor) ; Drobíková, Barbora (referee)
The bachelor's thesis Book covers: the project description and its perspectives deals with the description of the project from its beginning up to the present. We especially emphasize the Research Library of South Bohemia, which is together with the Moravian Library, the administrator of the whole project. The main goal of this thesis is to describe in detail the whole project Book covers and closely capture its development. The introductory theoretical part sums up the project history as well as the description of the integration of the Research Library of South Bohemia into the project. Other chapters deal with current development of Book covers and we briefly mention the very scanning and subsequent processing of covers, title pages and contents illustrated by the example of the Research Library of South Bohemia. The bachelor' s thesis also contains a practical part which introduces the methodology and setup of the research. The analysis was realized by the qualitative methodology, using semi structured dialogues. The summery contains compilation and evaluation of the gathered facts
Specifics of contemporary librarianship of the Russian Federation: selected regions
Charvátová, Markéta ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Římanová, Radka (referee)
The bachelor thesis concerns the current librarianship of the Russian Federation. The introduction briefly describes its history, development and legislative framework. The three national libraries of the Russian Federation, the Russian State Library, the Russian National Library and the B. N. Yeltsin Presidential Library, their history and current activities, as well as the newly established National Digital Library are characterized. The thesis further describes the Russian Library Chamber and explains the specifics of the bibliographic description. In the second part of the work, the library networks of the Krasnoyarsk and Stavropol regions are analysed and compared. The work formulates the specifics of libraries of the Russian Federation in the process of their transformation.
Acquisitions in academic libraries: key issues
Málková, Michaela ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Římanová, Radka (referee)
This master thesis deals with acquisitions in academic libraries. It briefly outlines the characteristics of universities and describes the acquisition process and other related issues. Content analysis of foreign literature maps acquisitions in academic libraries abroad. Literature review is combined with a case study in the European University Institute. The research of the current acquisition practice in Czech academic libraries was done using the Delphi method. The conclusion of this thesis is dedicated to the summary and comparison of the information gained from the literature review, the case study and the research. Key problems and trends in academic acquisitions are formulated.
Interactive learning media
Červený, Igor ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Slussareff, Michaela (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is the description of the interactive educational media including their components, introduction of three software tools for creation and distribution of interactive educational media (FutureBooks, Moodle, eBooks ČVUT FEL) and execution, as well as evaluation, of conducted structured interviews with users (6 respondents) of the selected software tools for creation and distribution of interactive educational media.
Regional roles of libraries
Rudová, Eliška ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Římanová, Radka (referee)
(anglicky) Thesis Regional function of the local basic libraries in the District of Tachov is persued on the efectivity and delivery of public library services in nowadays in profesional or nonprofesional municipalities public libraries. The main object is analyzed the fact, how and what kind of quality recieved local basic library services of regional library function in the District of Tachov. This work will be built on summarizated theoretict part, includes another thesis about regional library function. Then, basic on practical research and interviews with workers in chosen local library of the Tachov district, will be shown, how the local library stands today with the services of regional library function. To the practical research have been choosen quality research method. Klíčová slova (anglicky) Regional system of the libraries, regional library function, municipalities library, local library, library services, library collaboration, rural library, regional libraries
The impact of regional roles on activities of served libraries in the Pardubice region
Koubková, Dominika ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Krčál, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the satisfaction of the served libraries with the performance of regional roles in the Pardubice region and the impact of these roles on their independent activities. The first, purely theoretical part, summarizes the objectives and principles of the regional roles and their financing in the Czech Republic. The following subchapter discusses the performance and financing of the regional roles in the Pardubice Region in the years 2014-2018. The second, research, part of the work is based on the results of a qualitative survey. The survey was conducted in the form of interviews with the representatives of six libraries in the Pardubice region. The interviews aim at verification of the current state of regional roles performed by the region, the level of utilization of services and overall satisfaction of the individual libraries with the provided services. The conclusion provides not only the findings from the theoretical and research parts, mutual comparison of theory and real practice on the example of the publicly presented information but also the results of the interviews conducted with the librarians of the served libraries. Keywords: regional roles, Pardubice region, served libraries, service level fulfillment, library and information services
Ways of obtaining informations about political events in the Czech republic by seniors
Marková, Adéla ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Jarolímková, Adéla (referee)
Title of the bachelor thesis: Ways of obtaining information about political events in the Czech republic by seniors Abstract: This bachelor thesis focuses on the ways in which seniors get information about political events in the Czech Republic. The main goal of the thesis is to find out how seniors get information about political events in the Czech Republic and what role have electronic sources in obtaining these specific information. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts related to seniors, information and media literacy and digital divide. This part also includes statistics mapping seniors in the Czech republic and an analysis of the manipulation tools that seniors encounter. The practical part contains research which analyses access to media and politics, electronic resources and verification of information by respondents. At the end of the thesis is analysed the result of the research. Key words: information, seniors, politics, obtaining information, manipulation tools, electronic sources, digital divide
Augmented reality in libraries
Krejzlová, Lucie ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Fiala, Jakub (referee)
The main focus of this thesis is augmented reality and its usage and improvement of provided services in libraries and other information institutions. First, the concept of augmented reality and its possible implementation based on various technologies are defined. Then augmented reality projects already implemented in libraries and information institutions are presented. The next part consists of a description of areas in which augmented reality can be used to improve services provided in the context of libraries. The goal of the practical part is the preparation and testing of a prototype of augmented reality application in National technical library. Finally, the strengths and weaknesses of the prototype are presented as well as requirements for its actual implementation and possibilities of future improvement of the prototype's capabilities.

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