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Czechs in the United Kingdom - Anatomy of the potential of social remittances
Letošníková, Michaela ; Drbohlav, Dušan (advisor) ; Schebelle, Danica (referee)
This master thesis examines migration issues, focuses on the potential of social remittances, and explores the links between social and financial remittances. The qualitative approach to the research uses the method of semi-structured and in-depth interviews to collect the data in the context of Czechs living in the United Kingdom. This research falls under the concept of transnationalism, uses transnational lenses for exploring processes, and is mainly based upon the concept of social remittances, thus is concerned with flows of norms, know-how, systems of practice, ideas, or social capital from one country to another. This thesis also builds on the expanded conceptualization of social remittances by other researchers. Linking social and financial remittances is done by using the concept of remittance scripts and related activities of migrants. Verbal data from the interviews were analyzed using primarily the inducted method and the method of content analysis. The analyzed results meet the aims of the research and bring a deeper understanding of the potential of social remittances. The factors influencing the potential of social remittances are mainly the work environment of migrants, the importance of unskilled positions, social skills, or intensive transnational links. The key role is also...
Integration and motives of the return migration of Czech Roma - a case study of Great Britain
Rybář, Josef ; Drbohlav, Dušan (advisor) ; Víšek, Petr (referee)
The democratic transformation in the early 1990s has brought Europe to the opening of national borders and has become an impetus for many international migrations. Since then, the Czech Republic has also become part of the very specific migratory flows of the Roma ethnic group. More than 75,000 Roma have already emigrated from the Czech Republic, representing one of the most vulnerable, socially disadvantaged and discriminated ethnic minorities. It is precisely Great Britain that is one of their most sought-after destination countries. The motives leading to the emigration of Czech Roma from the Czech Republic to Great Britain are balancing between "push" motives of deprivation and discrimination and "pull" motives representing an improvement in their standard of living. From an academic point of view, the absence of information on the living conditions of Czech Roma in the UK prevails, especially whether they are integrated in British society and what are the main motives for their return migration to the Czech Republic. The aim of this work is to deepen the existing knowledge about the integration of Czech Roma living in the UK in the context of their migration and to identify the main motives leading to their emigration from Great Britain back to the Czech Republic. This research also seeks to...
(Il)legal migration and the role of marriages of conveniece when gaining residence permit for third-country members in the Czech Republic focusing on Czech-Muslim marriages
Davidová, Markéta ; Drbohlav, Dušan (advisor) ; Marešová, Jarmila (referee)
Migration offers a spectrum of illegal channels through which migrants enter their target countries. Marriages of convenience are one of these ways. Specifically this means marrying a foreigner who has no residence status or has a lower one than their partner they are marrying. Their partner may be the citizen of their target country or also a foreigner, however, having a higher residence status. People entering such marriages misuse the marriage institute in order to obtain a legal residence in the given country. The objective of the diploma thesis is thus illegal migration through marriages between nationals coming from third countries of the Muslim world and people living in the area of the Czech Republic. Subsequently, foreigners obtain the status of a family member, of an EU citizen, and together with that the right of a free residence and movement within the EU. The general aim of the research was to compare two categories of these foreigners who were looking for the entry into the Czech Republic based on a short-term visa. One category consisted of visa applicants who succeeded in their applications, and those whose applications were refused due to a detected circumvention of the immigration law in the form of a marriages of convenience. Both groups were compared based on chosen indicators...
Agencies and the client system of mediating work for migrants from SNS and Ukraine in Czechia (pros and cons)
Kniazeva, Anastasiia ; Drbohlav, Dušan (advisor) ; Schroth, Jan (referee)
1 Abstract International migration has an impact on the economy in both the receiving and the sending countries due to the fact that foreign workers will 'reinvest' the financial remittances in their home country and support the domestic economy in the source state while fulling the demand for work in the receiving country and improving the financial climate in the host state. Work agencies and the client system are some of the most important details of this system that allows migrants to get a job and often facilitates participation and provides additional services to organize their stay in the host country. The theoretical basis of this thesis is the migration network theory and also the neoinstitutional theory with its concept of limited human rationality as well as a concept of institutional "limitations" in the context of created institutional rules. In the theoretical part of this work the agency and the so-called client system, which performs the same duties on an illegal level, - were explored as institutional units in their historical, real, social dimensions. Basic qualitative research examines the concept of the migration network theory and the concept of limited choice of institutional theory on the example of nine migrants from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Ukraine with...
Impact of the Ukrainian conflict on population mobility
Křen, Jan ; Drbohlav, Dušan (advisor) ; Téra, Michal (referee)
Since spring 2014, an armed conflict has been taking place in the eastern part of Ukraine between the Pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian state. As a result of this armed conflict, there was a stream of forced migration. The statistics speak up to about 1.7 million people internally displaced and about a hundred other hundreds of people seeking international protection abroad. Of those seeking international protection, more than 200,000 have been granted temporary asylum in Russia. This thesis examines the impact of the Ukrainian armed conflict on the mobility of these displaced persons. The first way to study the impact of a selected conflict on population mobility is quantitative data analysis. In this analysis are compared the data on conflict intensity with data on internal migration in Ukraine and international migration to the states Russia, Poland and Czechia. The second way this diploma thesis examines the impact of the conflict on population mobility is based on the research of ten Ukrainians who left for Czechia from conflict areas and whose primary reason was the military conflict. The results show that there are links between the intensity of the military conflict and the migration strategy of the people of Eastern Ukraine.
Czech migration and integration in Ireland
Konrádová, Marie ; Drbohlav, Dušan (advisor) ; Čaněk, Marek (referee)
The thesis deals with the nature and the causes of the Czech migration into Ireland. Globalization, the available information and communication technologies and in general more accessible forms of transportation allow millions of people to effectuate their migration plans. From the historical point of view, migration is not unknown to Czech people. The goal of the thesis is to investigate the form and type of Czech migration into Ireland and to understand the causes and reasons of this migration and, if possible, determine whether the Czechs are transmigrants. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the integration of Czech people into the Irish job market and other areas of the life of Irish society. To achieve this, both quantitative and qualitative methods are used. The thesis aims to bring a compact portrayal of migration and integration of the chosen sample of the Czech immigrants into Ireland. Additionally, the thesis elicits particular underlying factors of integration and migration. Key words: Work migration, migration motivation of Czechs, integration, job market assertion, social integration, remittance, integration rate 2
Utilization of Educational Attainment of Foreign Migrant Workers in the Czech Labour Market
Valenta, Ondřej ; Drbohlav, Dušan (advisor) ; Květoň, Viktor (referee) ; Bahna, Miloslav (referee)
This doctoral thesis addresses one of the most significant topics in contemporary research in international migration; that is the education-occupation mismatch of highly qualified foreign workers in the labour market of a host country. The thesis focuses on the situation in the Czech labour market in the time-period between 2009 and 2016. By the possibility to utilize a unique set of non-public, anonymized individual data on foreign employment this thesis provides a first thorough empirical evidence on the level of mismatch of skilled migrant workers in the Czech labour market, with a dominant focus on quantitative approach to the given issue. Results of the research reveal that the mismatch between the migrant employees' attained (tertiary) and required education at their job occupations on the Czech labour market does exist and it is encountered by 20-30 % of tertiary educated foreign workers; moreover, level of mismatch has been gradually increasing over the given time-period. The differences in the level of mismatch then fundamentally differ across particular citizenship groups. The resulting level of mismatch of highly skilled foreign workers in the Czech labour market seems to be driven predominantly by broader social and economic drivers. More specifically, these are particularly a limited...
The Effect of Parental Emigration on Transformation of Values and Migration Aspiration of Children - The Case Study of University Students in Moldova
Masná, Eliška ; Drbohlav, Dušan (advisor) ; Lupták, Milan (referee)
The impact of migration on the family is increasingly discussed in academic sphere in recent years. The form of the family changes during the migration process, mainly due to the feminization of migration. This phenomenon entails several problems, one of them is the phenomenon of "children left behind" in the country of origin. Moldova, as the poorest country of Europe, has been struggling with the problem "children left behind" for many years. Since this theme has been discussed many times in the literature, the aim of this paper is to shift the knowledge of the subject a little further. The aim of the thesis is to describe and understand how the parental emigration affects their children during the childhood and what is the influence of this experience on their own planning of the future in relation to migration. The research was conducted in the form of semi structural interviews, a qualitative approach that allows understanding of the issue in depth was used. The theoretical approach of this thesis is based on the theory of cumulative causation. Generally, this theory says that migration generates migration. I have only focused on the influence of parental emigration in this process. Plans are also linked to the orientation of values. Important is not only the opinion on the country in which...
Transnationalism and integration: The case of Mongolians in Prague
Šlauerová, Veronika ; Drbohlav, Dušan (advisor) ; Siwek, Tadeusz (referee)
Mongolian migration to the Czech Republic has had a long tradition, since the beginning of a former political regime. Nowadays, there are more than six thousand Mongolian immigrants living on the Czech territory, nonetheless, we lack more valuable research done on integration of this minority. At the same time the Czech society is not very well aware of this number of foreigners of Mongolian origin and they are more often assumed to be Vietnamese or Chinese. Since the early 1990s, studies on transnationalism have explored the empirical patterns of migrants' transnational practices and observed whether they coexist with indicators of integration. The research on Mongolian integration presented in this master's thesis was carried out as a case study focusing on analysis of transnational behavior of immigrants (sending remittances, mobility and regular contact with family and friends in a country of origin). Based on the results coming out of completed interviews, this thesis tries to find whether this behavior has an impact on immigrants' process of integration. It also seeks to find other potential factors that might have a significant influence. The results of this research reveal quite high rate of transnational practices, yet it does not seem to be the only determinant of a successful or...
Administrative Regulation of Migration Processes in Soviet and post-Soviet Moscow.
Andrle, Jakub ; Vykoukal, Jiří (advisor) ; Klípa, Ondřej (referee) ; Drbohlav, Dušan (referee)
This dissertation analyses the system of internal passports as a central administrative instrument of controlling migration processes in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia. Specifically, the study focuses on the topic of using the passport system, and the restrictions incorporated in this system, on the territory of Moscow. The aim of the study is two-fold. Firstly, it strives to identify, from a position of historical institutionalism, the factors which allowed Moscow, many years after the dissolution of the USSR, to control migration processes within its borders using distinctively "Soviet" methods, in clear violation of federal laws. On a different level of analysis, the dissertation focusses on the regulatory methods themselves: it examines the genesis and early evolution of the internal passport system and the mechanism of so-called propiska (registration), in the era of Stalinist industrialization, before turning to the process of the system's erosion and partial dismantling during the late Soviet and early post-Soviet years. Finally, the study aims to analyse the methods chosen for controlling migration in Moscow during the rule of mayor Yuri Luzhkov (1992-2010), and the way his policies affected the migration situation in Russia's capital.

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