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Structure of Sedimentary Calcite
Kulaviak, Lukáš ; Hladil, Jindřich ; Růžička, Marek ; Drahoš, Jiří ; Saint-Lary, L.
Our contribution exhibits experimental results of the structure of calcite deposit that origins by a collective sedimentation of the mixture of variable large particles in liquid. The work is aimed to find for which conditions, concerned of particle dispersity, raises the group of special, large cavities (stromatacta).
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The History of motors sports in South Bohemia \\
Bachular thesis deals with history and progress of motosport in the South Bohemian Region, where the motosport was very popular. Bachular thesis is focused on motosports, particularly motocross. From the point of view of ground plan is the topic of this bachular thesis divided into the districts České Budějovice, Písek, Tábor, Jindřichův Hradec, Český Krumlov, Prachatice, Strakonice and earlier also involved Pelhřimov, which was in November 12, 2000 removed to Vysočina Region.
Parameters Affecting Process of Particles Sedimentation: III
Kulaviak, Lukáš ; Růžička, Marek ; Drahoš, Jiří ; Hladil, Jindřich
The aim of our contribution is to study the effect of the particles properties on their settling behaviour in solid-liquid suspensions. Generally, the particles interact mutually in a complex way. They are also coupled with the motion of the liquid whose flow they generate. The resulting behaviour depends on many mechanical particle properties (roughness, shape, size, abrasive hardness, texture, fine particle presence) and electrochemical properties of the interface between the particles and water (surface tension, zeta-potential, electrostatic potential, etc.).
Effect of Velocity on the Coalescence of Bubbles
Orvalho, Sandra ; Cachaza, E.M. ; Abadie, T. ; Drahoš, Jiří ; Růžička, Marek
The present work is focused only on the effect of the velocity of approach between the interfaces of two identical bubbles, that are brought into contact in liquids known to be either coalescent (pure water) or non-coalescent (surfactant solutions).
Volumetric Mass Transfer Coefficient and Gas Holdup in Solution of Electrolyte in Different Flow Regimes in Bubble Column
Fialová, Marie ; Orvalho, Sandra ; Zedníková, Mária ; Drahoš, Jiří ; Růžička, Marek
Volumetric mass transfer coefficient, kLaL and gas holdup, εG were measured in distilled water and in solutions of Na2SO4 (both coalescent solutions and solutions with suppressed coalescence), under homogeneous and heterogeneous bubbling conditions in bubble column. Dynamic pressure step method was used for kLaL measurement. The gas holdup, εG was measured by the bed expansion method.
Selected Elementary Phenomena in the Beer Foam
Novák, Pavel ; Baszczyňski, Martin ; Brányik, T. ; Růžička, Marek ; Drahoš, Jiří
This work contains a brief summary of the theoretical knowledge of the physics of foam. The practicalities, I studied the impact of positive (protein) and negative (salts) surfactant on the bubble terminal velocity and bubble coalescence time with surface.
Research of Multiphase Systems at ICPF AS CR Prague
Zedníková, Mária ; Růžička, Marek ; Drahoš, Jiří
The aim of this contribution is to present to the Czech waste water treatment community the multiphase flow research at the ICPF ASCR. The goal of the research is to understand the basic physical mechanisms of flow systems with two or more phases. The interest covers a broad range of the multiphase flow systems; for instance: production and hydrodynamics of bubbly mixtures, flow regimes and their identification, effect of control parameters on the flow regimes, mass transfer in gas-liquid systems, bubble formation, coalescence and break-up, hydrodynamic interactions of bubbles, interaction of bubbles with solid particles, sedimentation of polydisperse mixtures etc.

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