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Acceleration of Burrows-Wheeler Transform Using GPU
Zahradníček, Tomáš ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Šimek, Václav (advisor)
This thesis deals with Burrows-Wheeler transform (BWT) and possibilities of acceleration of this transform on graphics processing unit (GPU). Methods of compression based on BWT are introduced, as well as software libraries CUDA and OpenCL for writing programs for GPU. Parallel variants of BWT are implemented, as well as following steps necessary for compression, using CUDA library. Amount of compression of used approaches are tested and parallel versions are compared to their sequential counterparts.
Optimization Using Ant Algorithms
Válek, Matěj ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Bidlo, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis will deal with various applications of ant colony optimisation. In particular, Ant Colony System will be applied on the optimisation of traveling salesman problem and the design of rules for the development of cellular automata. The obtained results will be statistically analysed. Moreover, a GUI-based application has been developed which allows to interactively observe the progress of Ant Colony System for the educational purposes.
Novel Applications of Ant Algorithms
Korgo, Jakub ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Bidlo, Michal (advisor)
Ant algorithms have been used for a variety of combinatorial optimization problems. One of these problems, where ant algorithms haven't been used, is the design of transition rules for cellular automata (CA). Which is a problem that this master's thesis is focused on. This work begins with an introduction into ant algorithms and a overview of its applications, followed by an introduction into CA. In the next part the author proposes a way how to encode rules of CA into a graph which is used in ant algorithms. The last part of this thesis contains an application of encoded graph on elitist ant system and MAX-MIN ant system. This is followed by experimental results of creating transition rules for CA problems by these algorithms.
Effect of Noise on Video Compression
Anton, Matyáš ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Bařina, David (advisor)
Videos are in fact image signals and as such, they are susceptible to distortions in the form of noise. This thesis' goal was to determine how the presence of noise can affect the results of image data compression as well as what impact might the lossy compression have on the noise present. Four contemporary compression formats were chosen, namely H.264, H.265, Motion JPEG 2000 and DIRAC, representing different approaches to the video compression, especially the contrast between a discrete cosine transform and a discrete wavelet transform.
Representation Techniques for Evolutionary Design of Cellular Automata
Kovács, Martin ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Bidlo, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to experimentally evaluate the performance of several distinct representations of transition functions for cellular automata. Cellular automata have many potential applications for simulating various phenomena (e.g. natural processes, physical systems, etc.). Parallel computation of cellular automata is based on local cell interactions. Such computation, however, may prove difficult to program the CA, which is the reason for applying evolutionary techniques for the design of cellular automata in many cases. Evolutionary algorithms, based on Darwin's theory of evolution, have been used to find human-competitive solutions to many problems. In order to perform the evolutionary design of cellular automata, special encodings of the candidate solutions are often necessary. For this purpose the performance testing of various representations of the transition functions will be investigated. In particular, table representation, conditionally matching rules, and genetic programming will be treated. The problem of square calculations in cellular automata will be considered as a case study.
Function Generator with FITkit
Bartoš, Pavel ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Herrman, Tomáš (advisor)
This work deals with generation and detection of square, sine, triangle and saw-tooth waveforms using D/A converter of FITkit. Includes description of PS/2 communications protocol and description of LCD display.
Design and Implementation of AX.25 Monitor
Demín, Martin ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Škarvada, Jaroslav (advisor)
The work describes a design of an implementation of an AX.25 Monitor, capable of demodulation and decoding of AFSK 1200/2200 modulated AX.25 frames. The output is provided to USB/UART port and to the LCD. Demodulator uses FIR filters implemented in MSP430.
Image Compression Using the Wavelet Transform
Kontra, Matúš ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Bařina, David (advisor)
Wavelet transform belongs to modern methods used to compress data. It's application modifies data in such way, that we can use and store them in much more efficient way. Focus of this thesis lies in theoretical basis required to understand this method and its implementation. Next section shifts focus to quantization and coding - operations used to further reduce size of our data, which are provided by the SPIHT algorithm.
Compression Methods Based on Context Modelling
Gach, Tomáš ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Bařina, David (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to describe basic properties of the context-based compression methods. Modelling procedure is presented together with the principle of an arithmetic coding. Gradually the PPM, CTW, and PAQ methods are introduced together with the possible implementation of the basic PPM probability model. The performance of context-based, dictionary and the most currently used methods of data compression is being compared. Based on obtained results, the possible usage of PPM methods is summarized.
Performance Evaluation of Graphics Accelerator
Vanek, Juraj ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
My work is about performance evaluation of graphics accelerator by 3D scenes rendering. It focuses on how to test the performance of the accelerator from every point of view during the performance critical operations in 3D graphics. It deals with implementation problems of individual measures, their influence on total results and evaluation of the measurements. The final output of the application is a score, by which is possible to judge what performance is giving the accelerator in comparison with others. For this comparison is available an on-line results database.

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