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Development of monitoring application for a production cell workspace with SICK scanners
Dostál, Tomáš ; Kovář, Jiří (referee) ; Andrš, Ondřej (advisor)
This thesis is about scanners of SICK company and monitoring methods in workspaces. Next in this thesis is described implementation of monitoring methods in robotic industry. Objective of practical part was design, implementation and to test application created in LabVIEW for monitoring workspaces. Created application contains choice of use serial communication with scanner SICK PLS 101-312 or possibility to create simulation of monitoring workspace. In conclusion both choices are tested and evaluated.
Vliv dusíkato-sirných hnojiv s humáty na výnos a kvalitu pšenice ozimé
Dostal, Tadeáš
The aim of diploma thesis was to examined the effect of humate addition to nitrogen fertilizers with sulfur on yield and qualitative parameters of the winter wheat. The ex-periment was established as a two-years small-plot field experiment. The experiment was established on two experimentation locations – Žabčice and Vatín. Because of the high number of factors, two multifactor analyzes were performed in the statistical evaluation. The variant of fertilization included in the experiment are: DASA (amonnium sul-phate nitrate), DASAMAG (amonnium sulphate nitrate and magnesite) and MAGNI-SUL (amonnium suplhate nitrate and magnesite) with their analogies DASA H, DASAMAG H a MAGNISUL H with the humate addition in form of lignite. Ferti-lizers were applied in two terms either regenerative or productive. The highest statistical differences were achieved for the factors of the locality and the year. The average yileds achieved in Žabčice were higher in comparison with Vatín (the difference was 0,45 t/ha respectively 5,7 %). There were observed higher average yields in the year 2017 beside the year 2016 (the difference was 1,86 t/ha respectively 26,1 %). There were also recorded higher values of qualitative parameters in Žabčice in 2017. Based on the results, it can be stated that the best average yields and the other monitored parameters were in Žabčice 2017. There were no statistical differences between variants with and without humate. The highest average yield achieved variant fertilization with DASA. Only variant MAGNI-SUL H achieved higher yield than variant MAGNISUL (the difference was minimal, 0,2 %). MAGNISUL H was the only variant that achieved higher average volume weight and sediment values compared to the fertilizers without the humate addition. The term of application did not prove to be statistically significant.
Design of excavation and primary tunnel lining on high-speed railway construction
Dostál, Tomáš ; ING, Tomáš Zítko, CEng MICE, EUR (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
As part of modernization of the Brno-Přerov railway line, is in the section between village Blažovice and town Vyškov desined tunnel composed of two monorail tubes about 640 meters length. Tubes are situated in neogenic clay with an overburden height of 11 meters. This master thesis deals with design suitable tunnel exavation, primary lining with static calculation and geotechnical monitoring.
Short-term rainfall for hydrological modeling and design of small water management structures in the landscape
Kavka, P. ; Müller, Miloslav ; Strouhal, L. ; Kašpar, Marek ; Bližňák, Vojtěch ; Landa, M. ; Weyskrabová, L. ; Pavel, M. ; Dostál, T.
The aim of this methodology is to reduce the current knowledge deficit in the field of short-term rainfall variability and its application in hydrological modeling and design of small water structures and conservation measures within the catchment. The methodology defines six generalized short-term rainfall scenarios with specific temporal distribution of rainfall intensity. Next their variability related to their occurence frequency and spatial distribution accross Czech Republic is presented. These scenarios were derived from the 10-years time series of radar rainfall measurements adjusted with the daily totals from ground gauging network.
Influence of the new foundation on the construction of the wine cellar
Dostál, Tomáš ; Závacký, Martin (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
In the traditional wine village Dolni Bojanovice was a two-party dispute. The dispute arose because of the fear of a negative impact on the existing structure of the wine cellar because of the load of a newly built hall. The bachelor thesis is focused on the evaluation of the likely influence of the base of the new structure on the historical wine cellar.
Výživa cukrovky při nedostatku hořčíku v půdě
Dostal, Tadeáš
The goal of this project was to compare the different compounds of magnesium and its influence on yield and volume of sugar beet. This project was realized by small plot experiment in Pusté Jakartice u Opavy. Sugar beet was fertilizated using four different experiment setups: 1. not fertilized, 2. DUMAG (ammonium nitrate + magnesium nitra-te), 3. DASAMAG (ammonium nitrate + ammonium sulphate with magnesite), 4. MAGNISUL (ammonium nitrate + ammonium sulphate with kieserite). Variety with fertilizer DASAMAG has the highest yield of sugar beet. The highest digestion of sugar beet has non-fertilizated variety and variety with fertilizer DUMAG.
Spatial interpolation and soil erosion modeling
Bek, Stanislav ; Ježek, Josef (advisor) ; Segeth, Karel (referee) ; Dostál, Tomáš (referee)
The doctoral thesis deals with selected methods of spatial interpolation and their applications to numerical modeling of the earth's surface, in particular soil erosion. The first part contains the description of the studied methods. Firstly and foremost, the method called regularized spline with tension (RST) is introduced. It has proven to be useful in interpolating elevation data. In the thesis, RST is presented in depth with the derivation of its radial basis function and its links to kriging. Further on the mathematics of digital terrain models and the tools for terrain geometric analysis are covered. The following chapter deals with the description of the soil erosion process and of the selected erosion models. The second part of the thesis summarizes five of the author's research articles which include applications of the described mathematical methods. The first two articles are devoted to the problem of elevation data interpolation and the building of digital elevation models. They deal with the optimization of the RST method for particular input data and target erosion models. The third article analysis the spatial structure of the soil data and the pedogenesis of the Žofínský prales natural forest. The last two articles deal with the spatial properties of heavy rainfalls and the mapping of...
Fully-Differential Frequency Filters with Modern Active Elements
Langhammer, Lukáš ; Dostál, Tomáš (referee) ; Štork, Milan (referee) ; Jeřábek, Jan (advisor)
Tato disertační práce se zaměřuje na výzkum v oblasti frekvenčních filtrů. Hlavním cílem je navrhnout a analyzovat plně diferenční kmitočtové filtry pracující v proudovém módu a využívající moderní aktivní prvky. Prezentované filtry jsou navrženy za použití proudových sledovačů, operačních transkonduktančních zesilovačů, plně diferenčních proudových zesilovačů a transrezistančních zesilovačů. Návrh se zaměřuje na možnost řídit některý z typických parametrů filtru pomocí řiditelných aktivních prvků, které jsou vhodně umístněny do obvodové struktury. Jednotlivé prezentované filtry jsou navrženy v nediferenční a diferenční verzi. Velký důraz je věnován srovnání plně diferenčních struktur s jejich odpovídajícími nediferenčními formami. Funkčnost jednotlivých návrhů je ověřena simulacemi a v některých případech i experimentálním měřením.
Filtering structures for fotovoltaic power stations
Hruška, Petr ; Dostál, Tomáš (referee) ; Petržela, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is dedicated to an issue of vibration of photovoltaic panels, which manifests itself primarily in the acoustic field. From the photoelectric effect is gradually getting through photovoltaic cell, panel, string, power plant to define the causes of the vibration. The aim of the work is to design electrical low pass filter that suppress disruptive elements, which prevents audible vibrations of panels and the whole system of photovoltaic power plants.
Class D stereo audio power amplifier
Kazelle, Kamil ; Dostál, Tomáš (referee) ; Brančík, Lubomír (advisor)
The content of this project is design of stereo audio amlifier working in class D with output power 2x20W. Project includes also a design of preamplifier and power supply. This project is divided into the four parts. In first part the theory and problems of amplifiers working in class D is resumed, in the second the designed circuits are dicussed, in the third the results of simulations in the program PSpice are presented and the last part of project describes the realization and presents the results of measurements.

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