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Reconstruction of the multifunctional room music school with an emphasis on acoustics
Sehnal, František ; Donaťák, Vladislav (referee) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis was to design the reconstruction of the music hall in the existing building of the private music school D-Music. The building is located in Kromeriz, cadastral area Kromeriz. I emphasize the design from the perspective of acoustics. The thesis also evaluated the noise load from the adjacent road II. class, for design hole fillings. It is a five-storey building with one underground and four above-ground floors. The music hall is located on the first floor and is designed multifunctionaly - for music with mobile acoustic absorbers for speech.
Elementary school in Mořicích
Huvarová, Aneta ; Donaťák, Vladislav (referee) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The Thesis deals with a reconstruction of the elementary school in Mořice. The main aim of the Thesis is adjusting the building for an operation of school facilities and recovering into an origin building appearance. The land is in the protective zone of immovable cultural values. It is the two-floored object with a basement, an unused attic, roofed with a sloping roof with metal covering. The use of object will be remained. The building is a part of terraced houses being connected with from the south direction. The project is solved in the level of documentation for the construction work.
Apartment house
Vrbický, Josef ; Donaťák, Vladislav (referee) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the design of a new building of a detached apartment building in Holice, in the form of project documentation for construction. The building is designed with bricks and ceilings made of beams and ceramic inserts. The peripheral masonry is designed from ceramic brick blocks th. 300 mm completed with contact insulation system ETICS th. 200 mm, which will be equipped with silicone plaster 1,5mm. The internal load-bearing masonry is designed from acoustic ceramic brick blocks th. 250 and 300 mm. Partitions are designed from acoustic partition walls. On the ceilings, a heavy floating floor with excellent acoustic properties is designed. The roof is designed flat single-skin with thermal insulation of mineral wool and with waterproofing layer made of bitumen modified SBS strips laid in two layers. Balcony railing is designed aluminum with safety glass paneling.
Apartment house
Švub, Daniel ; Donaťák, Vladislav (referee) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create project documentation concerning the construction of a new apartment building in the cadastral area of Hradec Králové in the territory of the town of Hradec Králové. The building is designed as a stand alone four story building. The apartment building constitutes of 13 apartment units. The object is based on the foundation strips. All brick structures are made out of Porotherm brick blocks, with the exception of the elevator shaft, which is made out of reinforced concrete. The building envelope is insulated with the Etics contact thermal insulation. The internal staircase is monolithic, made out of reinforced concrete. The object is roofed by a flat roof and the load-bearing element is made out of continuous reinforced concrete slab. The blueprint was processed using the ArchiCAD program, and the visualizations were processed using the Lumion program.
Apartment house
Brukner, Josef ; Donaťák, Vladislav (referee) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The objective of this bachelor’s thesis is a project documentation for the construction of an apartment building in Nížkov. The object is situated on the cadastral area of Nížkov, the number of building plot is 943/108. Building plot is located in built-up area. The terrain is planar. In the apartment building, there are 2 floors with five residential units. On the first floor, there are two flats, a cleaning room, a mechanical room, a bike shed, and a cellar. Flats are situated on the above-ground floor. The main entrance to the building is on the first floor. The structural system of this building is a wall system. External walls are made of ground brick blocks with mineral insulation bonded with walling adhesive. Internal masonry is made of acoustic brick blocks. The building doesn’t have any external thermal insulation. The facade is made of heat-insulating plaster with a silicate top layer. The floor structure is designed as a cast-in-place reinforced slab. The staircase is designed as a cast-in-place reinforced construction too. The roofing of this object is composed of hip roof. The floor constructions are designed as a floating floor.
Industrial bakery Herold Brno
Šebela, Vojtěch ; Štikar, Jaroslav (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is based on project that has been processed within the subject AG035 Architectural design of the 6th semestr of Bachelor’s degree. The proposed building is a production facility of an industrial bakery for a Herold company that wants to get production closer to the city of Brno. The land was selected in the area of Horní Heršpice in the place of unused brownfield industrial area. The surrounding area is partly an industrial zone, continuosly connected to a residental area. „K terminálu“ access road is at the same time an importnant conection for a nearby transhipment. The proposed object is divided into two main parts. Dominant and simpler is the production hall, whose sisposition ensures the smooth production process. The smaller and more structured administraion building connects to it workers' background. The endeavor was to rexpect boundaries of the plot in whose directions the complex reacts with its morphology. This should bring into order otherwise chaotic buildings and fully complement it. Between the production hall and office part is the half closed atrium, forming the rest zone where the offices and rest room are oriented. Around the complex is logistic comuniction and staff parking. The loadbearing structure is on the principle of steel frame system supplemented by longitudinal bracing. It will be covered by warm flat roof on the trapezoidal sheet. Most of their elements will be admitted in the interior and its modulation will be reflected in the exterior. The cladding will be done in Kingspan panels in white on an administrative object and dark gray on a production hall. In order to soften the form of the office part, most of the surface is made from window glassblocks. This should improve the human scale appearance on the contrary the superhuman scale of the production hall. Interior will be illuminated well and airy, for a positive influence on workers. On the corner there will be a staircase to a walkable roof.
Aquaria Production Pavlica
Suchanek, Tomáš ; Štikar, Jaroslav (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with documentation for gaining building permit approval and documentation for building aquarium factory. Thesis is based on earlier created AG032 course study. Popovice is located in Uherské Hradiště county, this parcel of land is located near south border of the county. The estate is flat and relatively narrow; therefore, the shape of the estate has influenced the placement of individual objects. The estate is near railroad station. Because of the near highway E55, the supply and dispatch accessibility is good. The factory is divided into four above-ground objects that are mutually dilated according to the production requirements. All objects do not possess a cellar. The first object is located in the southern part of the estate. In the first object there is a product showroom and administrative section with employee facilities. Due to showroom’s atypical shape, this object is partially made of reinforced concrete and partially made of Porotherm system construction blocks. The production hall is located behind this object. The access to the production hall is possible with a truck, also it is possible to manipulate heavy blocks of glass with a crane. The manufacturing process of glueing has high demands for light, therefore, the object is equipped with roof belt light well and large glass walls. This production hall is connected to waste storage unit in the east side and wood processing building on the north side. Also, there are technological facilities for both objects. The supply and dispatch area is located between the main production hall, waste storage unit and wood processing building. The construction system of production objects is skeleton, prefabricated and based on monolithic nibs. The light wells and roof are made of steel. Waste storage unit’s load-bearing system is made of bricks. Kingspan white colour facade panels are the main connecting elements throughout the whole factory. Behind the factory there is park greenery with
Industrial bakery Herold Brno
Korpášová, Natália ; Štikar, Jaroslav (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design a new Industrial bakery Herold in Brno in the current location of a brownfield in Horní Heršpice, Brno. The project is based on a study of the Industrial bakery Herold Brno v the subject named AG 035. The aim of this work is a formation of a new architectural and urban concept thanks to which the nowadays unused property is put to use and creates a new pleasant workplace for the employees. In the surrounding areas, mostly heavy industrial buildings and factories can be found. The industrial bakery is used for production of quality pastry, bread, rolls, regular pastry and their distribution Conceptually, the Industrial bakery is based on/linking the production, people and nature. Newly built bakery consists of three masses, which are interconnected by corridors. The whole idea is based on the zoning of Horní Heršpice into two parts of industrial production and residential district. Administrative facilities are represented by the residential district. In addition, the two industrial parts are consisting of production halls and goods despatch. Functional parts are connected by glass corridors. The main element of the property is the continual atrium by which the production halls as well as administrative sections are separated from the storage. The building is single-floored, however, it has different light and construction heights. The mass composition is accompanied by three granaries. The aim is to focus the attention on the nature and to create enjoyable workplace for the members of staff. Therefore, the façade of the building is built with the use of glass façade panels with built-in expanded metal. Thanks to the glass façade a natural shielding is created as well as direct sunlight penetration is prevented. Moreover, a pleasant light dispersion is achieved. The structure creates the impression of a closed structure that reflects its surroundings and the urban green areas. In addition, the big mass construction is
Industrial building plant Arvin Meritor Brno
Habarta, Jaroslav ; Vranová, Daniela (referee) ; Boleslavská, Yvona (advisor) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis was the elaboration of project documentation based on the studio project AG036. This is a new Arvin Meritor industrial plant specializing in the production of a car sub-system. The production of the plant should cover the demands of the Škoda Auto car factory, with a planned production of 300,000 vehicles per year. In accordance with the need for intensive exploitation of the territory of the City of Brno, the object is located on a plot in the Brno-Maloměřice district, which is run as brownfield no. 1904 and for which the applicable land plan assumes the production function. The concept of a new building by its location on the given plot takes into account the planned extension of the production part of the plant and eventual use of the site in the form of a new industrial zone. The object itself is designed as three cubic masses divided by illuminating corridors and functionally split into a production and administrative part with staff backgrounds. The production flow starts at the take in ramp to which the reception and storage of the goods is followed, including inspection and registration. Custom assembly takes place on three assembly lines, the production process is completed by a functional test and an output check.
Multifunction house
Vozár, Miroslav ; Donaťák, Vladislav (referee) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the elaboration of project documentation for the construction of a new multifunctional building. The building will be located in the city of Brno, in the district of Zábrdovice, in street Vlhká. The building is divided into residential units, offices, a dental office, a café and a technical background. The building is designed as a terrace house in blank space, non-basement and with four above-ground floors. The residential part has 2 flats 3+kk. Part of the residential areas includes storage areas and garage. Non-residential premises include a café with hygienic facilities, administrative part of individual offices, storages and hygienic premises, dental office with waiting room and background for employees and technical facilities – technical room and air-condition machinery. There are 17 parking places, of which 1 for people with limited mobility and 1 for motorbike. The object is based on piles. The peripheral load-bearing structures are walled of sand-lime blocks. The ceiling structure consists of prestressed ceiling panels. The building is sheltered by hipped roof, which is made of gang-nailed-connected timber truss. The stairs are prefabricated. During processing the emphasis was put on the appropriate layout, building-construction and architectural design and safe use of the building. Project documentation is processed in Allplan.

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