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Coupling of Thermal Manikin with Human Thermophysiological Model
Doležalová, Veronika ; Toma, Róbert (referee) ; Pokorný, Jan (advisor)
thermal manikin, thermophysiological model, thermal comfort, climatic chamber, clothing thermal resistence
Y Chromosomal Characteristics of the Modern Rural Population in Klatovy Region
Doležalová, Veronika ; Ehler, Edvard (advisor) ; Stenzl, Vlastimil (referee)
Usage of genetic markers in non-recombining part of chromosome Y has been shown as a eligible tool for a study of history, diversity and migration of population. Applicable markers of chromosome Y are SNP and STR polymorphisms. There were collected 53 unique samples of DNA as a object of this work from unrelated origin males from 9 villages around Klatovy. Samples have been analyzed and its values have been determined by using the 17 STR markers by AmpFLSTR® Yfiler® Direct Kit. In total I have observed 7 different haplogroups. I have resulted samples from villages around Klatovy and they were analyzed by AMOVA. I have compared samples with the surrounding populations in neighborly Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Central and South Bohemia. There were no significant differences founded in the genetic profile of this population to the surrounding populations.
Modernization of initial reading and writing in the 1st grade primary school using methods RWCT and the interactive whiteboard
Doležalová, Veronika ; Wildová, Radka (advisor) ; Křivánek, Zdeněk (referee)
Thesis entitled Modernization of initial reading and writing in the 1st grade primary school using the methods RWCT and the interactive whiteboard in the theoretical section summarizes current concepts of teaching reading and writing, as well as defining new procedures, their use and benefit in teaching reading and writing. The practical part examines the applied methods and compares achievements of students attending the first class of primary school. Followed by a questionnaire survey of information, knowledge and experience with these methods for educators of 1st grade primary school.
Strength-strain analysis of dog prosthesis
Doležalová, Veronika ; Hrstka, Miroslav (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with strength-deformation analysis of dog prosthesis. Work contains introduction to problems of prosthesis and determination of kinematice during dog’s movements. The analysis was carried out using two approaches, both analytical and numerical. In conclusion, we compare the results of both computational approaches.
Municipal library in Odolena Voda as an information and cultural centre: Project
Doležalová, Veronika ; Stöcklová, Anna (advisor) ; Římanová, Radka (referee)
(in English) Diploma thesis "Municipal library in Odolena Voda as an information a cultural centre : Project" suggests possibilities of changes and expansion of library services provided by the Municipal library in Odolena Voda and suggests other activities so that it becomes in the future a modern information and cultural centre of Odolena Voda . The author briefly describes the history and current status of Odolena Voda. Another part is focused on analysis of current conditions of the Municipal Library in Odolena Voda - describes its building, the library collections, users and specifies currenly offered library services and activities in which is currently the library involved. The author also summarizes the Czech legislation related to the services of public libraries, and international standards and recommendations for public library services. Furthermore, in work as a basis for designing new services and activities of the Municipal in Library Odolena Voda gives an examples and experiences from other municipal libraries in the country. In the next part of the work the author charts the subsidy opportunities for public libraries- grant programs of the Regional Office of the Central Region, subsidy programs of the Ministry of Culture (Library of the 21st century, the Czech library, VISK) and the...
International and national aspects of double taxation
Doležalová, Veronika ; Novotný, Petr (advisor) ; Boháč, Radim (referee)
Veronika Doležalová Mezinárodní a vnitrostátní aspekty dvojího zdan ní 160 International and national aspects of double taxation - Resumé This thesis pays attention to the area of double taxation and its related national as well as international aspects. The reason for discussing this subject was its importance for removing the obstacles that double taxation presents to the development of economic relations between countries. The thesis is divided into five chapters. There are six annexes attached that are important to grasp the topic in its complexity. The first chapter is devoted to theoretical questions of double taxation. It is concentrated particularly on issues such as legal framework of taxation, the national and international treatment of double taxation from the point of view of the principle of origin, measures to eliminate double taxation by way of national unilateral measures or international Double Tax Conventions. The end of the chapter presents examples of national double taxation in the Czech Republic. The rest of the thesis discusses international double taxation. The second chapter is concerned with national aspects of international double taxation and describes legislation related to double taxation in the Czech Republic. As the point of departure to the analysis the following acts were...
The Process of Setting Up the Local Government in the Municipality of Proseč
Doležalová, Veronika ; Čopík, Jan (advisor) ; Kobzev Kotásková, Sylvie (referee)
The subject of bachelor´s work is the problematic research of local self-government of town Prosec. The work is divided in two parts, theoretic and practical. The theoretic part is explaining the basic concepts and the starting points that is the town itself, the state bodies, the council and the foreign advice and legislation. The theoretical part also shows a summary of the basic concepts relating to communal election, the results, electoral right, candidacy and influence of sides on the result of the election. It also shows different ways of election and the count of valid election results. The practical element is aimed on profit of socioeconomic indicators of the town and evaluates its value on the influence on the development and functioning of the local self-government. The practical part is also trying to find solutions of the political process of the town, it's development and analytics of the mutual relationships and character definition of making process decision depending on the results of the communal election between 1994 to 2014. Great method was used within local investigation including an interview with the candidates from the last communal election that were voted by the elected councillor and representatives of the local society. The rating of the socioeconomic indicators and communal election is done by classification of Petr Jüptner at the end.
Vliv diferencované výživy dusíkem a sírou na výnos a kvalitu zrna ječmene
Doležalová, Veronika
The thesis is judged whether the different application of nutrition has impact on yield and grain quality of spring barley. The theoretical part deals with the basic characteristic of spring barley and its sulfur and nitrogen nutrition. In the practical part are evaluated the results of a long-term experiment which ran from 2005 to 2013. Fertilization by sulfur and nitrogen was made on spring barley in multiple variants in different doses. Each made application were evaluated and processed within the yield and quality of spring barley.

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