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Production of optical components for prototype I
Doleček, Roman ; Pintr, Pavel
This report describes the process of a freeform mirrors production. Mirrors are part of optical system of the laser head prototype.
Optimizing the process of producing optical components
Doleček, Roman ; Pintr, Pavel
This report describes a development of the optimization of the freeform mirror production process. Mirrors are part of optical system of the Prototype I.
Psota, Pavel ; Doleček, Roman ; Lédl, Vít ; Vojtíšek, Petr ; Vít, T. ; Matoušek, Ondřej
This paper presents a digital holographic method for measurement and visualization of temperature distribution in 3-D space. It is based on measurement of phase information along various projections followed by a tomographic reconstruction of the 3-D temperature distribution. The method is experimentally proved and some results are presented in this paper.
SIEMENS ‘FLYEYE‘ prototype lens results within a project 3SU1
Doleček, Roman ; Melich, Radek ; Macner, David
The aim of this study is to design and prototype a lens that enable a decrease of the light intensity that radiate into forward direction (90°) and at the same time increase the FWHM of the irradiated pattern.
Simulation of optical system of deposition controller
Doleček, Roman ; Pintr, Pavel ; Václavík, Jan
The report describes results of modeling of optical system which is component of optical monitoring system applied on machines for vacuum thin film deposition. Results were compared to real behavior of system, especially chromatic properties and total throughput. A numerical optimization, based on analysis results, was performed in order to improve throughput and ruggedness of the system.
Digital Holographic Method for Piezoelectric Transformers Vibration Analysis
Psota, Pavel ; Kopecký, V. ; Lédl, Vít ; Doleček, Roman
The paper describes a holographic method for vibration analysis in nanometer range. The method was successfully applied on different types of piezoelectric transformers and the measurement results are introduced. To proof the reliability of the method it was done a comparing simultaneous measurement of a piezoelectric component by the holographic method and the well-established single-point interferometric method. Results showing the minimal deviation of both methods are presented in the final part of the paper.
Digital holographic setup for measurement of asymmetric temperature field and tomographic reconstruction
Doleček, Roman ; Kopecký, V. ; Psota, Pavel ; Lédl, Vít
This paper presents a digital holographic multidirectional interferometric method for measurement of periodic asymmetric temperature fields. This method uses a modified Twymann-Green setup having double sensitivity. The setup employs one precisely synchronized and triggered CCD camera with a measured coherent phenomenon. That allows a large number of the phenomenon’s different projections capturing which are used for 3D tomographic reconstruction.
Measurement of Vibration Mode Structure for Adaptive Vibration Suppression System by Digital Holography
Psota, Pavel ; Lédl, Vít ; Doleček, Roman ; Mokrý, P. ; Kopecký, V.
Previously the frequency-shifted digital holographic interferometry (FSDHI) for measurement of vibration amplitudes in range of nanometers was introduced and verified by authors [1,2]. The method FSDHI addressed some of the drawbacks of the conventional methods and was used mainly for piezoelectric transformer vibration amplitudes and mode structures measurement [3]. The limiting factor for application of this method is the maximal measured value of the vibration amplitude without the risk of ambiguity. The value is approximately 80nm for the frequency doubled Nd: YAG line. Since FSDHI enables us to precisely measure vibration amplitudes over the whole inspected area with very high lateral resolution, it could also be a very useful tool for measurement of vibration amplitudes and mode structures for research in the field of adaptive suppression systems. Such a measurement would provide a necessary feedback about the system behavior.This was the reason why we put an effort
Planar acoustic metamaterials with the active control of acoustic impedance using a piezoelectric composite actuator
Nováková, Kateřina ; Mokrý, P. ; Václavík, J. ; Marton, P. ; Cernik, M. ; Psota, Pavel ; Doleček, Roman ; Lédl, Vít
In the Paper, there are presented methods for a precise active control of the acoustic impedance of large planar structures, e.g glass plates or shells, by means of distributed flexible piezoelectric composite actuators which are connected to passive or active electronic shunt circuits. Design of tunable acoustic metamaterials is realized using Finite Element Method simulations and their acoustic properties are evaluated using acoustic transmission loss measurements. Static and dynamic displacements of the metamaterials produced by electric voltage are measured using Digital Holographic Interferometry. We believe that deep understanding of presented systems should result in future applications that improve the quality of everyday life.
Comparison of holographic setups used in heat and mass transfer measurement
Doleček, Roman ; Psota, Pavel ; Lédl, Vít ; Vít, Tomáš ; Kopecký, V.
The authors of the paper deal with measurement of heat and mass transfer for several years and they have frequently used few techniqes for measurement of refractive index distribution based on holographic interferometry. Some of the well known techniques have been modified some and some new ones developped. Every technique could be applied with success in different type of meassurement and obviously every one has set of properties making them unique. We decided to digest few different basic techniques and describe its properties in this paper with the aim to help the reader select the proper one for their measurement. The list of techniques and its properties is not comprehensive but schould serve as a basic orientation in the field.

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