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Comparison of strategic communication of main city Prague and Czech Republic towards non-Czech and Czech public within celebrations of 100. anniversary establishment of Czechoslovakia
Růtová, Miriam ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Dolanská, Nora (referee)
This thesis is focused on destination marketing. At first it explains the characteristic of this kind of marketing, its goals, target groups, potential problems and communication aspects which are represented especially by events and attractions. Theoretic part follows description of two Czech communication agencies (nationwide CzechTourism and Prague City Tourism from the capital city), when both of them are focused on propagation either the whole state, or just Prague. Third chapter then discusses and compares communication and marketing activities of both agencies, which happened last year to promote the 100th anniversary of founding Czechoslovakia and following important events. Practical part is constructed by a quantitative questionnaire survey, which is examining the awareness about celebrations of the historical jubilee between the Czech and foreign inhabitants of the Czech Republic.
Communication activities of Czech Tourism agency for increasing incoming tourism
Skalník, Jan ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Communication activities of CzechTourism agency for increasing incoming tourism" describes the current situation of an incoming tourism to the Czech Republic and promotion of the destination abroad in 2013 focused on the most important source markets, namely Germany and Russia. Major emphasis is placed on the project "Land of stories" and rebranding, which CzechTourism came through in 2012. On the example of the Czech Republic, I will describe some specifics of destination marketing, which is undergoing a rapid development. The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the success of marketing strategies and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The first part deals with the theory which emphasizes the importance of marketing for tourism. This is followed by a description of Czech Tourist Authority and situational analysis which deals with the role of the Czech Republic in the tourism market, the SWOT analysis and characterization of chosen key markets. The next parts describe the specific activities and campaigns through which the Czech Republic is presented on the individual markets. The end of the thesis includes a summary of the research and my final conclusions.
Communication Activities of Company Berliner Stadtreinigung in Years 2010-2011. Case Study with Regard to Perception of Brand Pražské služby
Kotvová, Lenka ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
The thesis deals with the case study of Berlin's public cleansing company Berliner Stadtreinigung which communication campaign has changed the modern history of German marketing communication. The first chapter describes characteristic features of this long-term campaign as well as its historical development and integration into the complete advertising, medial and creative strategies. To verify the declared effectiveness of the campaign the author carries out an own survey presented in the second chapter, It examines the knowledge and perception of both BSR's brand and communication activities. The secondary goal of the survey is a situational comparison with the Czech market, resp. the company Pražské služby. Its selected communication activities are introduced and evaluated it the third chapter, too. Finally, the thesis comes up with recommendations how to improve the existing communication of Pražské služby in order to maximize its effectiveness.
Communication of film tourism in Prague 2000-2013
Syslová, Kateřina ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
The main aim of my thesis was to introduce filmmaking as a possible source of motivation for inbound tourism capital of Prague. My work deals with foreign film tourism in Prague and its development between the years 2000 - 2013. It defines the concept and outlines the history of this phenomenon in the sociological context. I support the theory with several practical world, Czech and Prague's examples. Furthermore I name and describe the institutions which are necessary in communication with foreign film productions. I also present their activities targeted at foreign producers and directors. Then I explain how the basic norms reflect the law. On the development of film production in the Czech Republic, particularly on the decline of interest in the years 2006 - 2010, I demonstrate the importance of such standards. I also describe the world and Czech examples of marketing communications targeted at film tourists. Campaigns are divided according to the type of media that the destination marketing organizations use. My work also contains British research that I apply to film tourism in Prague. Briefly I deal with change that has occurred in this industry after the advent of modern technologies and new media. That affects audio-visual production and its consumption. At the end of my work I present...
Communication of the town Mikulov in years 2012-2013
Pláničková, Karolína ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis on the topic of Communication of the town Mikulov in years 2012 - 2013 is description and analysis of communication activities of the town Mikulov in tourism. The thesis analyzes activities of the city within the communication mix, information centers, presentation at tourism fairs and cooperation with twinned cities. It focuses on wine, active and culture tourism, which is potential for a growth of tourism in the future. At the conclusion the thesis defines by using SWOT analysis strengths and weaknesses of the communication and submits a proposal how to improve communication activities in the future.
Loyalty programs: Tesco Case Study
Svobodová, Veronika ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Koudelková, Petra (referee)
This is a bachelor thesis concerning titled Loyalty programs: Tesco Case Study. This thesis is divided into two parts of which the first one is theoretical. In this part the term loyalty is defined in the context of marketing and subsequently the definition of the term loyalty program is presented. This part also includes a typology of loyalty programs based on their target group, a brief history o loyalty schemes and finally the efficiency of these programs. This topic is much discussed among theoreticians so that is why there are empirical studies and their typology included in this part. The second part of this thesis is focused on Tesco. First the company is briefly introduced and next the history of Tesco is described (in this part the first attempt to introduce a loyalty program is mentioned). Subsequently the Clubcard loyalty scheme is described. This part starts with description creative process and tests of the first versions. Then the Czech version of this loyalty program is described including the principle of collecting points, calculating their value and conditions of participating in the program. The thesis is accompanied with visuals of Clubcard quarterly statement (point billing) and campaign that accompanied the official launch of the program in Czech Republic.
The analysis of communication activities of turistic destination Litomyšl
Hronová, Veronika ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
The subject of thesis Analysis of communication activities of touristic destination Litomysl is the analysis and description of communication activities of the city Litomysl. The thesis also deals with communication activities of other entities involved in the structure of tourism destination. The aim of this thesis is to describe the touristic destination and critically evaluate the communication activities. For this purpose, SWOT analysis will be used. At the end of the thesis, there will be some recommendation, which could improve marketing communication of the destination.
Analysis of the communication activities of the spa Ostrožská Nová Ves
Frantová, Nikol ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Hejlová, Denisa (referee)
This thesis analyzes communication activities of the Spa Sirnaté lázně Ostrožská Nová Ves in years 2010 - 2012. During this period, the communication activities and communication strategy of the spa were changed. The thesis was supposed to verify this assumption and describe the changes on the basis of the discovered information. Thesis gives a detailed description of communication strategy, communication goals and marketing goals and analyzes whether these goals were accomplished. Internal documents of Royal Spa group, media outputs and public questionnaires were used to verify this achievement. Analyzed documents, information and questionnaires shows that in the examined period, the main marketing and communication goals were a penetration of news target audience, increasing purchases, brand promotion of the Royal Spa corporation and brand promotion of the Spa Sirnaté lázně. Based on this research it was established that not all of the given goals were achieved mainly due to ineffectiveness of the communication channels and transmission.
The Communication Activites of National Heritage Institute in Central Bohemian Region in 2011 and 2012
Vosátková, Lenka ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Shavit, Anna (referee)
Communication activities of National Heritage Institute in Central Bohemian Region in 2011 and 2012 bachelor thesis deals with description and analysis of marketing tools used in the field of monuments. First, it describes offer of monuments and then it focuses on the communication of institution which administers the castles - National Heritage Institute. The thesis explains basic marketing terms in connection with tourism and consequently describes their application in the process of promotion central-bohemian monument objects. Most analysed tools are online comunication and sales support. Great attention is dedicated to using historical places to film production and organizing of social events. The aim was also to find out visitor's view, so that the thesis includes results of questionnaire survey.
The marketing strategy of the region Český ráj v letech 2009 - 2013
Vachová, Kateřina ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
Bachelor thesis "The marketing strategy of the tourist region Bohemian Paradise in 2009- 2013" describes and analyzes present marketing conception and communication activities which take place in that region. The objective of the paper is to introduce main subjects of the destination management in the region and to present documents forming the basis of the marketing strategy, especially the document "The medium-term plan of the development in the Bohemian Paradise in 2012-2017". The aim of the thesis is to describe implementation of this marketing strategy and to evaluate realization of the marketing and communication activities within the destination management of the tourist region Bohemian Paradise.

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