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Perception of the health risks resulting from health, lifestyle and professional strain of teachers of various school levels
Papršteinová, Markéta ; Šmejkalová, Jindra (advisor) ; Hrubá, Drahoslava (referee) ; Dohnal, Karel (referee)
Perception of health risks from lifestyle and work psychic load of teachers from different school levels Introduction: It is well known that the teaching profession is associated with numerous health risks. Teachers are exposed to excessive mental work and sensory stress, long working in a forced position at increased risk of noise, infections and voice disorders. Compared with the general population, there are more frequently found diseases related to occupational stress. Aim: To determine the perception of health risks arising from particular health state, lifestyle and workload of teachers from different school levels. Methods: In the context of cross-sectional epidemiological study we used an anonymous questionnaire enquiry to obtained data from 484 respondents, ranging from 201 primary school teachers, 227 teachers of secondary schools and 56 university teachers. We have investigated the presence of risk factors and their perception by teachers with regard to the school level, age and gender of the respondents. Working psychological stress was assessed by Meister questionnaire. Results: We found that many respondents were exposed to several risk factors simultaneously. Most often it was a serious illness in close relatives, and increased mental work load. This was increasingly exposed...
Food allergies and its influence on nutrition of contemporary Czech family
Vanišová, Barbora ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Dohnal, Karel (referee)
TITLE: Food allergies and its influence on nutrition of contemporary Czech family AUTHOR: Barbora Vanišová DEPARTMENT: Department of Education SUPERVISOR: PaedDr. Eva Marádová, CSc. ABSTRACT: This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of food allergies and their effect on the nutrition of contemporary czech family, along with the possibilities how to handle the negative impact that allergies could have on the composition of the diet. The theoretical part predominantly concentrates on the food allergies as a whole, their symptoms, types, prevention, diagnosis and treatment; the practical part uses a questionnaire survey to investigate the condition of allergies in czech families, knowledge of them among families with an allergic member and also in general public, and the attitude to diet in terms of its change in families with allergic members. In the practical part the thesis as well researches, if there is a positive or negative impact of food allergies on the composition of czech families' diet, and evokes possible solutions, how the diversification of the diet considering the food allergies could be attained. KEYWORDS: Allergies, food, family nutrition, food allergies, Czech family
Comparison of the drinking regime for second primary school students and high school students
Plachá, Barbora ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Dohnal, Karel (referee)
This thesis deals with the study of the drinking regime for second primary school students and high school students with a focus on drinking schedule at school. The work is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the introduction to the theoretical part there has been characterized the target group. Furthermore, there's given the importance of water for the human body, water balance, principles of drinking regime and specific recommendations for the target group. Furthermore, there's been made a recherche out of several different sources regarding particular nonalcoholic drinks. In the conclusion, the attention is paid to the risks that may be occured due to improper intake of liquids and also to providing the drinking regime in school. The practical part of the thesis describes the research which was done among students and teachers. The way to data collection were questionnaires. Particular results are presented and discussed in the conclusion of the thesis. The results of the survey determine that, although some awareness of the monitored group of students is apparent, keeping the drinking regime principles is unsatisfactory. Based on the research and information from available literature, there've been formulated recommendations for teaching practice.
Possibilities of prevention reflecting geriatric principles: Functional status and depressivity in old age
Vaňková, Hana ; Čelko, Alexander (advisor) ; Dohnal, Karel (referee) ; Jirák, Roman (referee)
Possibilities of prevention reflecting geriatric principles: Functional status and depressivity in old age Hana Vaňková, MD Abstract Background: Given the population ageing in Europe and in the Czech Republic, strategies aiming to prevent functional decline in older age are of great importance. Depression in old age increases functional decline and is also associated with increased morbidity, mortality and deterioration of quality of life (Anstey et al., 2007; Karakaya et al., 2009). Therefore, there is a need for a comprehensive intervention addressing both functional status and depressive symptoms. Methods: Using comprehensive geriatric assessment, the relationship between functional status and depressive symptoms was examined in 308 residents of long-term care facilities (RCFs) in the Czech Republic. Depressive symptoms were measured using the 15-item Geriatric Depression Scale. An additional randomized control trial (RCT) evaluated the effect of a dance-based therapy on depressive symptoms in 162 institutionalized older adults with average age over 80 years. Results: A multiple regression analyses adjusted for sociodemographic factors and for taking antidepressants found that cognitive function and functional limitation by pain were most strongly associated with depressive symptoms. The ability to...
Problem of obesity in chosen multi-generational family
Dolejší, Simona ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Dohnal, Karel (referee)
- 9 - ABSTRACT: The bachelor thesis deals with obesity in a multi-generational family. Strives to characterize and analyze the progress of the disease, to map other health complications that accompany obesity, outline ways to reduce the weight and try to analyze the causes of occurrence in the selected family. In the theoretical part is used the method of expert analysis of literature. The experimental part includes case studies of five members of the selected family, which contain basic personal data, personal and family medical history, energy calculations, weight changes with charts and sample menus with the evaluation. The obtained data were processed and analyzed using the energy calculator. The results showed deficiencies in diet and low physical activity for all members of the selected family. In conclusion, I can say that the cause of obesity in this case can be found in takeover of the life style. KEYWORDS: obesity, body weight, complication of health, menu, diet
Nutritional behavior and eating disorders in women of different ages
Cajthamlová, Renata ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Dohnal, Karel (referee)
Theoretical part of this bachelor thesis deals with a nutrition behavior and with a characteristic, treatment and possible prevention of eating disorders. A questionnaire survey forms a practical part. The questionnaire was obtained from 200 women aged 10-50 years. The survey was whether girls and women eat regularly, how much are they interested in the nutrition value of food, what is their attitude to a sport, diets or thinness advertising in the media, also how they look at obesity, whether they have already met with eating disorders and if they know their meaning. The practical part also contains an evaluation of the respondents answers together with comparison in relation to their age. The results of the survey showed for example that women aged 41-50 years eat more regularly than girls aged 10-20 years, women older than 41 years old more often hold weight-loss diets and girls aged 10-20 years most often have regular physical activity.
Risk factors of malignant melanoma, its possibilities of prevention and early diagnosis
Kulichová, Daniela ; Čelko, Alexander (advisor) ; Rosina, Jozef (referee) ; Dohnal, Karel (referee)
Background Ultraviolet radiation is one of the most important environmental risk factors for cutaneous melanoma. Nonetheless, information concerning ultraviolet exposure in many populations, including the central European population, is lacking. Objectives The aim of our study was to investigate risk factors for malignant melanoma, particularly those related to ultraviolet exposure behavior in two European neighboring countries, Germany and the Czech Republic. Methods We conducted a hospital-based case-control study. 224 consecutive patients were diagnosed with melanoma in two dermatological clinics (Prague and Munich). Controls were 268 patients with other conditions from the same hospitals. All subjects completed a questionnaire on socio-demographic data and factors related to ultraviolet exposure. Associations between melanoma, ultraviolet exposure and other variables were assessed by multivariate logistic regression. Results Patients with red hair had higher risk of developing melanoma than those with other hair color (odds ratio 3.597, 95% confidence interval 1.341-9.646). A similar trend was seen when comparing phototypes; subjects with phototype I and II had a higher likelihood of melanoma than those with phototype III (OR 4.028 and 4.837, 95%CI 1.929-8.411 and 2.574- 9.086). Frequent...
Health risk assessment of chemical substances from removing of old environmental loads
Pelikánová, Denisa ; Fiala, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Dohnal, Karel (referee) ; Hrubá, Drahoslava (referee)
Health risk assessment of chemical substances from removing of old environmental loads Introduction. Hazardous wastes from refineries stored in lagoons are old environmental loads. One way of remediation is to extract and process this waste to an alternative fuel. Emissions of harmful substances released into the atmosphere during extraction and processing of waste can negatively affect the health of exposed persons. Aim of this study was to evaluate the potential level of health risks from remediation of old environmental loads based on the detected concentration levels of selected substances in the air and to build a view of potential health risk stratification in the wider area. Methods. Among the contaminants were monitored sulphur dioxide, toluene, hydrogen sulphide and 16 representatives of PAHs (acenaphthene, acenaphtylene, anthracene, benz[a]anthracene, dibenz(ah)anthracene, benzo[b]fluoranthene, benzo[k]fluoranthene, benzo[ghi]perylene, benzo[a]pyrene, fluoranthene, fluorene, chrysene, indeno[1,2,3-cd]pyrene, naphthalene phenanthrene, and pyrene). For that purpose was used combination of air pollutant concentrations and the dispersion model of substances in environment. The monitoring of contaminants was realized in the place of old environmental loads and in the nearby residential area....
The implementation of an International and Educational Programme about Prevention and Spread of Infectious Diseases for Primary and Secondary School Children
Kopřivová Herotová, Tereza ; Beneš, Jiří (advisor) ; Dohnal, Karel (referee) ; Komárek, Lumír (referee)
This dissertation thesis summarizes the research findings of reviews of Czech society to antibiotics and drugs and her knowledge of infectious diseases and how to effectively prevent the increase of resistant bacteria. This research was attended by 1,242 respondents from four regions of the Czech Republic. The survey revealed a very low respondent's knowledge about the possibilities of effective primary and secondary prevention of infectious diseases. With these findings the Department of Infectious Diseases from the 3rd Medical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague participated in the development and implementation of a pan- European teaching programme called "e-Bug." The main objective of this project was to develop and evaluate the teaching resource which teachers could use in the primary and secondary school in the subject "Health Education". Based on the evaluation of the first version of educational e-Bug manuals on a sample of 2,181students from England, France and the Czech Republic, the team of experts created two teaching manuals (one for primary and second for secondary school). These manuals include 9 complete lessons, whose efficacy has been proven in practice by experienced teachers. The dissertation thesis described in detail the process of preparation and evaluation of...

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