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Effect of length of stretching on the strength and flexibility of kickboxers.
Nižníková, Alexandra ; Kainová, Lucie (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
TITLE: Effect of lenght of stretching on the strength and flexibility of kickboxers AUTHOR: Bc. Alexandra Nižníková DEPARTMENT: Department of physical education SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Lucie Kainová ABSTRACT: The main aim of the diploma thesis was to examine the effect of lenght of stretching on strength ability, and flexibility of kickboxers. The research lasted 12 weeks and was conducted in two research groups. People in the 19-40 age range did kick-boxing three times a week. The experimental group consisted of 25 kick-boxers who did 15 minutes stretching before and 30 minutes stretching after the training. The control group also consisted of 25 kick-boxers, but they did stretching only for 5 minutes before and after the training. In the research we used our own stretching program, that was applied before and after the training. Based on the results, we noticed an improvement in the experimental group in all tests. The control group showed an improvement in strength tests, but on the contrary, we noticed a deterioration in the flexibility tests. KEYWORDS: Stretching, kickbox, flexibility, strength ability
Most common ways to end a match in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
Pihávková, Natálie ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
The basis of this diploma thesis is to find out the most common way to end MMA (mixed martial arts) matches in the UFC (Ultimate fighting championship) organization. The theoretical part is devoted to the description of MMA as such, history, rules with a larger description of possible ways to end the match and with a description of weight categories that are essential for us in this work. He also deals with the UFC organization and its history and MMA in the Czech Republic. The practical part is devoted to research, which focuses on ways to end the MMA match in the UFC in various men's weight categories. The same is done for weight categories in the Czech Republic. KEYWORDS MMA, the UFC, TKO, Submission
Development of physical exercises for young in Sokol organisation after 1990
Hrdina, Matěj ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
Sokol is a body movement organisation that has undergone many changes during its almost 160 years of existence and has been banned several times by the state power. However, she always cared for and supported Miroslav Tyrš`s legacy. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the offer of exercices for the age category of youngs in Sokol. Using a retrospective method, the history of Sokol over the last almost 160 years of its existence is briefly described. Based on a comparison of the ongoing number of divisions and the development of the membership base, the development from the renewal of Sokol in 1990 to the present years is evaluated, focusing on the selected age category. A questionnaire survey is chosen as the analytical method, which was sent electronically to the individual units. Based on the results of the questionnaire survey, previously established hypotheses were disproved or confirmed, which were based on academic work or other available literature. It is confirmed that the membership base of student categories has been growing since the 1990s, despite slight fluctuations. The most significant growth was in the period around the "Sokol slet", in which these age categories regularly participate. This was especially visible in the years around the 16th "Sokol slet" held in 2018 in Prague. The...
Gross motor skills in children with specific learning disabilities
Čumpelíková, Nikola ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis examines the influence of specific learning disabilities on the gross motor skills of pupils at primary schools. The primary objective is to find out which specific learning disability affects gross motor skills and thus may have an impact on physical education difficulties. To achieve the primary goal, I chose a partial goal, which is to find out whether over the past ten years has increased or decreased the number of pupils with specific learning disabilities in primary schools. The secondary objective is to determine the awareness of PE teachers in primary schools about the issue of specific learning disabilities and to consider pupils in physical education lessons if they experience specific learning disabilities. The analysis of literature and questionnaire will be used to achieve these goals. The questionnaire survey was carried out by means of an electronic questionnaire, which was filled in by 55 respondents from primary schools in the Central Bohemia Region. The results of the questionnaire survey are processed into graphs and tables. The thesis is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part I deal with the issue of specific learning disabilities, then the motor skills of people and assessment of pupils with special educational needs. The practical part focuses on...
Triathlon sports industry and its common issues
Bartizalová, Denisa ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the overall issue of triathlon, from a historical development and important milestones, through movement skills essential for this discipline, its characteristics including rules, categories, distances and diversity of other racing styles. It also deals with material equipment needed for different types of triathlon and their individual disciplines, offers an overview of multisports that are triathlon related and last but not least informs about the importance and triathletes' appropriate nutrition.There are several chapters in which are added pictures to support the clarity of thesis and orientation in the issue. This thesis is not a result of research work, but a summary of ideas and conclusions which have been already published. An overall review of the triathlon was created, which can serve as an support while finding a summary of information on above mentioned issue.
Preference and popularity of combative activities among primary school pupils in the selected region.
Procházka, Pavel ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Kašpar, Ladislav (referee)
TITLE: Preference and Popularity of Combative Activities among Primary School Pupils in Selected Region AUTHOR: Bc. Pavel Procházka DEPARTMENT: Department of Physical Education SUPERVISOR: PhDr. Martin Dlouhý, Ph.D. ABSTRACT The diploma thesis will deal with the preferences and popularity of individual combative activities of pupils of the second level in selected primary schools, the choice of which was determined in relation to the cities' population. It will bring basic information about the developmental specifics of the given age category. In the theoretical part, the reader will learn about the knowledge of combative systems. The work will also highlight the importance of regular sports in children' lives and in this respect, it will point out combative activities as a key element in the development of an active lifestyle. The practical part will focus on the active sports involvement of children in individual combative activities and their interest in them not only in physical education lessons but also beyond them. Moreover, it will compare the differences of these preferences among pupils of the second grade across the selected elementary schools. Attention will also be paid to gender differences. KEY WORDS Combative activities, combat sports, physical education, sports preferences, younger school...
Aspects affecting literacy in swimming lessons of primary school pupils
Svobodová, Barbora ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
TITLE Aspects affecting literacy in swimming lessons of primary school pupils AUTHOR Barbora Svobodová DEPARTMENT Department of physical education SUPERVISOR PaedDr. Irena Svobodová ABSTRACT The main aim of the thesis is to focus on dispositional, personal and socio-cultural aspects of pupils. In this thesis these aspects will be monitored and their influence in education and training in the area of swimming literacy will be evaluated. Pupils will be monitored during the younger school age, where mandatory swimming lessons are currently being introduced. Another aim will be to highlight the appropriate age at which mandatory early- school swim training should take place in a way that is effective as much as possible to meet the outputs set by the RVP ZV, eliminating failure of children during swimming lessons, and swimming lessons fulfilling requirements to save life. KEY WORDS Training, pupils, swimming training, personality, disposition, education, swimming, younger school age.
Aspects working in the field of swimming literacy in pupils of a small class school
Chládková, Ivana ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
ABSTRACTS The thesis will be focused on disposition, personality and socio - cultural aspects of pupils. The part of the thesis will be monitoring of essential swimming skills as disposition characteristics. The pupils in terms of personality characterictics will be divided according to temperament and their socio - cultural background will be surveyed on the basis of a questionnaire. These aspects will be assessed in the context of each other so that we can determine whether they have an impact on swimming literacy education. The thesis will be focused on children of younger schoolage in little classschools participating in compulsory swimming education, both in Bohemia and Moravia. Based on the apparent data, recommendations will be made regarding the suitability for the age at which compulsory swimming educationis to be carried out according to the FEP EE. KEYWORDS Pupil, swimming training, personality, disposition, socio - culturalaspects, swimming literacy, swimming skills, little classschool.
Specialization of American football players in relation to their somatotype
Botek, Lukáš ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
This thesis Specialization of American football players in relation to their somatotype deals with the differences in somatotypes of American football players in the Czech Republic. Its main aim is to describe the somatotypes of American football players from the side of their player specialization and their participation in the 1st and 2nd league of American football in the Czech Republic. For successful achievement of the main aim are defined partial aims of the thesis, which are primarily to find out the somatotypes of players of all specializations and then to compare these somatotypes from different perspectives. The whole purpose of this description of somatotypes is mainly to identify the role of somatotype on differentiation of players in individual game positions. The sample of this work is made up of 70 probands located across all players' specializations in the 1st and 2nd league of American football in the Czech Republic. Somatic measurements of parameters necessary to determine their somatotypes were used on all subjects. The measured values were processed and statistically analyzed through calculations and spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and through somatocharts. The results of this thesis show us somatotypes of players of all specializations, but also differences between somatotypes...
Establishment style of atack in open, women and mixed division in ultimate frisbee in European Championschip
Splítek, Jan ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis concerns comparison of different categories regarding the offensive phase of the frisbee ultimate match. The theoretical part deals with the offensive play skills of the individuals, that are important for this phase of the game. It also concerns team skills and tactics essential for mastering the game at a high level. Marginal defense systems are mentioned as well. The research part deals with comparison of different offensive procedure, representation of offensive tactics, percentage success of the particular types of offensive play, all in the categories OPEN, WOMEN, MIXED. For the researcg, a video analysis from the 2015 European Championship of Nations was used. Key word Frisbee ultimate, category OPEN, category WOMEN, category MIXED, horizontal lane, vertical lane, zone defense game, short lane, split stack

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