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3D tomography of thin film catalysts by means of FIB/SEM techniques
Dinhová, Thu Ngan ; Matolínová, Iva (advisor) ; Khalakhan, Ivan (referee)
One of the actual problems of today society are decreasing sources of fossil fuels. They are raw minerals and by their burning is energy produced. Regarding to the importance of energy in todays world, it's necessary to find an alternative way how to generate energy. A possible solution to this problem are fuel cells, which work on the principle of converting chemical energy into electric energy. At this moment, the development of fuel cells is in progress. In this bachelor thesis, we are concerned with morphology of catalytic layers Pt/CeO2 deposed on a polymer membrane for hydrogen fuel cells. By using of tomography method with focused ion beam system (FIB) we are creating three-dimensional models of their surface structures. 1