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Sociologic view of old-age as a life period
Dimitrová, Michaela ; Růžička, Richard (referee) ; Duffková, Jana (advisor)
The objective of the thesis is to provide an outline of risk factors and situations that may occur in old age but also to show possible ways that may lead to prevention or reduction of similar undesirable features. These intentions are developed on studies of scientific literature and internet sources and further interlined by ascertained empirical data of selected research reports oriented on seniors in the Czech Republic. The thesis is divided into five basic thematic parts. The first part has more general character - it introduces the definitions of fundamental features of this thesis, old age and aging. The second part provides historical outline of development of science that deals with this matter, including emphasis on the origin of gerontosociology as a specific sociologie discipline. The remaining three parts create the basis ofthis thesis and are devoted to concrete aspects related to old age. It deals especially with demographic factors and their impact on age stratification ofCzech society, further social psychologicallevel that has a significant role in the process of preparation and adaptation to old age and eventually social aspects that focus especially on possibilities and impediments ofkeeping relations of seniors with social environment. There is no universa} recipe for successful ageing,...
Evaluation of economic situation and material living conditions
Dimitrová, Michaela
In June 2008 CVVM investigated, how Czech citizens evaluate material living conditions of their households and economic situation in our country, as well. Survey on this theme was also carried out in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.
Czechs about unemployment
Dimitrová, Michaela
In June survey CVVM investigated opinions of Czech citizens on the level of unemployment in Czech Republic. Then respondents evaluated situation on labor-market in the place of their living and we also wanted to know their behavior in the course of finding of new job in the case of unemployment.
Evaluation of activity in area of protection of environment
Dimitrová, Michaela
In May 2008 CVVM probed, how do Czech citizens evaluate activity of Czech Republic in area of environment and also how do they view the working of some state institutions and ecological organizations in these questions. Concretely we were interested in opinions of Czechs on activity of Government, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, Parliament, Regional Offices, Municipal Offices and Ecological organizations.
Evaluation of environmental situation in Czech Republic
Dimitrová, Michaela
In May survey 2008 CVVM focused on evaluation of environmental situation in Czech Republic by our citizens. Battery concerning this topic contained 11 items and respondents had to evaluate, whether in concrete case see the situation as “very good”, “rather good”, “rather bad” or “very bad”. The worst situation is according to obtained answers in charge of environment by road transport, when 91 % of Czechs view this problem as bad. On the other hand least respondents evaluate as bad situation in respect of saving of consumption by citizens (52 %).
Public attitudes to European integration and values exercised in EU
Dimitrová, Michaela
In April 2008 CVVM investigated, whether according to Czech citizens values such as democracy, equality, cooperation, toleration, justice and solidarity are being exercised in European Union. The largest proportion of Czechs answered on this subject positively in connection with cooperation and democracy (72 % both) and by contrast equality obtained least agreeing answers (36 %). Then Czechs also evaluated helpfulness and harmfulness of European integration in these areas - economy, politics, culture, country defence and ecology. Most Czechs supposed that European integration is useful in area of ecology (76 %) and on the other hand 57 % of Czech citizens mean that this integration is useful in relation to politics.
Czechs about membership of Czech Republic in European Union
Dimitrová, Michaela
In April 2008 CVVM probed, how Czech citizens evaluate membership of Czech Republic in European Union. Besides satisfaction with membership Czechs also talked about measure of their pride in fact that they are citizens of European Union. Last but not least we focused on opinions concerning advantages and disadvantages that membership in this institution produces.
What kinds of behavior are moral acceptable for us?
Dimitrová, Michaela
In March 2008 CVVM in its survey focused on moral acceptability of some kinds of behavior within Czech society. Czechs evaluated 24 different sorts by help of 10 points scale, where 1 meant that this behavior is never acceptable and on the other hand 10 represented “always acceptable”. The largest proportion of Czech citizens is able to accept osculation in public. On the contrary the most critical is Czech public opinion to driving under the influence of alcohol.
Czechs and toleration
Dimitrová, Michaela
In March survey CVVM focused on problems of life together of Czechs. Respondents were given a list which contained 14 different groups of people and they had to say, whether they would not want these people as neighbours. Most Czech citizens do not want to live near by drug addict (89 %), alcoholics (83 %) and persons with criminal pastness (78 %). Then we probed how Czech society is according to obtained opinions tolerant to selected groups of people. Most Czechs suppose that our society is tolerant particularly to people with different religious persuasion and young people (both 87 %). Press release also includes comparison of actual findings with results from previous surveys.
Belief and satisfaction of Czechs with UN, EU and NATO
Dimitrová, Michaela
In February 2008 CVVM probed situation in Czech society concerning trust and satisfaction with some international institutions – concretely United Nations, European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Most Czechs trust to UN (59 %), after that follows EU with 55 % of believing citizens and NATO with 44 %. The same order is also in context of satisfaction with membership in these organizations. 67 % of Czechs feel satisfaction with UN, in related to EU it is 61 % and finally with NATO 48 % of citizens are satisfied.

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