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Stress load in a specific job
Leger, Patrik ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
The submitted thesis deals with the problematic of stress Fire Brigade, especially workplace emergency number 112, where calls are received and handled and further workplace "Spojař" where are the emergencies handled eventual exit units or passing other rescue units. The thesis also discussed the conditions for the reception of members on these specific staff positions. With regard to the topic of the theoretical part of the thesis will discuss the stress. The concept stress at work is theoretically defined, divided and classified. There is also defined psychological stress at work generally, its origin, species, its causes and consequences. The thesis also presents particular stressors emergency operator and employee workplace signalmen. Is described how operators respond to stress and how to cope with stress. The thesis also mentioned the burnout syndrome, its causes and prevention of this dangerous syndrome. In the empirical part of the research will be described using a questionnaire and the data will be evaluated using appropriate statistical methods.
Stress in working environment
Vágnerová, Šárka ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of a stress load in the working environment, specifically of employees of the criminal police. The theoretical part provides a general definition of basic concepts such as stress, personality or resistance. It introduces the various types of stress, its symptoms, causes and possible responses to psychological stress. The larger section is devoted to stress in the working conditions. It describes the most common stressors, risk of a burnout and possibility of stress reduction in general and directly for the police officers. The knowledge gained from the theoretical foundations is applied in the empirical part. The aim of the empirical part is to find the level of stress load among respondents from the ranks of the criminal police using qualitative methods of investigation, interview, in combination with the use of a questionnaire Meister. This section focuses on the positive and negative factors in the workplace, preventive measures and assesses differences based on gender, age, length of practice or marital status.
Cooperation of NGOs in the selected region as a factor in development
Moudříková, Markéta ; Varvažovská, Pavla (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with the Cooperation of non-profit organizations in the Ústí region. Bachelor thesis was drawn up on the basic statistical analysis Chi-square and the PivotTable report. Data for work was obtained on the basic of quantitative and qualitative investigation. The weork was evaluated, collaboration, conflict with the Ústí region. Furthermore it was also examined in the semistructured interwiew, the focus of non-profit organizations on projects of the Ústí region. Part of the work enviroment are characteristics of the Ústí nad Labem region and distrikt and also the characteristics of the 8 selected non-profit organizations on the basic of the common responses in the quantitative surfy. As a research foundations are laid down three criteria hypotheses by areas of operation, the 5number of members and the functioning of NO in the market. A qualitative survey was examined at 8-profit organizations, two NGOs have been in the area of social action, two NGOs leisure, cultural and NGOs two environmental NGOs. Results responses of individual organizations of the areas of action were compared and evaluated. Finally, the work includes an evaluation of the result of quantitative and qualitative investigation. In discussing the two investigations, several recommendations for improving cooperation and communication with the Ústí Region.
Cloud computing - comparison of cloud storages
Tymeš, Radek ; Vaněk, Jiří (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
This thesis deals with the utilization of cloud computing in the field of online data storages for storing and backing up of user data. After defining the target group and its requirements for the service, ten most suitable options from the total set of cloud storages were selected. Selected storages were subsequently tested and analyzed in order to be used in the next stage of thesis. Materials for multicriterial analysis of options were created on the basis of set criteria and their given or measured values. The most appropriate options were calculated by application of the aforementioned mathematical method. These options were then evaluated and described from the viewpoint of commissioning.
Stress load in a specific job
Stožický, František ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
Objectives work This thesis will deal with stress and its effects on the activity of driving city mass transit. The work is described how stress is, how it can be managed, and how to prevent it. Empirical part will deal with the effects of stress on the driver's performance and resistance to him. methodics The theoretical part will be based on a compilation of texts from literature. In the empirical part will be used method of standardized questionnaires. For research purposes is determined hypothesis, which will be checked by statistical methods. The results of empirical research will be commented and presented in the summary tables and graphs.
On-line Software Solutions
Nurko, Tomáš ; Vaněk, Jiří (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
This diploma work deals with a product and service comparison of office suites accessible through a web browser. The author will also compare the advantages and disadvantages of using the desktop and on-line versions. The main benefit of this work is the introduction of cloud-based services and the research results, which could be used by managers of IT departments. This work should help on deciding the right solution in the sphere of cooperation and facilitation of work. Last but not least is the comparison of financial solutions.
Stress load in a specific job
Janda, Michal ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic that is common for all workers, the workplace stress. The aim of this study is to find out the level of stress in a specific job. In the theoretical part the author discusses not only the term stress but he also mentions its phases including the burnout syndrome. He mentions many authors that describe and deal with this topic. The empirical part is focused on the research. It contains evaluation of results that were collected by questionnaire. The final results are presented in well-arranged commented graphs and they are source for testing hypothesis about the chosen variables. The final results are discussed in the discussion part and at the end of the thesis.
Stress load in a specific job
Strnadová, Michaela ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
This thesis called The stress load in a specific job is divided into theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part contains three main chapters. The first one describes the terms such as stress, mechanisms of stress reactions, prevention, mental hygiene, regime (way of living) in general. The second part related to the work stress describes the main stressors in a working environment and the impact of the stress on a job performance. The third part relates the job description of the employees in media company in relation to the stress and coping with stress. The empirical part is devoted to the research, which is conducted through a questionnaire survey. The questionnaire was developed on the base of expressed hypotheses and it is composed of the three sections: 1) causes of stress, 2) symptoms of stress, 3) strategies of coping stress. Collected data indicate the level of the stress-workers in the media company, the most common stressors and the way how to prevent the stress.
Psychological and social aspects of unemployment
Hricáková, Veronika ; Kebza, Vladimír (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
This diploma thesis is aimed at the topic of unemployment, mainly at its psychological and social aspects. In the theoretical part basic terms are defined which are closely related to unemployment. These are primarily: the definition of unemployment, the development and the structure of unemployment, social and psychological consequences of unemployment, reference to employment policy and the description of the European Social Fund programmes. The practical part of my thesis includes the questionnaire survey among the unemployed registered at the Labour Office Znojmo. Moreover, it presents structured interviews with the employees of the Znojmo Penitentiary, Probation and Mediation service Znojmo and The Znojmo Shelter who are in contact with job seekers affected by any of the social impacts of unemployment.
Human behavior in emergency situations: The specifics of tort malpractice nutrition in the Bruntál region.
Vláčilík, Daniel ; Kebza, Vladimír (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
This thesis looks into human behaviour in crisis situations caused by non-compliance with child support order in the territory of the Bruntál district. The theoretical part describes the historical development of the family and its actual form, arrangements and function. It also deals with the institution of marriage and the issue of broken families in connection with the marriage and divorce rates in the Czech Republic. Besides, it inquires into problems of crisis situations in the family affecting the child, problems of mandatory child support and potential criminal responsibility in case of non-compliance with child support order. The practical part contains the results of a survey conducted among respondents who filed a complaint for non-payment of child support in the Bruntál district and comparison of these results and demographical, social and economic indicators of the quality of life of the citizens of the Czech Republic.

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