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The script writing´s methods about new religious movement charismatic leader
Miška, Jaroslav ; DUFEK, Jiří (advisor) ; VAJCHR, Marek (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the principles of finding a story from the environment of a new religious movement. He carefully analyzes the character of charismatic leader and the characters of his successors. The final result of this thesis, if possible, is going to raise awareness of new religious movements as part of the film's story. In addition, the work deals with the theme of apostate, the nature of the ritual, or the fight against an external enemy. Furthermore, he interprets the way of working with the community space and, last but not least, the process of denomination or, on the contrary, the demonization of the religious movement in the film work.
The motive of selfishness and the possibilities of its displaying in the film August: Osage County
Nováková, Tereza ; DUFEK, Jiří (advisor) ; KAJÁNKOVÁ, Lucia (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the searching of a motive of selfishness in an American film August: Osage County and the tools of displaying this motive in a film work. This thesis is not a film analyse although it could seems like it is. The thesis focuses on one concrete motive which is a main motive in the film. In this kind of focus the thesis analyses every single character, their motivations and the psychological profile of chosen ones In the first part, I introduce the chosen film, the author of the script and – shortly – the film plot as well. In the second part, I try to analyse the structure of the story based on the work by Linda Aronson, the part of food as a stage proprerty, character's sexual behaviour and their psychological disorders. In the third part, I compare the film adaptation to the original play, which was also written by Tracy Letts, the author of the film sript.
Analysis and comparison of screenwriting lessons at selected schools in Europe
Saxová, Barbora ; DUFEK, Jiří (advisor) ; POZZI, Jaroslav (referee)
This bachelor thesis concerns the ways of teaching screenwriting at selected schools in Europe. These shools are from Potsdam, Lodz, Beaconsfield and Lillehammer. In the first four chapters the schools are analysed separately in therm of their study plans, subjects and main workshops, which are appended with students opinions on it. In the last chapter it compares the results of all schools.
Horizons of Saint Clara
Součková, Štěpánka ; DUFEK, Jiří (advisor) ; MRAVCOVÁ, Marie (referee)
This bachelor thesis is a comparative study of the film The Ideas of Saint Clara (1980, West Germany, directed by Vojtěch Jasný, written by Pavel Kohout and Jelena Mašínová), the novel The Ideas of Saint Clara (1980, West Germany, written by Pavel Kohout) and the film adaptation of the novel Saint Clara (1996, Israel, directed by Ari Folman and Ori Sivan). The study is focused on changes of content and style in three different cases with respect to the historical context and authors' personalities. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to point out neglected titles of major Czech authors, which were created in exile during the so called normalization period and which inspired Israeli filmmakers to produce the original, internationally known and award-winning adaptation.
Construction of a gag in the works of Monty Python
Sláma, Matěj ; DUFEK, Jiří (advisor) ; DOLENSKÝ, Martin (referee)
The goal of this thesis is analysis of Monty Python’s comic. I do analyse the functionality from the dramaturgical point of view on the one hand and the formal structure on the other hand, that is slightly different in the film production and in the TV production. I am focusing on the gag structure, following the tradition of the mute slapstick comedy, where you can also see their specific point of view of this film genre. Gag is the smallest part of this genre. In the first part of my thesis, there is an analysis of the gag principle in general, in the second part I compare how is this British humour group working with gag and I illustrate it on the examples from the TV serial and from the movie. From the analysis, I realized that it’s not the absence of the point, but the distancing effect, what makes Monty Python’s gag so original.
What turnes Bluebeard into killer
Jarošová, Andrea ; DUFEK, Jiří (advisor) ; VAJCHR, Marek (referee)
Bluebeard is a killer, whose reason for the killing differs in every adaptation of his story. Along with Bluebeard's motivation for murder is changing not only the degree of his guilt, but also the importance of his existence. He is not even always taken as a real chcaracter, in some interpretations he is understood as a manifestation of destructive processes in the girl's mind. The work deals with the examination and comparison of these different approaches. I am exploring how to build a character in a adaptation, it the story of the character is missing in the original tale.
Being scriptwriter
Parkanová, Beata ; MAŠEK, Vojtěch (advisor) ; DUFEK, Jiří (referee)
The goal of my Master thesis is to sketch requirements and possibilities in scriptwriters profession and to find out, what options student have in order to work as a scriptwriter professionally. What can Department of Screenwriting and Script-editing offer to the students in order to prepare them to be successful in this field. My work is based on interviews with active professional screenwriters, questionnaires of students and last but not least, my own experience from being student and becoming professional.
Elements Of The Road Movie Genre Focusing On The Theme Of Family In Contemporary Cinematography
Honzková, Aneta ; DUFEK, Jiří (advisor) ; MRAVCOVÁ, Marie (referee)
In the bachelor thesis I am focusing on the modifications and use of the road movie genre focusing on the theme of family. Road Movies have variety of forms, but they all have one exact rule - moving from point A to point Z. What is going to happen on the road, that is unknown. I will try to demonstrate - on the examples of contemporary road movie - how our generation is losing conslusions, dreams and goals. What do we want, when do we want, why do we want? What are we searching for. Our generation is led to reach the most in the minimum of time. The most as fast as possible. It only leads to the rebelion, we are becoming the same anti-heroes as we know from the road movies. And we are getting on the road, searching for that "something" that will give us the meaning of our lives.
Film as an organism and as a machine
Šindelka, Marek ; DUFEK, Jiří (advisor) ; BERNARD, Jan (referee)
Abstract The thesis focuses on comparsion of theoretical aproaches of Sergei Eisenstein, Dziga Vertov and Andrei Tarkovsky, as a three completely different positions on a scale between organic and mechanic film. Each of these positions has its own specific temporality, according to editing method used by the artist: Eisenstein's dialectic montage in the mode "human-nature", Vertov's dialectic montage in the mode "eye-material", and Tarkovsky's antidialectic montage of self-generating film structure based on time pressure within the shots.
Significance of characters in modern cinematic fairy-tale by Ota Hofman
Pařízková, Tereza ; DUFEK, Jiří (advisor) ; DUTKA, Edgar (referee)
In this work I deal with analysis of purport of magical characters in Ota Hofman's work. Hofman is a founder of modern cinematic fairy-tale in Czechoslovakia and his work cinematic and literary is known worldwide. My aim is to describe and categorise his world in its own developmental stages and peripeteia, showing intensity of authorship in his work. Connecting children's psychology with behaviour and motivation of his characters, I would like to show the children's world as seen through Ota Hofman's eyes.

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