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Anglicisms in the Facebook Communication of English Language Students
Cvrčková, Hana ; Richterová, Jana (advisor) ; Malá, Markéta (referee)
This bachelor thesis studies the occurrence of anglicisms in the communication among the students of the English language at the Faculty of Education, Charles University. The communications researched concerned the Facebook groups reserved specifically for students of this subject. The theoretical part explains the term anglicism in the context of word formation, its assimilation and significance for word-stock enrichment in the Czech language. The practical part presents the research conducted by the analysis of the corpus of posts and comments in the Facebook groups of students of the English language. The primary hypothesis presumes that more cases occur of students expressing a longer part of the utterance in English rather than of using a single English word in otherwise Czech utterance. It is accompanied by the evaluation of the necessity of the usage of anglicisms and an exploration of the possible reasons behind it. This discussion is supported by a questionnaire conducted among the English students of the Faculty of Education, Charles University. The aim of the qualitative hypothesis is to prove that the main reason for using anglicisms in the Czech utterance is their simpler or shorter form than the Czech equivalent has. The first hypothesis was disproved as 60 % of the 530 items in the...
Haplotyping of oak populations by chloroplast sequencing reveals origin and homogeneity of populations
Vlasák, Josef ; Cvrčková, H. ; Máchová, P.
The aim of this publication is to present new method of DNA isolation from young\noak leaves that enables efficient amplification of trnD-trnT region of chloroplast\nDNA and direct sequencing of crude PCR reaction mixture. Sequence data of trnDtrnT region have been used to examine Quercus robur and Q. petraea populations variability. High discrimination power of this method is demonstrated, comparable with previously used restriction analysis of four similar chloroplast DNA regions. Variable positions in trnT-trnD chloroplast DNA fragment are mapped and their use for oak haplotyping indicated. As an example, 20 Czech Republic oak populations were analyzed and their history, geografical origin and homo/heterogeneity were revealed.
Malá, J. ; Cvrčková, H. ; Máchová, P. ; Dostál, J. ; Soudek, Petr ; Šíma, P.
A rapid trial of accumulation capacities for heavy metals Pb, Cd, and Cr of selected fast-growing deciduous woody plant species is presented. The Sorbus aucuparia, Populus tremula x P. tremuloides, Salix x blanda, S. viminalis, S. miyabeana, and S. elbursensiswere clonally micropropagated by induction of organogenesis. Samples of roots and aboveground parts from plantlets grown in aseptic conditions in agar semisolid substrate and hydroponics media supplemented by the heavy metal salts were taken at 2, 4, and 8 days of cultivation.The concentrations and distributions of the accumulated metals were determined using the ICP-OES method and verified by autoradiography. Practically, amounts of accumulated heavy metals increased linearly up to the end of the experiment and were higher in the roots than in aboveground parts in both, the agar cultures and hydroponics. It could be concluded that all tested species displayed a high efficacy of metal uptake and could represent prospective trees for phytoremediation of polluted soils.

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