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Electronic Legal Transaction: Comparative analysis with emphasis on the use of electronic signature under the EU law and laws of the Czech Republic and Germany
Kment, Vojtěch ; Beran, Karel (advisor) ; Cvrček, František (referee) ; Polčák, Radim (referee)
Electronic Legal Transaction: Comparative analysis with emphasis on the use of electronic signature under the EU law and laws of the Czech Republic and Germany Abstract (English) Objectives. This thesis provides a comparative analysis of electronic legal transactions under the EU law and laws of the Czech Republic and Germany, while emphasising the utilisation of higher versions of electronic signature, especially of a qualified electronic signature, which has legal effects of a handwritten signature in legal transactions performed by electronic means (Chapters 6 to 10). At the same time, increased attention is also paid to entirely novel concepts of advanced and qualified electronic seal, which are intended exclusively for use by juristic persons. The laws under scrutiny are based especially on recently adopted Regulation (EU) No 910/2014, known as eIDAS. To provide a general background, the comparative analysis is preceded by a theoretical part (Chapters 2 to 4, partially Chapter 5), dealing with the concept of legal transactions (also termed "legal acts" or "legal action") in general, while also focusing on the traditional handwritten signature and its functions, especially in view of the German and Czech legal doctrines and with occasional references to common law, as well as to requirements ensuing...
Excessive Regulation, or Chaos?
Cvrček, František
The article deals with two questions: Is there overproduction of law in the Czech legal order? Is the EU the main cause of the overproduction of the modifications in the Czech Republic? Data analysis of the legal corpus shows that answers to both questions are negative.
Law-Related Databases
Novák, František ; Cvrček, František ; Pala, K. ; Rychlý, P.
The Legal Theory Dpt. of the Institute of State and Law has been running and processing databases since 1985. Their primary purpose is the research and analysis of legal texts and legal language. In principle, they involve two projects: CS LEGSYS (the database of legal regulations, judicature and bill justification reports), and PES (Legal Electronic Vocabulary) – the database of doctrinal language (textbooks, comments and laws) complemented by a linguistic module for the analysis of law-related reference publications and their comparison with the general language. All relevant software tools for work with the Legal Electronic Vocabulary have been developed in cooperation with the Informatics Faculty of Masaryk University.
Quo vadis Central Europe? Metamorphoses of Law III
Jermanová, H. ; Cvrček, František
Sborník příspěvků z mezinárodní konference pořádané v rámci cyklu Metamorfózy práva organizované Ústavem státu a práva AV ČR ve spolupráci s Fakultou právnickou ZČU v Plzni. Hlavním tématem konference byla otázka, zda země visegrádské skupiny směřují skutečně k pevné integraci s EU. Jednotlivé příspěvky se soustřeďují okolo určitých témat, jako např. tvorba práva, role ústavních soudů, volební zákonodárství, rekodifikace či právnické vzdělávání.
Production and Modifications of the Primary Legislation in the Countries V4 and the Austria
Cvrček, František
The author deals with a quantitative description of the production and modifications of the primary legislation in the countries V4 and its comparison with the Austria. The methodology is based on the analyze of data from official information systems of the countries above mentioned. It seems, that the countries V4 move in a different direction then the Austria. We can observe the extreme increase in the production of modifications in the countries V4 after 1990. The situation described on the level of simple graphs shows very dangerous trends in the countries V4, which head for the decline of legal orders in these countries.
Several Notes on the State of the Czech Legal Order
Cvrček, František
In the chapter, the author deals with a quantitative analysis of the Czech legal order and its comparison with the legal order of the Slovak Republic and France. He considers problems and presents proposals for measures.

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